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If it was another spider species, they wouldn\'t mind having their web ruined.

Hell, they wouldn\'t care even if it got destroyed, as they could easily recreate another one without wasting a single ounce of energy in the process.

However, just like humans, beasts also had a reversed scale that mustn\'t be touched or insulted no matter what.

For the Mother Spider, it was definitely her web! And the incensed screeches she kept releasing while facing Felix, were the best proof of so.

Without warning, she jumped from her web and landed on the wall 10 meters above Felix\'s head.

Just because, her web was ruined beyond recognition, making her discard it like some sort of trash, it didn\'t mean that it would jump next to Felix and fight it out with him in melee form.


You should have just saved me the effort.\'

Somewhat annoyed, Felix clicked his tongue while creating inside his over-sized pocket an azure blue bomb!

He wasn\'t joking around when he said that his plan was foolproof, as he even prepared a way to negate the Mother Spider\'s reliability on sticking on walls!

Felix wasn\'t stupid to not see it happening after he destroyed her web.

But, he still preferred if she just dropped near him without wasting his time and energy to force it into happening.


Worried, Felix\'s fan club all yelled out loud, at the sight of the Mother Spider, pointing her rear in Felix\'s direction, clearly preparing to launch an attack.

However, their worry extinguished just as it lit up, after seeing Felix dodge sideways a pitch-black ball that was hurled from the Spider abdomen rear.

Yet, before they could sigh in relief, another ball was sent, then another, and another! It just kept going and going nonstop, like a machine gun firing away freely.

Nonetheless, Felix dodged all of them easily, not getting affected in the slightest by her offense.

The spectators got a bit skeptical at this weird sight.

After all, the beast was supposed to be a legendary rank, thus it was simply impossible for her attacks to be this trashy!

Hell, her attack was even worse than some rare ranked beasts they saw during this game.

It just didn\'t make sense!

Suddenly, the majority of the spectators recoiled back in their seats with shocked expressions after seeing the pitch-black balls all around Felix, began to quiver silently, not making a single sound in the process.

Then unexpectedly, cracks slowly started to appear and spread on the surface of the balls, making them resemble birds\' eggs on the verge of hatching.

Too bad for Felix, that was exactly what happened! As the ball that was sent first, broke apart, revealing a mini version of the Mother Spider!

Everything was exactly the same, from her cl.u.s.tered red eyes to her bent fierce-looking fangs.

The only difference was the size, as the mini version only had the size of a human a.d.u.l.t\'s head.

If this small spiderling was the only one that hatched, the sight might actually appear cute.

Alas, the rest of the eggs, followed quickly after and began to hatch one by one, leaving the area around Felix surrounded with a sea of spiderlings, which were snapping their fangs continuously in a frenzy!

If Landlord didn\'t escape their encirclement, he would certainly die! Zoe yelled with a hint of excitement and eagerness, wanting nothing more but to see him suffer.

She was clearly confident in her prediction.

The spectators might not understand why so, since she didn\'t explain herself, but Felix would totally see what she meant if he heard her, as he also understood that being inside those spiderlings encirclement wasn\'t a good thing.

Simply because, they were not the Mother Spider children, brainless and plain stupid, but her ownself copied with the same abilities and elements!

This meant each spiderling could kill with a single venomous bite, just like it was done by the mother itself!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_48757589831382782 for visiting.

With this kind of ability, she didn\'t need to approach Felix at all, but just keep her distance and send copies of herself to do the deed, as long as the number of copies did not exceed a hundred.

Since she could control them by linking each eye with one spiderling.

Thus, the army wouldn\'t be disoriented and in a total mess, but attacking as one and retreating as one!


Immediately after dropping a hundred eggs near Felix, the Mother Spider\'s cl.u.s.tered eyes all glowed with bright red light, sending dangerous vibes throughout the air.

Simultaneously, the inactive spiderlings, all began to make a move.

40% spread apart and surrounded Felix in an even wider circle, standing 10 meters away from him.

30% pointed their rear in his direction and started spewing silky white webs, trying to capture him.

Finally, the last 30% jumped with their fangs\' tips glittering with dark green color, clearly planning to poison him.

All of those orders were carried instantly and simultaneously without a single delay, and Felix who was in the very middle of those attacks just smirked and snapped his fingers casually like he wasn\'t in a life or death situation.

Paralyze Aura!

Instantly, a light yellow mist emerged from his body\'s pores and engulfed all of the spiderlings, which were in its range.

The ones, who were jumping on him stiffened while mid-air.

Meanwhile, the rest, who had their rear-facing him, froze in their position as well, forcing them to pause spewing their webs.

If their webs were an active ability-based that relied on their energy, then Felix\'s paralyze aura wouldn\'t have affected their web creation in the slightest, since abilities only need thoughts to be activated and elemental energy.

However, the spiders\' webs relied on their spinneret glands located at the tip of their abdomen, which is part of their body, and paralyze inducement affected the entire body!

Nonetheless, Felix didn\'t escape unscathed from their offense, as he wasn\'t able to dodge the already spewed shower of webs.

Landlord handled one attack but still got caught by the other! Zoe zoomed the camera on Felix, who was currently inside a tightly sealed cocoon, and shouted, How would he escape this entr.a.p.eme...

Before Zoe could even finish her sentence, a cloud of acid mist emerging from inside the cocoon, interrupted her.

She and the spectators understood immediately that Felix was planning to corrode the cocoon just he did with the Mother Spider web!

He didn\'t even turn off his Paralyze Aura, as he relied on simply one acid bomb to free himself swiftly.

Immediately after breaking out, Felix started to viciously stomp his legs on the spiderlings blocking his way to the Mother Spider.

Cranch! Crack!

Bones were broken and skulls destroyed into a paste, anything that met Felix\'s leg had a miserable ending.

However, every dead spiderling he left behind him, turned into a cloud of mist a few seconds later and drifted towards the Mother Spider, who absorbed it gladly.

A moment later, she began to hurl those black balls again in his direction, forcing him to stop advancing and focus on dodging.

He truly should have left them alone, and just focused on dealing with the Mother Spider first.

After all, no matter how many he killed, new ones would replace them swiftly, pushing the number to reach a hundred again.

If the spiderlings just disappeared immediately after dying, the Mother Spider wouldn\'t have been infamous for being one of the worst low tiered poisonous beasts to hunt down effectively without losing too many hunters in the process.

Sadly, that wasn\'t it.

The number of the spiderlings never went beyond a hundred, and also beneath it.

Felix knew so as well, thus he completely ignored the immobilized spiderlings near him and drew closer to his real target, trying to use the bomb that was hidden in his pocket as fast as possible.


However, the Mother Spider wasn\'t planning on letting him break outside of the encirclement that easily, as it gave orders to the remaining 40% of spiderlings, which were staying outside of his aura domain, to collect the venom on their mouths and spit it in his direction.

This wasn\'t even an ability but just counter measurement to Felix aura that blocked her minions from reaching his side to bite him.

Despite her out of the box method of attack, Felix wasn\'t bothered by the incoming shower of spit.

He simply put his arms in front of his face in disgust and dashed right through the salvo of spit, unworried about getting affected by the venom.

The hell is he doing Zoe\'s eyes widen a bit, as she exclaimed, No matter how high his poison resistance, it wouldn\'t be able to fully nullify the effects!

Too bad, her prediction this time was completely off the mark, as Felix broke outside of the encirclement while under the salvo of venom without a pause or letting a single yelp.

Speechless, the spectators watched him wipe the dark green spit on his sleeves while mumbling under his breath, Were you trying to disgust me to the death or what


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