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Before Kenny slammed into Oliver, the last thought he had was delivered by the Queen to Micheal.

Even though the Queen\'s voice was monotonous, lacking any emotions, Micheal easily figured out that Oliver was in trouble.

Thus, he immediately tried to pull him back.

Unfortunately, he pulled and pulled, yet Oliver\'s body didn\'t budge.

Micheal was scared out of his wits by the implication of this, as he understood that only one thing could cause his ability to fail in such a critical situation.


His grey wire couldn\'t handle pulling anything beyond 100 KG!!

That\'s right! His ability was similar to *Upsurge* in that it had a limit.

Though, all of the bloodline abilities had a limit one way or another.

The only way that was known in public to reduce this limit was by having a good affinity rating!

For example, when Felix had 59% poison affinity rating, his aura\'s range limit would have probably stopped at 6 meters.

However, after increasing it to 100%, the range increased to 8 meters simultaneously!

This meant if Micheal had a higher affinity rating, the 100 KG limit would have increased by a lot as well.

Unfortunately, that was merely a big if.

Felix didn\'t think of throwing Kenny towards Oliver as a prank only, but to actually add weight in order to stop Oliver from getting pulled to safety!

He knew that Kenny had nothing to worry about, as that transparent barrier around Oliver was able to only defend against elemental projectiles.

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Moreover, after Felix saw how Noah saved Olivia and Lexie, he understood that he could totally stop Oliver from relying on his *Upsurge* ability if he kept stepping in the tornados responsible for lifting him.

However, doing so would merely force him into retreating back to his teammates!

Felix would be a retard to let go of the captain of the Waltons, who delivered himself to them on a silver platter.

Thus, he had to throw someone to stop that from happening.

And Kenny with his *stealth* was the best candidate for this task!

Even Johnson was given orders by Felix before the battle began, telling him to focus only on blocking the sight of the Walton team in order to stop Micheal from pulling Oliver before their plan kicked off.

That exactly what Johnson did, puffing out fog ceaselessly until a separating wall was created between them!

Everything was calculated!

In Felix\'s eyes, the battle was already won before it even began the moment he saw the abilities of those two and the synergy they used against the Alabama Team.

He only needed to understand the limits of those abilities to create a plan that would secure the victory without having him use a single elemental ability!

Thud, Thud!

Argh! F*ck, Let me go!


The sight of Oliver squirming in Noah\'s arms after getting caught from the fall was exactly as he envisioned at the end of the plan.

Though, Kenny\'s lying on top of Oliver in such a suggestive manner was a bonus he didn\'t see coming.

The moment Kenny yelped in pain, his stealth was removed again, exposing him to viewers, who were absolutely dumbfounded and confused by the entire situation.

They kept chatting with each other, wanting to get an answer.

Some of them were smart enough to understand what happened while some had absolutely no clue.

I see! what a Marvelous strategy! Mr.

Jones, who was quicker on his feet was one of the first ones to instantly recognize Felix\'s plan after spotting Kenny holding Oliver tightly.

Everything clicked in his mind, clearing all of his doubts.

Thrilled, He slapped the arm of his chair and said with his head facing the governor, Whoever thought of such a plan, truly has an absolutely brilliant mind and neat understanding of abilities and their limitations.

Can you elaborate The governor asked a bit confused.

It wasn\'t that he lacked the necessary intelligence to look through Felix\'s multilayered plan as quick as Mr.

Jones, but he was simply not as knowledgable about the human bloodline system that well.

After all, he had other important matters to put his mind to.

Like governing the state.

I will tell you about it after the battle. Mr.

Jones gestured with his head at the arena and said, They are about to finish soon.


Alright little Oli, please say the magic words, so we can all go home. Felix requested while stretching his hands behind his back in a lazy manner.

The rest of the team all laughed out loud after hearing Olivia\'s pet name getting used for a thickly bearded a.d.u.l.t.

Screw you! I will take you all with me. Humiliated, Oliver couldn\'t help but lose it, threatening to use his *Wind Blast* on them all.

Who could blame him though

He was being caught in the arms of a man while on top of him another man.

If this wasn\'t enough, he was being called with such a feminine name on national TV.

His family, friends, people close to him were all watching him getting treated like this.


Too bad for him, Felix had no thoughts of entertaining his emotional breakdown, as he gave him one slap at the back of his neck, making his eyes roll backward.

