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They honestly had no idea, if the Mother Spider venom was overrated, or Felix was simply a monster to have such a high poison resistance that was completely able to negate a legendary beast poison!

Are my eyes playing a trick on me Zoe rubbed her eyes awestruck at this sight, not daring to believe it, neither wanting to.

Unlike those spectators who had simple knowledge about the Mother Spider, she had a full understanding of it, just like Felix!

It was her job, after all, to have as much information as possible about the universe to be able to commentate professionally, and not stutter like a total amateur.

Thus, she was well aware that what Felix just did was beyond amazing and on the border of absurdity!

The Mother Spider poison was able to kill from just a single whiff, don\'t even mention getting touched by it directly.

Even if she added Felix\'s high poison resistance to the mix, it simply meant that he was able to survive getting killed by it, but not escape the excruciating pain it caused to one\'s nerves.

She couldn\'t help but zoom on his face, hoping to see if his expression twisted if just by a bit to ease her tremulous emotions.

Unfortunately, the darkness under Felix\'s hoddie blocked her attempt, leaving gritting her teeth in anger.

\'Bastard! You must have immunity to poison! It can only be so!\'

Annoyed, she bit her lower lip and enlarged the camera again, displaying both Felix and the Mother Spider staring at each other in silence.

It was clear that the Mother Spider was at her wit\'s end on dealing with Felix, which was quite understandable honestly.

After all, her greatest strength was based on her spiderling army, but Felix\'s abilities countered everything she used on him effortlessly, from her silk element that could be corroded easily by his acid inducement, to her infamous poison that was totally ignored by him like some sort of B product.

If she was dealing with anyone else besides Felix, she could have easily massacred them by just sending a few members of her army.

Yet, for this bastard, she literary threw everything but to no avail.

Thus, she decided to switch from offense to defense, waiting patiently on Felix\'s counter-attack.

Who knows, he might expose an opening in the process.

Low tiered legendary beasts were not mindless monsters, but actually had the intelligence of 7 years old human, able to have a somewhat clear thought process.

But the majority still relied on their instinct and senses for battles, totally ignoring using their brains.

Mother Spider wasn\'t like the rest.

She knew when to push and when to retreat.

Felix wasn\'t throwing his azure bomb, even though she was clearly targetable, was because of so.

He felt that if he rushed his offense and exposed his azure bomb to her, he wouldn\'t be able to get another chance if she dodged it successfully.

Hence, the current staring contest between a beast and a human, a strange scene that rarely appeared in any game.

Nervous and thrilled, the spectators all went quiet as well.

After a short while, the tense atmosphere was suddenly broken by Felix throwing an acid bomb, leaving the azure bomb hidden in his pocket.

He couldn\'t handle continuing this staring contest, as his energy kept being consumed each second due to his aura.

After all, if he turned it off for even a split second, the spiderlings behind him wouldn\'t hesitate to jump on him.


The acid bomb exploded exactly on the Mother Spider\'s head! It turned out she didn\'t even bother on dodging his attack, clearly confident in her poison resistance to handle Felix\'s inducements.

Her confidence was well justified, as the acid inducement that terrorized everyone in the game, didn\'t even leave a single scratch on her body.

Still unconvinced, Felix switched to sleepiness inducement and threw the bomb again.

Just like before, the Mother Spider remained in her position glued on the wall, totally uncaring about the incoming white bomb.


Zero f*cks given by the Mother Spider, as she breathed in the inducement out loud, making the spectators laugh their ass off at such blatant taunt.

If it was just so, Zoe and the spectators wouldn\'t be that amused, but the Mother Spider kept tapping her twenty legs on the wall, clearly showing that she was not affected in the slightest by his poison.

\'Pfffff!! Felix, you are getting mocked by a Spider.\' said Asna, laughing out loud.

Annoyed by the whole farce, Felix just kept standing on his position with his eyebrows twitching at the sight of the Mother Spider tapping her legs and pointing one at him, clearly provoking him to send another inducement.

\'Heh, let\'s see how you gonna laugh after you absorb this.\' A smirk couldn\'t help but grace Felix\'s face, as brought out the azure bomb that was in his pocket.

It was finally time to introduce the game-changing inducement that he prepared just for the Mother Spider!

Neurotoxin Inducement! he smiled smugly and threw the bomb, not bothering anymore if she would dodge or not.

She truly saved him the effort by getting c.o.c.ky in her poison resistance.


Immediately after the bomb made contact with the Mother Spider, her legs which were tapping on the wall mockingly gave out and spread in a relaxed manner, like she was just doped.

Zoe and the spectators choked on their own laughter after seeing the Mother Spider nosediving rapidly with her legs flailing around without a single control on their movement.

However, that didn\'t last for even two seconds before she regained her control and tried to stick back to the wall.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_48825741298691972 for visiting.


Too bad, a second bomb with the same inducement, nullified her efforts, forcing her to continue freefalling.


Her body smashed into the metallic ground, sending a shockwave in the area.

10 meters in height wasn\'t enough to make her dizzy from the fall, thus she immediately jumped on all of her twenty legs, trying to return to her favorable position.

