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After Felix toggled a good distance inside the market, he lifted his hand, which had the AP bracelet attached to and called softly, Queen, Please scan for these materials, Fountain Purity Drop, Darkstar Fly Dust, Golem Brass, Voidling\'s scales, and lastly, Uncommon Elemental Flower.

In a jiffy, the Queen used the AP bracelet scanning feature, making the bracelet emit invisible blue particles in 50 meters radius around Felix.

\'I need to upgrade the bracelet.\' Felix frowned his eyebrows at this limited range.

He knew that the current new generation of Bracelets could allow the Queen to scan 500 meters or more.

But for now, he focused on the materials.

He just made a mental note to shop for another bracelet later on.

The players near him weren\'t surprised by his weird pose as a lot of players were doing the same in every part of the market.

After all, in this market, there were thousands of sellers, yet no search bar to facilitate finding what one wanted.

Soon, the Queen finished her scanning and informed him, \'I found four materials of the mentioned list in those marked sellers.

Felix looked around and saw four sellers marked in red particles by the Queen.

He thanked her and moved towards the nearest one of them.

After arriving near the seller, he saw that there was a small crowd of players that was surrounding him.

though only one player was actually talking to the seller as the rest were gazing in focus at nothing.

Ignoring this sight, Felix aimed his bracelet at the huge hologram before him and the content of it was copied in his bracelet.

After doing so, he went to an empty spot and stood like the others gazing at nothing.

Though, that what appeared to the rest but for Felix, he was browsing items on an invisible holographic list.

This list was exactly the same as the prize pool list he had in his games.

From the limited hundred items to the limited stock available to trade.

The only difference between them was that none of the items were the same! Except of course the elemental stones.

Got you! After scrolling down to the bottom of the list, Felix showed a faint grin at finding the Darkstar Fly Dust.

Plus, there were still 10 grams available in the stock! Though, Felix needed only 4 for the potion.

He already bought 1 gram from the Beethoven auction with 320 million SC! Yet now, he was looking at this material that cost just 1000 GP per gram!

Without wasting time, he closed the hologram and went to the seller.

Trade or buy The seller asked him in a straightforward manner.

I want to buy 4 grams of the Darkstar Fly Dust. Felix answered.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._50283893416325969 for visiting.

As per the league\'s rules, please wire 4000 GP first and my 5% commission after the purchase. The seller informed Felix as he extended his AP bracelet to him.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix touched the seller\'s bracelet, sending him the needed amount.

Felix was already familiar with the rules of the League, and he understood that he didn\'t need to worry about getting scammed or cheated out of his money.

Everyone here was a member of the League and based on rules, cheating another player had only one penalty, which was getting sent to mine elemental stones on mineral planets.

One should never forget that elemental stones get created in the most hellish environments, each based on the element.

For example, fire stones could only be found on planets like Solaria planet, the one Felix played death race in!

Thus, those sellers could be trusted to not escape with his game points.


After hearing the sound of the notification, the seller withdrew his hand with a pleased smile on his face.

He created a minimized version of the list and scrolled down until he located the material.

He then clicked on buy four grams only and closed down the hologram.

Contract or not The seller asked.

Contract please. Felix replied expressionlessly.

Immediately after, the seller projected an invisible contract before Felix, entailing that Felix needed to pay him 5% of the total amount spent to buy the material.

Reason His labor fees!

That\'s right, his labor fees for reaching the gold rank and obtaining this randomized prize pool in his game!

You see, all of those players in the market were selling none other than items from the prize pools they obtained in their games!

Obviously, none of those items were actually belonging to them but to the SGA!

They were simply displaying the latest prize pool list they got after playing a game to those interested in the items they lucked out on.

This loophole was working only because players get 100 randomized items in the prize pool on each game.

This meant, there was a high chance for a player to get not a single item or resource that he wanted while getting an item that was desperately needed by another player.

In other words, those two if they met, could totally trade items or buy them for each other with a small labor commission for the troubles.

