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Even though, he said to follow him; they didn\'t actually need to walk, as the ground started moving by itself taking them forward speedily.

The spokesperson was scared that he was going to be thrown away due to their speed.

But soon he found out that he couldn\'t move his body at all.

It\'s like his legs were locked tightly by the ground.

5 minutes later, they reached their destination.

The spokesperson felt like he was about to throw up, but he managed to swallow it just before so with a disgusted expression.

Just to not lose face in front of his hosts.

AI creates two chairs for us and send extra AP bracelet, please.

As you command, chief.

Quickly, two chairs manifested of the dark alloy like it was a living being.

The Chief said embarrassingly.

I still have not introduced myself properly.

My name is Killa, chief of the scouting and planting crew in Alexander\'s Kingdom.

Our jobs are to scout for life forms, but mainly to plant The UVR tower signals around the undiscovered solar systems.He asked.

How about you

Nice to meet you, I am Jacob Miller, The current spokesperson for the United Nations, and I am here to represent them all.

The spokesperson introduced himself as well while extending his hand for a handshake.

The chief didn\'t refuse his handshake.

Good, since they sent you, it meant you are good enough.

Alright enough chitchat, your AP bracelet has arrived.

Killa sat on his chair and took one small bracelet that fits perfectly in human\'s wrists, from a pocket in the dark alloy chair.

He then explained with admiration what\'s this tiny device can do.

This called The All Purposes Device or in short AP bracelet.

It has multiple features such as Phone, Stream, Scanner, AI assistance, spatial cards, and most importantly it is the key to enter the UVR.

Come on sit down next to me, and wear it, It will bind with your consciousness, so only you can use it.

Jacob was quite hesitant to wear it since he had no idea if what Killa said was right or just bull**, and this bracelet was but an enslaving device.

Killa saw his hesitation and smiled, seeing it as a normal reaction.

I know you are wary of me, but don\'t be.

I have no reason to harm you or your planet, at least not until you make your choice.

He shrugged his shoulders and continued with a disgruntled expression.This is one of the disadvantages of being part of the Alliance.

You must always adhere to its strict rules or else face extermination.

So just wear it and you will obtain all the knowledge you seek.

Jacob relaxed as he realized that even if the bracelet was an enslaving device, he will still wear it.

Since anything he did or said could be used against him and his planet.

So, he took it from Killa and wore it around his wrist, then sat down next to him.

Killa explained how to use it properly, First you need to connect your consciousness with it.

To do so, you just need to put its screen in front of your eyes, and call in your mind \' Queen AI\', then the bracelet will do the rest.

Nervous and agitated, Jacob did as he was told and put the screen in front of his eyes.

He took a deep breath and called Queen AI.

Instantly, his vision was lost, as he laid on the chair like his soul was ripped from his body.


10 seconds later…

Welcome sir Jacob, your AP bracelet has been successfully bounded with your consciousness.

From now on, only you can use the features of your device.

If you want to know their details, you can ask me.

Jacob opened his eyes to a cold monotonous voice of a woman.

He looked around him and saw that he was sitting in a white chair, in a white room.

Everything was pure milky white, even his clothes.

Who are you, and where did you take me He asked nervously.

The cold woman faithfully answered.

I am the Queen AI, the one responsible over the connection of the entire UVR Platform around the Universe.

I exist to serve it by following its rules.

As for this place, it\'s your own chamber in the UVR.

You can modify it\'s the decor as you wish.

But this service is not free.

Jacob just sat there awestruck, feeling like he was in a Sci-Fi movie after hearing her explanation.

Suddenly, he slapped his face as hard as possible, believing that since he was in virtual reality, his senses won\'t be as responsive as in reality.

Sadly, a loud smack echoed in the room, followed by a long wail.


Jacob held his slapped cheek with tears and snot mixed together turning his already ugly face into worse.

What the hell, did my slap feel more painful than in real life or this is just because I never got slapped this hard before

The queen AI helped him understand better by explaining, The senses are 100% simulated, so everything that you feel in the real world, will be felt here as well.

I see, The Civilization outside is truly millions of years ahead of us.

If we could get this kind of technology and be connected to the universe, we would enter into a whole new Era.

He rubbed his red cheek and asked, Killa outside told me that all the information I seek is here.

How do I obtain them exactly

Since this is your first time connecting to the UVR, do you want to listen to the Universe History Introduction

Yes please. He answered eagerly.

A moment later, the white room exploded with light, leaving Jacob in the infinite universe with galaxies and stars all around him.

