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Five days later...

Inside the United Nation meeting, 195 presidents, and kings of kingdoms such as morocco, and representatives of countries who lost their presidents during the transmission were sitting in chairs and looking at the podium platform in front of them, like they were in a theater stage.

The reason they gathered here in person, even though they could just send their diplomatic secretaries, was to show some form of power and courage towards their invaders, as well as their people.

Sadly, no one gave a ** about their political gimmick.

They just wanted to know whats their decision.

Moroccan king said unhurriedly near the microphone of his seat, We already scouted the area in the coordination they gave us, and the images were clear enough, showing a humongous spaceship parked there. He then asked with suppressed fury.

The only question I have is how the hell they managed to land there without us knowing

The president of Germany touched her microphone lightly entailing her desire to speak.

She then added her own opinion on the matter intelligently.

Probably the only reason we managed to see their ship in the first place, is because they allowed us to.

Such an advanced gap in technology needs centuries to millennia of hard work to close.

Plus who knows if that is all they have or just a small spaceship from their fleet

She paused for a few seconds to see her peers\' reactions, and just as she wanted, the majority of them nodded their heads in approval.

She took advantage of this chance and pushed her agenda further.

This is probably used to bait us into launching an attack so we give them a reason to invade us without them breaking the Supremacy Games Alliance Treaty that they mentioned before.

So I believe it is in our best interest of we joined their kingdom, and absorb what we can, and then when we reach their power we revolt.

She took a deep breath and said her final vote, I vote for choosing the 1st option.

The President of North Korea retorted indifferently.

Everything you said was but speculations.

Who knows if they are just acting tough on the outside to scare us into surrendering without fighting I suggest launching an ambush on their base using twenty nuclear bombs; such powerful force will certainly destroy them to oblivion.

No one interrupted him, or disagreed, they just left him to say his piece.

If they only had that ship we would have won, but if they had a fleet as you say.

There is nothing to worry about since we had carefully created hundreds of thousands of nuclear bombs throughout the years, and if we united and combined our nuclear heads, we have a high chance of winning.

He glanced around him and found that the majority were shaking their heads in disagreement with his strategy.

His forehead squirmed with veins from fury after seeing their coward like behavior.

He suddenly stood up and banged the table loudly while adding in agitation.

We did not make those bombs just to sit around in the warehouses collecting dust.

We were too afraid to use them on each other, for health reasons.

But now our existence is being threatened by invaders.


He roared the last part like a madman.

Yet some presidents were nodding their heads in his favor.

He calmed himself down and fixed his suite then sat back and said his final vote.

I vote for the 2nd option.

Immediately after, the two sides began to argue about their points loudly, like they were in a parliament assembly.

Each presenting the advantages of their choice.

Yet, before long they get dismissed by the opposite side.

The president of Japan stared at this barbaric sight and stood up with his microphone.

He hit the head of it lightly, making ear-piercing noises to attract their attention.

After seeing that everyone quietened down, he informed them cool-headed about the forgotten 3rd choice.

To be honest, you guys already know deep down that this is a hopeless war.

They know everything about us from our technology to our cultures and I bet that they probably did a full data scan on our internet and hacked into our most classified secrets.

The world leaders sat back and listened to his respectful opinion without interrupting.

The president of Japan continued after seeing this sight.

For a race like them to be able to do interstellar travel, they wouldn\'t find it difficult, breaking into our primitives firewalls.

They are in the dark hiding and watching every move we make, while we have no idea who they are and how they look like, even their words of controlling ten districts in outer space, take it with a grain of salt.

We do not know if it is real or they are just lying to make us submit and join their ranks.

He sighed disheartened and carried on his final deduction while raising one finger.

From this, we can easily conclude that we never had three choices in the first place.

We had only one.

And that is joining the Supremacy Games Alliance, which they are also part of since they could have invaded us with ease, but didn\'t due to some treaty of the alliance.

This signifies only one fact and that is the Alliance is extremely powerful and not to be provoked.

One last note, since they are part of it, it also means it gives rewards and benefits too hard to miss even for them.

Don\'t even mention us.

After saying his piece he sat down composedly, letting them digest his words before the true voting begins.

The spokesperson did not keep them waiting and immediately informed them.

It is time to cast your votes; you have 30 minutes to think carefully.

Keep in mind that each one can only vote once.

The choice that has the highest votes, will be applied, period.

Half an hour was not really a long duration for such a large-scaled decision.

But time was not their ally in this situation.

30 minutes later, the spokesperson read the final results from a card he was holding.

Your votes have been cast and counted.

The final result is; the first choice with a vote count of 25 countries, the second choice with a vote of 34 countries, and finally the third choice with a vote count of 130 countries.

The last remaining 6 countries abstracted from voting.

It has been officially decided that planet earth will be joining the Alliance.