He passed out instantly!

Felix shrugged his shoulders casually at the disbelieving looks of his teammates and told them, Don\'t worry, there is still their vice-captain.

Let me go threaten him! Let me do it this time! Please! Please... Spirited, Olivia kept jumping with her hand raised above her head in front of Felix.

Nathan, Dale, go with her please. Annoyed, Felix shooed her away with his hand.

Though, he still requested those two to protect her.

Yes! Immediately after getting his permission, Olivia bolted forward with an excited expression.

Nathan and Dale soon followed after her with bitter smiles, not daring to let her toggle more than she must.

Since the teams didn\'t really move from their positions, the distance between them was still quite far.

Thus, Olivia needed to get closer so her voice could reach.

After seeing that trouble maker had finally left, Felix focused his gaze on Kenny, who was still holding onto Oliver like his life was dependent on it.

Alright, you did enough. Indifferent, Felix jerked Kenny by his arm, making him drop to the ground, leaving only Oliver on top of Noah\'s arms.

Till this point, Noah still didn\'t show a single hint of discomfort on his face while carrying two grown-ass men.

Feeling discomfort or not, Felix wasn\'t planning on making him carry Oliver the entire time, as he swiftly removed Oliver\'s belt that had the wire tied to.

After seeing so, Noah nodded his head and dropped Oliver to the ground.

There was no need to worry that he would get pulled anymore.

Meanwhile, Felix was looking at the belt in his hand with an amused expression.

He kept feeling a soft tugging pressure.

It seemed like Micheal never stopped trying to save his captain.

\'Trying to pull me\' Felix mused while touching the stretched thin wire, that seemed like it was about to snap at any moment.

With Felix\'s strength, it was impossible to be harmed or pulled by this wire since his weight far surpassed 100KG by a mile.

It was only common sense that Felix weighted more than he appeared.

After all, it was impossible to have that kind of strength while being an 80kg average human.

This meant Felix could hold into the belt unworried about being pulled.

Heck, he could even be the one dragging Micheal! 

Though, he decided not to, since that would create too many issues that he had no time or energy to deal with.

It was better to keep hold of the belt for now until Olivia informs Micheal about the situation of his captain.

Thankfully, that didn\'t take long as the moment Olivia reached the wall of fog, she put her hands near her lips and yelled with a solemn expression, YOU BETTER SURRENDER! WE ARE HOLDING YOUR CAPTAIN AS A HOSTAGE!

In her eyes, she sounded tough and mean, but honestly, everyone who heard her was on the verge of melting by how cute she appeared when she tries to act serious.

Her short height, an oval face, and that yellow flower on top of her head made it almost impossible for her to be taken seriously!

Fortunately for Olivia, the fog wall was blocking Micheal\'s vision from seeing her.

Thus he took her words very seriously.

However, he still didn\'t believe what she said as he shouted, Bull**! No one could touch the cap...

Whooosh! Smack! 

Before he could even finish his sentence, his chest was hit by a belt!

Ignoring the pain, Micheal stared with a dumbstruck expression at the belt in his hands.

He didn\'t want to believe it, but the evidence was lying right before him.

Felix let go of the belt at the best possible timing, right when Olivia sounded her adorable threat.

He knew that the moment Micheal see that he only pulled a belt, he would recognize that he wasn\'t being played.

Oliver was truly caught! Just as Felix assumed, every member of the Waltons reached this conclusion in a heartbeat after seeing the belt.

How the hell did they do it Confused and a bit shocked, Micheal wondered out loud.

Sadly the only response he received was Olivia\'s cute loud voice, YOU HAVE THREE SECONDS! OR ELSE...

Dejected, he massaged his temples for a second before calling out loud, We give up!

The host, who was waiting patiently for this to happen, immediately brought the mic to his mouth and shouted loudly, Make some noise for the first team to reach the finals! He drew a deep breath and yelled fervently, THE MAXWEEEELLS!!

The stadium rumbled and shook as everyone was cheering with an exhilarated expression.

This battle was played on a completely different level than what they have expected.

Who would have expected that the moment Oliver went to test the waters, he never came back again

That was all it took for the battle to be over.

The Waltons were confident in their one-man army synergy as it never failed them before.

Sadly, they met Felix, who broke through it without showing a single elemental ability!


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