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Are you going to participate in today\'s trials

Sigh, this is already my 5th attempt and probably my last.

Good luck.

The moment Felix\'s body reconstructed on the milky white circle, his ears began picking chatter of the people in front of him.

In an unhurried manner, he opened his eyes and started sizing up everything before him.

If he could describe the scene with two words, it would definitely be bustling and loud!

He stepped outside of the circle while gazing beneath the darkness of his hoodie at the hundreds of people making tens lines that were leading to the exit of the teleportation company.

Without delaying for a second, Felix chose the line nearest to him and lined up compliantly. 

If there was a mechanism that lets him skip lining up he would have done so, sadly, those lines were for checking up the identity of the newcomers, not to keep the crowd ordered!

After all, this was a private city belonging to a league, not a kingdom or an empire.

Every player with 200 GP could surely teleport, but no matter what he did, he could never bypass those check-up lines and go beyond the teleportation company.

This meant those hundreds of people around Felix, weren\'t just random individuals, but players belonging to gold rank or even a higher rank than it! Players, who fulfilled one of the three requirements to be here!

Felix was probably the only bronze player in the middle of those elites, who came from all around the empire and the hundreds of kingdoms, just to participate in the trials and join The Ivy League!

This should speak volumes about the desire of everyone to join this elitist organization!

Oh Landlord!!!

Startled by the abrupt exclamation, Felix turned his head and saw a player he never knew before, was pointing his finger at him with a tingle of shock in his voice.

The rest of the players around them all shushed their chatter at the exclamation and focused on Felix, who was being pointed at.

It\'s really him!

Who is he

Don\'t you read the latest news He is currently one of the hottest talked topics in the empire.

He destroyed a silver game solo and everyone in it.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_49793537000136311 for visiting.

I read that he caused Goddess Zoe to get demoted to bronze!

She deserves it! Sigh, if you guys watched his game, you will see that he was totally robbed from an MVP title.

Tsk, at least he got the unique title. A red-tailed man pointed his finger at the top of Felix\'s head, and just like he said, the rest saw a golden title, glittering under the light, almost blinding them after they focused on it too much.

Since the unique title had only one purpose, and that was bragging, the SGA of course was going to make them appear as glamourous and flamboyant as possible.

Felix wasn\'t planning to remain lowkey and hid it after going through hell to collect that many points and obtain it.

He wasn\'t that moronic or noble to not brag about his achievement when he had nothing to lose.

Heck, he knew that the title was actually going to be beneficial in the market.

Felix knew that by displaying his name and the title, he was going to receive a lot of attention in the city, especially after he just went viral in the empire.

However, that was exactly what he wanted, to be as high-profiled as possible!

The more known his name got in this place the better for him.

Why For two reasons, he would have a solid reputation in the city, which would make him have a better appeal to the shoppers who wanted to buy items from his prize pool quicker.

The second and most important reason was that high-ranked players never deal business with unknown players!

If he wanted to collect the materials without any hiccups, he needed to avoid laying-low and make his presence be seen as much as possible.

Exposing his name and the title was only the start!

I do wonder what he is doing here though.

I don\'t think he fulfilled the requirements to join the trials.

Trials I doubt he needs them.

What do you mean

Without bothering to answer him, the player pointed his finger at the check-point that was getting closer and closer.

His meaning was clear, see it yourself!

After a minute or so, Felix\'s turn finally arrived.

The line was moving pretty quickly as the staff merely asked two straight to the point questions.

Are you here to join the Ivy league If so, please tell me which requirement did you fulfill

Yes, I have fulfilled the 3rd requirement. Straightforward as well, Felix answered.

Good, put your AP bracelet in the scanner please. The staff requested with a dry voice.

Felix did as he was told, and waited for a positive response.


After hearing the sound, the staff recited in a swift manner, Your application has been approved.

If you want any further information about the rules, benefits, map of the city and such, please voice your request to the Queen. He pointed at the door behind him and said, Welcome to the Ivy League.

You are now an official part of the Organization.

Elated by finally hearing those sweet words, Felix nodded his head in appreciation to the staff and walked with hurried steps towards the door, leaving the players behind him, staring at his back with dumbfounded expressions.

Their speechlessness was understandable since not one of the players in those lines got approved instantly like Felix, giving them full freedom to move as they wished in the city.

Instead, they either get thrown to the enforcers after being found that they didn\'t fulfill any of the three requirements or get sent to the venue where hellish trials were being held each day!


5 minutes later...

Felix kept walking on the clean streets with a wide grin on his face.

His eyes continued to roam around in absolute fascination.

Unlike the Androxa Capital and the Mariana Capital, the Ivy League city wasn\'t massive to the point it stretched to infinity.

In fact, it was built on a humble mountain chain that had all of its mountain\'s summits smoothen up.

And on each of those summits, there was either a unique towering building standing in the center or many smaller buildings cl.u.s.tered to each other in a circular shape, resembling a snail\'s shell.

Currently, Felix was walking on the summit of the Teleportation Mountain.

It was named as such since the main building of the teleportation company was based on the summit of this mountain.

Since, it was a known fact that the majority of people were always cl.u.s.tered around the teleportation companies, the entire summit of the mountain had nothing but the building and long streets, leading to many transportation means.

Just like everyone else, Felix was heading for one of those means.

He was a bit excited as in his previous life, every time he stepped into this city, he always gets sent to the Arena Mountain, where the trials were being held on a daily basis.

But, now he was finally free to go wherever he wanted in this city!

After reaching the station, he was faced with a hologram that was highlighting all of the transportations currently available.

He scrolled down the hovercars and chose a flying mount.

Immediately after, a list packed with hundreds of flying mounts was displayed before him.

Not wanting to get entangled in which one was better, Felix chose one randomly and paid for its services.

Whoosh! Thud!

The instant the coins were wired, a golden griffin landed on an empty platform next to Felix.

Satisfied, Felix smiled widely while jumping on the back of the griffin.


It let out a high-pitched whistling while flapping its golden wings twice, lifting itself up from the platform.

Take me to the market place! Felix ordered while gripping its soft feathers tightly.


The griffin lowered its head and started flapping its wings rapidly towards a mountain that had its summit completely bare!

That\'s right, there wasn\'t a single building on the summit.

But still, it was actually the most bustling place in the entire city!

Due to Felix\'s current height, he was able to only see black dots cl.u.s.tered to each other akin to ants.

However, as the griffin started to descend, those ants kept growing in his vision until he was able to see exactly what each one of them was doing.


The griffin landed on an empty platform, making Felix sigh dejectedly at how short the flight was due to the close distance between the mountains.

He jumped from the griffin and walked towards the noisy market place like it wasn\'t packed with elite players but with haggling grannys.

Yet, what was even stranger was that the sellers neither had shops nor stalls, they were just sitting on a comfy armchair while having a huge hologram displayed before them.

And the items showcased on those holograms would give a heart attack to any commoner!

Finally I am here. Felix murmured to himself as he walked through the rows and rows of those sellers all spread out on the summit in tens of straight lines to make it easier for the shoppers to glance at their products.


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