He looked at this beautiful scene in fascination and listened to the AI History Introduction for dummies.


Current Time period; 500 years before the creation of the Supremacy Games.

(One million years ago).

The present Era was called the dark ages.

Every race in the universe followed a simple rule.

Only the strongest were allowed to survive.

Each new planet found with a hint of life on got invaded without questions asked.

If the aboriginals of the said planet were strong enough, they survive.

If they were weak, they get either exterminated or enslaved.

There were no rules and no laws.

Wars were everywhere and hate-filled every race.

This all changed when the Metal race who seeks the truth of the Universe as their only path, decided to intervene and stop those random wars that affected their introvert lives.

They spend the majority of their time holed up inside their research labs, creating devices, technologies, and weapons to ease their endless curiosity.

But they were constantly being interrupted during their research by foolish races who wanted to plunder their creations.

They fought them time and time, and time again until the metal race finally snapped and had enough with those random barbaric wars.

So they decided to share their Virtual Reality System that had 100% simulation with those races, hoping that they could duke it out inside the VR and leave them alone.

But the universe was Boundless, and it was almost impossible to connect everything together, to enter the VR.

This dilemma raised their research spirit to new heights, making them use every method and way to solve it.

However, their attempts soon turned out to be futile.

Just as they began to lose hope on this massive project, one researcher goes by the ID X1S994 or in human language, Max.

Found a way to solve this problem, when he was watching the Hive race communicate with each other using their innate talent, which was called The Hive Network.

As each species in the hive race could join this network, and at the same time act as a signal tower, spreading the connection in a large radius around them by relying on their receptors.

Max got inspired by this spiritual network and figured out, that if they could imitate it to create their own VR Network around the universe, their problem would cease to exist.

He then proposed this idea to the Empress of the metal race AI O15XL or Emily.

Who in turn managed to contact the Hive race\'s Empress Scarlet, for collaboration after seeing the feasibility of his idea.

Empress scarlet agreed to her offer, as by creating this VR she would be able to extend her hive network even further when she connects the two networks after its creation.

And so, by fusing the peak technology of the metal race, and peak spirituality of the hive race.

Signal towers that acted as workers in the hive race context, were created and spread around the universe.

Then they created a powerful Queen AI that had processing power only below the metal empress to control those tower signals and connect them with herself.

But soon they figured out that the tower signals were still flawed.

As they found that an infinite number of signal towers would be required to connect the universe together.

Hence, the metal race did what they knew best and that was to research a way to remove this limitation once and for all.

After four centuries and 60 years of trials and errors.

They finally found a way to upgrade their UVR signal system.

They discovered that the majority of life forms consciousness resembled the hive race inner spirit in the way of their ability to access it and control it.

This discovery helped them modify the innate talent of the hive race that was used to enter the hive network, to a general technique that could be taught and learned by anyone who could access his consciousness.

This way, a being could enjoy connecting to the UVR everywhere in the universe, as well as spread the network connection in a large radius around him for those who can\'t access their consciousness.

Or in the words, commoners.

The creation of this technique marked the true rise of the UVR, since every race realized the benefits of connecting with each other, no matter the distance.

Additionally, they could create whatever they desired, as well as fight to their heart content with 100% realism.

And so, they stormed the metal race asking for access.

But the metal race gave them two mandatory conditions to sign if they wanted to enjoy the services of their network.

The first one was to earn a 4% profit from each transaction that was happening in the UVR.

2% for them and 2% for the hive race, based on the premise that they were the creators.

The second condition was to simply stay as far as possible from their main galaxy so they could research in peace without their constant harassment.

Every race agreed of course, as they saw only benefits in doing so.

But the moment they realized that an AI Queen had control of the entire UVR, or in other words, control over their consciousness.

They laid their own heavy rules to limit the power of the Queen, to forbid her from acting on her own interest or any race interest in that sense, and to follow only the UVR rule book, which they spent years later to create.

Thus The Queen AI became autonomous, acting only by the rules, making her the greatest leader and judge to any situation that happened inside the UVR.

One year before the creation of The Supremacy Games.

The UVR had grown into a cosmic spider web that snared anyone who entered it, without the ability to escape its grasp anymore.

Some people even decided to live permanently inside the UVR, not caring about their real lives anymore.

During those years of operation, the Queen AI was not lazing around, as she managed to gather a huge amount of data on the races\' power systems, paths, legacies, techniques, bloodline abilities...


Based on that massive data she proposed an idea to every race leader within the UVR.

That idea gave birth to The Greatest Entertainment Platform in the Universe.

The Supremacy Games.


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