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He knew that his partner wasn\'t messing around with him.

In his mind, it was normal that his ethereal form had an activity range.

After all, in that form, he was untouched, unaffected by any elemental abilities, and still could activate his abilities freely.

Such a good ability had to have some limitations.

He just didn\'t know its limitation would start knocking so soon.

Well, he believed that it was soon, but actually, they were running for about 6 minutes now.

Heck, the distance between them and the golden chest already reached 2 kilometers.

Felix sure brought them on a journey without their realization.

\'F*cking hell, If even Spirit Visage left, how am I supposed to deal with this unkillable c.o.c.kroach!\' Livid, Solar Mist bit his lips hard, almost causing it to bleed.

\'Shit! I can only use that technique now.

But is it really worth it\'

Solar Mist began to hesitate about his decision.

Who could blame him The technique he was planning on using was going to drain every drop of energy he had.

He would be left n.a.k.e.d in the open to anyone\'s aggression. 

He felt that Spirit Visage wouldn\'t hesitate for even a second to kill him after he finished slaying Felix.

Ultimately, their alliance contract would be nullified the moment Felix dies.

This meant, his death would follow immediately after Felix.

Solar Mist might be furious and humiliated by Felix\'s way of insulting his dear wife.

Still, it didn\'t mean he would sacrifice his life to regain his face and her honor back.

Queen please deliver this mind message and contract to Spirit Visage.\' Solar Mist stopped his throwing his useless crows and focused on dealing with the aftermath of using his 2nd technique.

He might not want to bet his life on this chase.

But still, if the solution that he was going to propose to Spirit Visage works, he wouldn\'t mind continuing the hunt.


Spirit, I believe I have a way to make sure that Landlord either dies or gets heavily wounded.

However, I need you to sign this protection contract.

It entails that you must ensure my safety at all costs, whether Landlord dies or not.

I believe that Pure Muscle is still chasing after us.

He wouldn\'t hesitate to kill me if he saw me in a weak state without the alliance contract protection.

You have three seconds to give me your approval.

If you said no, I will give up on this chase.\'

The Queen delivered the message word by word straight into the mind of Spirit Visage.

In addition, she showed him the contract while saying the message.

Everything was neat and efficient.

Spirit Visage didn\'t read the contract since the massage itself was the contract, the only addition was that in case he failed to protect Solar Mist from dying, his consciousness would be destroyed by the Queen.

Without further ado, he gave a faint smile in direction of Solar Mist and signed the contract.

He wasn\'t dumb or anything to not realize that Solar Mist was actually afraid of him acting up and not that buffoon.

Regardless, he still signed it.

He was too committed in this chase to give up so easily.

\'The contract has been signed successfully Sir, Luke.\' The Queen Informed Solar Mist.

A bit excited, Solar Mist gave his thanks to the Queen while eying Felix\'s scorched back, like an eagle eying a rabbit.

\'I dare you to not fall after eating this.\' He grinned and snapped both of his fingers.

Suddenly his body was engulfed in orange flames.

Then, Crows kept being formed constantly from every part of his body.

Yet, instead of flying towards Felix like before, they kept flying around Solar Mist, waiting for his orders.

The spectators stood up from their seats with expectations written all over their faces.

They felt that Solar Mist\'s upcoming attack was going to seal the deal, and finally get rid of that jerk.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s fans folded their hands while muttering prayers and wishes.

Anything that could get Felix out of his dire situation was used.

Ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty...Fifty! Zoe kept counting the number of crows that were being added around Solar Mist.

They didn\'t stop adding until the total count reached whopping Fifty crows!

If Solar Mist wasn\'t a peak stage 1 bloodliner, his energy would have never managed to sustain such a large amount, despite the fact his tank wasn\'t even 30% full.

One should never forget that bloodliners receive a small enhancement to their energy tank each time they integrated 15%, and a large enhancement each time they replaced a bloodline.

This meant Solar Mist\'s energy tank was two times or so bigger than Felix\'s!

\'Oii Felix, it seems like the prick is preparing a quite big attack.\' Asna said.

\'No **! I can see it as well.\' Felix snapped at her with a grim voice.

He turned his head back and focused on the path ahead of him.

He didn\'t know what Solar Mist was preparing for him, but seeing that amount of crows all at once, only meant that he was in deep **.

\'You don\'t have to yell at me!\' she coiled a stalk of hair in her finger and suddenly murmured, \'I was just going to ask if you need my help.\'

Huh! Startled by her unexpected offer, Felix almost tripped himself on the ground.

Not in a lifetime would he have expected Asna to actually offer assistance by herself!

This was Asna! God damn Asna, who said nope each time he asked her for help or an opinion.

Asna, who only agrees to his wishes if he offered her something in return.

She was the perfect specimen of a lazy individual who seeks only her interest.

Yet, she actually offered her help in such a critical moment.

He didn\'t know if he should feel glad or mad at her staying silent till this point in time.

\'Be quick! What can you do!\' Felix didn\'t have time to feel neither.

A single glance at Solar Mist showed him that the crows were fusing together above his head, shaping up into a huge sphere.

Crow after crow kept dashing inside the sphere, making it even bigger and bigger.

\'I can infuse the pure energy I had been saving into your real body.

However, Instead of using it to enhance your affinity, you can use it to activate your abilities.\' She informed him with her chin raised and a smug smile on her face.

If he saw the way she looked, he would honestly bash her face with his elbow, uncaring about her beauty anymore.

Here he was struggling to survive, yet she was enjoying flaunting her ability.

\'Do it fast!! He is about to attack!!\'

Felix wasn\'t kidding around, as Solar Mist\'s crows finally finished fusing together, creating a humongous fire sphere that resembled a real sun with its orange tongues and waves being released above his head!

Felix was honestly beyond terrified by the sun.

He knew if that landed on him, there was no way that he would remain the same after.

A few missing limbs and scorned black skin were guaranteed outcomes.

That was only due to his strong physical defenses.

If he didn\'t have super strength passive, dying wasn\'t a farfetched reality.


Landlord, this sun is a gift from my wife. Solar Mist gave a frigid smile and said, Next time, know how to respect other\'s spouses.


SUPERNOVA TECHNIQUE! TURN HIM INTO ASH! He shouted out loud, as he hurled the sun in Felix\'s direction.

It was so massive, that Felix\'s eyes were almost blinded when he lifted his head and saw it descending from above.

\'ASNAAA!!!!\' He screamed in his mind while bolting with cold sweat on his red scorched back.

He was trying his best to leave as much distance as possible from it.

If the distance between him and Solar Mist was as close as before, he would have been struck by now.

Fortunately for him, The distance widened by at least 40 meters or so after Solar Mist removed his carpet surfing Technique in order to add more crows into the sun.

His energy wasn\'t enough to sustain both of them active at once.

\'Stop whining! I already transferred the energy to your real body.\' She said in annoyance.

\'Why can\'t I feel anythi...\'

Felix wasn\'t able to finish his sentence, as a sudden bright scorching light assaulted his eyes.

He was looking ahead of him the entire time, yet the light of the explosion still managed to reach his eyes.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'t-i-feel-anything_49449641653097317 for visiting.

Was I engulfed by the sun He thought to himself.


A split second after, the sound of the explosion reached his already bloodied ears.

His eyes were blinded, his ears were deafened, his skin was burnt, his face was ruined.

Even the hellish pain he was expecting didn\'t reach him.

All of his senses were completely destroyed.

He felt absolutely nothing.

\'Why can\'t I feel anything\' he asked in total darkness.

Same question, yet different meaning...


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