But would Felix let her achieve so that easily after all the effort he had done

Not in a lifetime.

Felix dashed towards her while firing continuously his azure bombs.

He didn\'t stop even when the Mother Spider was clearly affected again by the inducement.

As she leaned on the wall with her legs shaking, trying her best to stick to the surface and climb back.

Unfortunately, bomb after bomb ruined her attempts at removing the numbness that she was feeling at the tips of her setules.

Felix chose the *Neurotoxin Inducement* just to counter those setules, which were the source of her ability to have a firm grip on the wall.

This inducement simply interferes with the function of the nervous system that carries signals around the body.

Thus, each time the mother spider gave orders to her limbs to move, she only felt numbness and irritating tingling, like a colony of ants crawling over her body.

The feeling was the same as someone hit his elbow hard with a solid object.

That numbness and tingling sensation that followed after was what the Mother Spider was being affected by.

The only difference between the two was that she felt that sensation throughout her entire body! One could only imagine the misery she was feeling now.

Some may question that Paralyze inducement had the exact effect, but it wasn\'t really that similar.

After all, paralyze affected both the sensation and the movement of the body, meanwhile neurotoxin inducement affected only the sensation.

If Felix had the option of using paralyze, he wouldn\'t hesitate for even a second.

Unfortunately, paralyze bombs had a small dose to fully affect oversized bodies.

After all, paralyze literally affected the entire body, interior, and exterior, and two whiffs from a bomb weren\'t going to make it happen.

Is it over already!

Gasps came from the crowd, as they saw Felix\'s Paralyze Aura engulf the Mother Spider, who was leaning on the wall, still not giving up on climbing it.

Sadly, the moment she stepped inside Felix\'s aura range, her limbs froze stiffly, twitching and quivering from time to time akin to an electric shock coursing through her body.

She might be able to resist his bomb inducements, however, Felix\'s aura was an entirely different matter.

Anyone who stepped inside was doomed to perish.

Why aren\'t you tapping your feet anymore Felix cracked his knuckles with a smug smile on his face, as he approached the immobilized Mother Spider step by step.

Immediately after reaching her face, which was packed with red eyes cl.u.s.tered in a disgusting manner.

He recoiled a step back from the sight.

Revolted, Felix curled up his mouth and began punching those eyes, two by two, three by three, bursting them off into a cloud of blood and sticky liquid akin to popping off bubble wraps.

Due to his close distance, he wasn\'t spared from being showered by those liquids.

Nonetheless, Felix just closed his eyes and mouth shut and continued his bloodthirsty attack, trying to end the battle as fast as possible.

Who knows if the Mother Spider may pull off something outside of his plan.

After all, just because she wasn\'t screaming in anguish due to the paralyzing effect, it didn\'t mean she wasn\'t feeling the pain and the horror of her approaching death.

It was a known fact that beasts were most dangerous while being cornered to the limit.

Mother Spider was no different.

Felix sensed that she would do something to counter-attack, or at least stop his offense.

He just didn\'t know when and how, thus he had to make sure that he caused enough damage before so.

Screech! Screech! Screech!...

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, as the forgotten army of spiderlings, who were standing behind Felix outside of his aura, finally made a move!

They kept yelling in agitation while running towards unexpectedly, each other! They collided and crashed against each other.

Yet, every time it happened only one spiderling gets left behind.

The other one totally disappeared like he just got devoured, and the size of the remaining spiderling was the best proof of so, as it grew from having a human a.d.u.l.t\'s head size to having double that size.

However, before this spiderling could even screech at successfully devouring his brother, he got instantly devoured by a bigger version of it.

This process of merging kept happening over and over again, until only one gigantic spiderling was left behind.

But honestly, at this point, it shouldn\'t be called spiderling anymore, but Mother Spider! A new and healthy version of it!!!

Felix\'s senses weren\'t wrong in the slightest, as she truly had a hidden card he didn\'t read about or simply forgot.

After all, he read its details long ago, and he was bound to forget an ability or two.

It was not like the Mother Spider was the only beast he had read about, but just one of the tens of thousands.

His memory was bound to fail him sooner or later.

The only way to avoid so was by asking Asna to dive deep within his memories and bring all the details on the Mother Spider.

Alas, she brutally rejected his simple request of helping him with the plan.

Don\'t even mention asking her to do such a taxing task.

Look behind you! Leader Emma shouted out loud until her voice went hoarse, hoping to warn Felix of the danger creeping behind his back.

Yet, Felix was deaf to her warning, as he continued to smash eye after eye, totally engrossed in his bloodthirstiness.

He was worried about the Mother Spider making a move, but for those cute spiderlings behind him, he utterly ignored them even though he heard their screeches.

He simply assumed that it was the Mother Spider making her anguish heard using them.

Plus he was confident that no matter what they threw at him it wouldn\'t affect him much.

All of their attacks were absolutely useless against him.

If they dashed inside his aura, they would get paralyzed, if they spit poison in his direction, they would simply disgust him, as for using their webs He could simply corrode them with an acid bomb.

Felix had everything calculated in his head.

Too bad, he was absolutely clueless about the Mother Spider\'s ability to merge the spiderlings and create another version of herself!


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