This loophole was exiting for a long time now, and the SGA or the Queen never bothered to patch it up since it was actually beneficial for the Alliance\'s economy!

The players weren\'t doing anything wrong as they simply use their own game points which they earned rightfully in their games to buy items from other lists!

The only thing the SGA forbade was direct game points transfer.

As for trading items or \'selling\' them They were never bothered about it.

Their indirect approval made this new emerging industry explode in popularity! to the point it got an official name: Prize Pool Free Trading.

Free Trading in the sense, every player in the platform no matter his rank was able to join as well, he just needed to play one game.

That\'s all it took.

Felix literally could right now find an empty spot in the summit and display his prize pool with the intention to sell.

Though, he would rather not embarrass him like this as he was still in bronze rank, which meant those items were also below the interest of probably every player in the League.

Thus, he only came here with the intention to buy the materials, nothing more, nothing less.

After finishing reading the contract that was filled with the usual known terms, Felix signed it and sent it back to the seller.

Before getting told what to do, Felix touched the bracelet of the seller, wiring the 200 GP commission.

The seller nodded his head in satisfaction after seeing what he earned.

He literally did absolutely nothing but display a list that belonged to the SGA and he earned 200 GP free.

Though he did work his ass off to reach the gold rank, and that was something not any average joe could do.

Seeing his content expression, Felix smiled bitterly after remembering himself practicing this business on the Androxa\'s public market.

Instead of getting rich players interested in buying from his prize pool, he was only getting commoners asking about what he was selling or even worse enforcers, trying to capture him due to selling without a permit.

This was one of the reasons in his previous life that got him obsessed with joining the Ivy League.

The fact those sellers before him could just sit here and chill, yet game points fill their accounts without dropping a sweat.

He always wanted to do the same, alas the trials were too hard for him.

I believe you received the serial code of the materials

Felix\'s absent-mindedness was broken by the seller\'s polite question.

Felix nodded his head after he checked that indeed, four serial codes were added to his AP bracelet.

Glad to do business with you. The seller gave him a polite smile and gestured with his hand for the player waiting behind Felix patiently.

Not wanting to block his business, Felix turned around and left, heading to the next seller that the Queen was marking.

Felix wasn\'t afraid about the fact that his serial codes were known to the seller as the contract they signed forbade the seller from utilizing the code directly or indirectly.

Nothing could fool the Queen\'s vision.


15 minutes later...

Felix went through all of the marked sellers and obtained all the materials needed except for the last one.

The Uncommon Elemental Flower.

He spent around 19500 to buy 14 Fountain Purity drops, 1 Golem Brass, 4 Darkstar Fly Dust, and 2 Voidling\'s Scales.

With the DawnTree leaf that he bought in the auction before, he currently only needed the Uncommon Elemental Flower and he could make contact with a witch to concoct the potion for him!

If it wasn\'t for the 2nd game and the massive amount of game points he obtained, he would have taken at least a year or so to gather those materials!

Though, he was still having difficulty finding the Uncommon Elemental flower.

he continued to scan every once and a while, yet the Queen always gave him negative results.

Felix wasn\'t really surprised about the lack of this material as he knew that it was extremely useful to any bloodliner alive.

This put him in a pickle as this material was a must-buy since it was the core of the potion!

It was known for being split into three grades, Common Element Flower, which possessed a petal for each of the 7 known common elements.

Uncommon Elemental Flower possessed a petal for those 7 common elements in addition to every uncommon element in the universe.

Finally, the All Elemental Flower, which had every single element whether it\'s known or not.

Sadly, this flower already went extinct.

This flower had many uses besides being a core material to the elemental potion.

The most known use was actually ingesting it directly.

Doing so helps to increase the affinity rating by 3%! Though, it was a must to have an element corresponding to a petal for that effect to take place.

For Felix, who needed the Uncommon Flower to make an Elemental Potion that had all the elements except for the rare ones, this made it challenging for him to acquire one.


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