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Without making any noise, the 2nd Mother Spider turned around and pointed her rear in Felix\'s direction.

The spectators held their breaths in anticipation, not knowing what she was planning on doing.

Was she going to make a cocoon out of him and drag him away from the main body Or simply use her silk as a weapon and straightway kill him


Their thoughts were answered after seeing a long thick silky string, resembling a metal rod suddenly projected at Felix\'s back.

It moved so fast, that Felix managed to move only an inch to the left by pure instinct he honed throughout the years.

However, his reflexive dodge wasn\'t enough to get him out of this ambush unscathed.

Argh! He groaned in pain while clutching the silky string, that just pierced his left shoulder slightly above his lung.

His dodge wasn\'t totally useless after all.

\'What the hell!\'

Just as he tried to rearrange his thoughts after this deadly ambush, the rod that he was gripping suddenly pulled back, dragging him with it!

Straight away, Felix unclutched his grip, not wanting to continue getting dragged like this.

He knew that the Mother Spider must not leave his aura range no matter what.

Or else, it would definitely escape upward, and this time there was no way in hell she would let herself get hit by the azure bomb.

Ouch! F*ck me. Felix gritted his teeth and stood up with his hand pressuring tightly the gaping wound on his shoulder that was left behind by the rod.

Furious at failing her ambush, the 2nd Mother Spider screeched and sent another thick silky string towards his head this time.

Felix rolled to the side awkwardly, dodging her attack by a hair strand.

His movement was truly slower than he was at his peak, but it was only a natural outcome after getting gravely wounded like that.

Every time he made a large movement, blood couldn\'t help but gush from the wound down his chest and back.

This is probably Landlord\'s first time getting heavily wounded in his two games! Zoe exclaimed with a hint of surprise in her tone.

She truly somewhat believed that Felix was an invincible and untouchable player from what she had seen so far.

That notion was installed not just in her mind, but in every spectator who followed him through his two games.

However, after seeing him constantly jump around with difficulty, trying his best to avoid the incoming barrage of those sharp strings, the spell that was clouding their minds was broken.

Felix was but a normal player like everyone else.

He was bound to get hurt and lose fights as well.

Nothing shocking or surprising, especially when he was going against a legendary beast solo.

He was literally fighting it using only two abilities, while ten players, combining their strengths couldn\'t even touch the Mother Spider.

\'Please do something!\' Emma kept on chewing her lips, hoping that Felix might turn the situation around.

However, the odds were apparently against him.

The 2nd Mother Spider kept on pressuring him by releasing string after string.

Sometimes she even mixed some webs in between, trying to capture him instead of killing him.

She had only one thought in her mind and that was to free her main body from his aura.

Thus everything was on the table.

Her abilities switch made it difficult for Felix to dodge and counter-attack, as each time she threw a web, he had to respond instantly with an acid bomb, exploding it on his body, so when the web reached him it gets corroded immediately.

If only he was allowed to switch aura inducement from paralyzing to acid, her attacks wouldn\'t have been causing such trouble for him.

However, he couldn\'t do so, since the main body wouldn\'t take a single second before it relieved herself from the paralyze effect and climb upward.

If that happened, Felix could forget about touching that legendary chest, he would probably find it difficult to even escape in one piece from being in a 2v1.

Hence, he must figure something out quickly without using his aura.

He was losing blood rapidly from the wound and if the battle didn\'t finish asap, he would truly faint in the middle of the fight.

\'Sign, I guess only one option left.\'


Felix exploded another acid bomb on himself, as protection and did double Back Handspring, reaching the mother spider\'s main body in a split second.

He gritted his teeth over the sudden pain that assaulted him from his injury after aggrieving it with such a large movement.

However, he soon ignored it and jumped on her body, dodging mid-air another string that was aiming at his thigh.

The moment he landed on her body, he crouched between her abdomen and carapace, hiding thoroughly from the 2nd mother spider\'s aggression.

After all, she couldn\'t aim at him without the risk of hitting her main body instead.

After seeing that it was impossible to kill Felix anymore, the 2nd mother spider switched to throwing webs again, planning to cocoon him with the main body!

Unfortunately, before the web even reached its target, Felix created two acid bombs with just a thought, leaving his hands free to strike the abdomen as he pleased.