The Gavel sound of the spokesperson marked the final decision.

Loud clapping sounds echoed in the meeting hall, as presidents celebrated, avoiding a massacre if they went into war with those madmen.

The president of America gave an extra suggestion to the celebrating world leaders.

I suggest sending the spokesperson as our representative to declare our decision, and also to scout the aliens on a deeper level.

If they were not as strong as we assumed, we can give full authority to the spokesperson to choose the second option.

The majority of the leaders nodded their heads in approval, as they found it reasonable.

And so the dumbfounded spokesperson, who was dealing with the whole situation nonchalantly, was decided to serve as their scapegoat and declare their decision.


In the middle of Antarctica an enormous ship that had the same height as the famous Burj khalifa, and wide enough to hold twenty football stadiums, submerged itself within the ice like it was always there.

A Military green helicopter landed gently near the spaceship.

Shortly after, a person wearing thick clothes like a bear came out of the Helicopter and walked step by step towards the spaceship that had no windows or entrances.

It was covered with a special dark alloy never seen before on earth, making the entire ship resemble a sleeping beast.

The man thought to himself while shivering from either cold or fear.

\'What the hell am I doing here, couldn\'t they just send anyone.

Who did I offend to deserve this\'

He raised his head and looked up, yet he still couldn\'t see the top of the ship.

\'If this was just a ship of a scouting team, their army ships must be the size of a meteor.

How are we supposed to win if we fought\'

His contemplation was suddenly interrupted by a set of moving stairs that dropped near his feet, leading to a small open door.

As he saw the moving stairs he mused, \' we have the same ones in the malls, maybe the gap is not that bad.\'

Unfortunately, the moment he stepped on the staircase, he found himself inside the ship with a blink of an eye.

\'Never mind what I said.\'

He started to examine the interior of the ship with piercing eyes.

Yet, he did not see a single thing as everything was dark due to the alloy.

As he began to wonder what he was supposed to do.

Lights suddenly were turned on one by one from the gaps of the alloy, brightening the ship gradually.

He had to close his eyes, as the sudden brightness was too much for him to handle.

30 seconds later, his eyelids quivered, as he attempted to open his eyes slowly to adapt.

Yet he got instantly scared **less after seeing three humans standing one meter in front of him.

The one in the middle smiled and spoke with a weird language that was later translated somehow by his bracelet.

Welcome my friend; we waited for quite a bit for you guys to send someone.

At least I hope you brought some good news to us.

The spokesperson, who expected to see green little things with big brains, or big eyes with no eyebrows, was shocked to realize they were humans just like them with a few minor differences, like the coiled horns extending from their shoulder blades.

\'This is even better, only humans can understand each other; this will make our negotiation passes smoothly.\'

It didn\'t take much for his political personality to kick in and gain control over his emotions.

Dear visitors from outside the earth, I welcome you to our humble planet.

He bowed respectfully while holding his hands above his head making peace signs.

He has no clue what their culture was.

So he just did this retarded combination.

The three invaders eyed him with amusement, as they already read what they could on the earthling\'s current culture, while the things they didn\'t know, the AI reminded them of.

And right now the AI says it has no idea, what the hell he meant by his actions.

The one in the middle kept doing the talking while the other two just observed silently from the side.

No need for formalities, we are all part of the great human race that rules the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

The spokesperson gulped a mouthful as he heard this, \'The entire Galaxy What the hell! How many humans are out there then A couple of trillions or even quadrillion\'

He spoke with a shaky voice.

Right, right, we are all part of the human race.

So I hope you will be able to provide us with the information necessary about the Supremacy Games Alliance, lest we make the wrong decision.

They looked at him with a hidden glint and asked him with a frigid tone, So you mean by joining us, you\'re making a bad decision

dissatisfied, one of them added unpleasantly, I see, we came here in peace and acted based on the rules, respecting your culture, and your free will, and this how you treat us

The spokesperson was not a fool, as he quickly figured out their hidden agenda based on their words.

He knew that if he failed to provide a solid explanation.

They will invade or force them to kneel without suffering the consequences by relying on that feeble moral reason.

Feeble or not, it was still a reason to launch an attack.

You misunderstood me, my dear guests.

What I really meant was that only by having knowledge about the alliance that your kingdom is part of, can we understand more about your greatness and strength, to not make a foolish decision of declaring war on your lofty race.

The Spokesperson\'s ass-kissing ability that helped him reach his current position did not fail to deliver as the invader in the middle, switched back to his polite persona after realizing he was dealing with a tough nut to crack.

Of course, only by knowing everything, would you find that you earthlings are but the weakest bunch in the Milky Way. He then patted the spokesperson\'s shoulder and instructed him indifferently, Follow me so I can enlighten your eyes about the cosmic difference between us and your race.


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