He exploded one bomb, countering the web successfully, and instantly created another, not daring to stop or care about his energy consumption anymore.

The 2nd Mother Spider was firing web after web continuously, clearly desperate on removing Felix on top of her main body.

But who could blame her tho

Bam! Bam!

Felix\'s punches were literally causing cracks to appear on the hard shell of the abdomen.

Felix didn\'t want to target this part of the body, even though it had her lungs and heart was due to this hard shell that needed a minute or so of nonstop attacks to just make a small opening.

Meanwhile, the head of the mother spider might have those disgusting eyes all over it, still, its defenses weren\'t even close to its counterpart.

That\'s why Felix only targeted her abdomen after being left without a better option.

He knew that his acid bombs must keep exploding periodically and constantly on top of him, creating a mini aura that acted as a protective shield against those webs!

But the cost of doing so was definitely going to put a dent in Felix\'s energy tank.

He didn\'t want to throw everything on this battle and be left n.a.k.e.d after it.

Who knows if a squad of 4 or 5 decided to gang up on him after seeing his messed up shoulder Especially, if he met with hardcore players participating in the bet.

There was no way in hell they would walk away from Felix, since killing him was equivalent to getting a new chance in emerging as the winner in the wager.

In the end, he still went for it, and currently, it was working like a charm.

As the 2nd mother spider was on the verge of losing her mind after seeing that her main body\'s abdomen shell was getting fractured from the middle, exactly above her heart!

The 2nd mother spider was getting agitated because she felt that her main body\'s shell wasn\'t going to last for long.

Yet, she could do nothing to stop it.

Heck, she couldn\'t even cocoon her main body and drag it away, as the mini acid aura was covering both of them.

Screech! Screech!

She merely kept moving in circles around the Aura and firing her webs, hoping that his mini aura had a slight opening that she could take advantage of.

Unfortunately, Felix made sure that it was tight proof, covering both him and the Mother Spider fully.

Bam! Shatter!

After consistently hitting the same spot until his knuckles began to bleed, Felix finally managed to shatter the shell, breaking it apart and exposing her heart that was beating at 186 beats/min or so.

It was obvious that the Mother Spider was scared **less about her fast-approaching death, and her furious screech turning into pitiful wails were enough as proof of so.

Although Felix heard those wails loud and clear, he still gripped his fist tightly and lifted it up expressionlessly.


Without a single ounce of hesitation, he brought it down fiercely, striking the long tube-shaped heart that was extending from one end of the abdomen to the other.


The Mother Spider made her pained cry heard using her 2nd body after her heart burst into a shower of blood and liquid.

However, her wail didn\'t last for long, before her 2nd body disappeared into light particles, marking the deactivation of her ability.

Awestruck, Zoe and the spectators watched Felix withdrawing his bloodied fist from the inside of her body and raise it above his head for a split second as a celebration, still dripping with blood.

The battle was finally over!


Landlord you f*cking monster!

Holy **! Who took a picture of his pose!! Send it to me please!

Me as well, I am going to use it as my screen saver!

He actually slew a legendary tier 2 beast solo!


The silence that was deafening the stadium before immediately was replaced by chaos breaking out after seeing the battle finally conclude in such an astonishing manner.

The spectators weren\'t the only ones who were losing their **, as the VIP viewers, who were part of clans, agencies, leagues, clubs, or even high ranked players coming to relax by watching a lower elo game, were tongue-tied and mind-blown by Felix\'s victory.

Before the battle even began, they were even more pessimistic about his chances of slaying the Mother Spider than Zoe\'s.

They believed that he was biting more than he could chew after they saw him struggle to win against the Terror Serpent.

Yet, it never occurred in their minds that Felix\'s abilities were pure counter to the Mother Spider\'s elements!

His acid inducement utterly destroyed her silk element, while his *Poison Immunity* allowed him to nullify the Mother Spider\'s most iconic poison completely.

Thus, the Mother Spider was handicapped before the battle even began.

However, none of them disparaged his achievement of killing her solo due to this, as they knew that countering others and getting countered was a natural outcome in every battle.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-last-wail!_48894232605293971 for visiting.

Hence, no one could rob his victory.

Not even those high ranked players!


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