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However, Zoe paused the replay, freezing Felix on a sprinting position, and zoomed at the shadow on the wall, trying to find Mastermania.

If this wasn\'t a replay, she and the spectators could have easily noticed him by using their omnipotent vision before Felix or the serpent found him.

But, that was only possible when spectating the games live.

Nevertheless, there was still a bonus from watching replays, and that was the ability to pause whenever the MC liked and take his sweet time commentating on the battle.

Found him! Zoe tapped a spot on the leftmost of the wall, highlighting a human-shaped shadow with a white line.

Startled, the spectators gasped at the close distance that was between Mastermania and Felix.

There were only 10 meters separating them! A distance close enough to land a deadly ambush on Felix.

Who would have thought that Mr.

Mania already found Landlord and was sneaking up on him like this! Zoe exclaimed out loud with a hint of astonishment.

She truly forgot about Mastermania and his partner who were chasing after Felix before.

Who could blame her though Mastermania\'s fans were as silent as a corpse in the chat and the stadium like they had no plans of speaking about what they saw live.

Meanwhile, Landlord\'s fans were trying their best to not spoil the events that transpired when she and the rest were spectating Princess Bird live.

The club leader Emma threatened to kick anyone who went and did so.

Those two clubs muteness caused this current situation of Zoe and the spectators, having no idea that Mastermania, Felix, and the serpent were about to entangle in a three-way fight.

Too bad, he must have appeared as clear as crystal in Landlord\'s X-ray vision. She chuckled and added, He was probably approaching him slowly in the shadows, planning to strike the moment Landlord dropped his guard. She shook her head, Pity, he was simply moving based on Landlord\'s wishes.

Downcast, Mastermania\'s fans lowered their heads at her words.

They knew that her analysis was far worse than what she thought, as they saw with their own eyes how Mastermania was found by Felix before he even fought the serpent!!

Their omnipotent vision allowed them to track their idol movement constantly, even when he was submerged in the shadows by using his active ability *Shadow\'s Cloak*.

Thus, they realized easily that when Felix was frozen in front of the wall for a couple of minutes, it wasn\'t because he was planning how to slay the serpent as everyone assumed.

No sir!

The f*cker was staring straight at Mastermania who was two walls away from him!! They didn\'t know if his x-ray vision gave him a clear image of Mastermania or just some fuzzy dots.

The only thing they knew was that Felix waited a full 6 minutes until Mastermania closed the distance between them, before making his move on the Terror Serpent.

Even a fool would realize that Felix planned beforehand for Mastermania to help him create that slight opening!

That thought scared the ** out of them, as they couldn\'t believe that Felix recognized that his abilities were going to struggle against the serpent, but still went for it, trusting in his guts that Mastermania was going to try and ambush him during his battle.

There was no other alternative reason than this.

After all, the moment Mastermania stepped inside the territory of the serpent, Felix threw the bomb before the serpent even turned its head!

He predicted that it would pause after hearing the air vibration of Mastermania\'s breaths, and took advantage of that slight chance to finally poison the serpent successfully!

Thus, I believe that Landlord didn\'t want to use his ultimate ability, due to the constant pressure of knowing that he might be ambushed any moment. Zoe raised her nose up slightly, and continued her moronic analysis with a smirk, I bet that his ability takes time to activate, leaving him exposed to Mastermania\'s aggression.

The audience nodded their heads in agreement, as this was far more reasonable than Felix not being at origin purity.

Let\'s carry on watching.

Zoe sat back on her commentary chair and unpaused the replay.

Her eyes brightened up immediately after seeing Felix surrounder himself in a sky bluish mist while rushing towards the serpent, which kept moving its head randomly like it was hit by a hammer.

A guess already formed on her mind about Felix\'s new inducement after seeing that sight and the flickering sand barrier between tangible and intangible.

Dizziness Inducement!

It was one of the few plausible causes since it was a known fact that beasts or bloodliners weren\'t able to activate their abilities to their full potential if their focus was constantly being broken.

However, her guess was completely off the mark, as she heard Felix say out loud, I dare you to use your ears after absorbing my senses disorientation Inducement.

It turned out, Felix actually straightway used senses disorientation as his first choice instead of paralyzing, sleepiness, and even dizziness!

As the owner of the bloodline, he was constantly practicing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his inducements.

So far, he found that Paralyze bombs were ineffective against large-sized beasts.

As for their bodies to be paralyzed, a heavy dose was a must, and the only way to do so was by either relying on his aura or merging inducements.

Using his aura in that situation was impossible due to the distance separating them while merging inducements took a significant toll on his energy.

As for sleepiness he found that it could be resisted, or even broken through if the enemy\'s mentality was heightened to the peak.

The reason why so, was that the inducement simply illuded the absorber that he was extremely tired and desperately needed sleep.

In this sense, the feeling could be resisted, making the inducement fail to take effect.

Felix wasn\'t stupid to risk using this unreliable inducement on the terror serpent.

Last but not least, his so-called dizziness Inducement that Zoe guessed.

Although Felix could have used it, he knew that its effect wasn\'t good vs the serpent itself.

Since it was blind!

It was a known fact that dizziness created a false sense that you or your surroundings were spinning or moving constantly and randomly.

This feeling was called vertigo.

It worked like a charm against Disgraced Face and Battalion but against the serpent that was blind in the first place, this effect was absolutely useless on it!

It was just common sense.

In the end, senses disorientation inducement was the best possible choice against the Terror serpent.

The astonishing scene in front of Zoe and the spectators further emphasized this point.

As, the moment Felix brought the serpent inside the blue mist, the fight turned into a one-man show.

The serpent\'s biggest reason why it was able to resist Felix\'s abilities in the first place was its extreme hearing sense.

However, after absorbing his inducement, it wasn\'t able to tell where his punches and kicks were coming from, due to its ears failing to pinpoint the exact position of his attacks!

Sometimes the air vibration painted out a clear vision that his attack was coming from the left, just to end up being smacked from the right.

The worse part about this was that even its smell sense was failing it tragically, leaving it confused about where Felix\'s smell was coming from.

The Terror serpent was now blind, confused, and misled.

Plus, with Felix\'s constant bashing, its mentality couldn\'t get any worse, making it unable to use its sand element to its full potential.

If it wasn\'t for the desert that it created before, helping it surrounder its body with barriers of sand reflexively, Felix would have already ripped its head off with his hands.

This inducement was truly the Terror Serpent\'s worst ban!

Despite so, the serpent didn\'t give up on the fight yet, as it kept whipping its tail aimlessly, hoping to land a lucky strike on Felix.

However, he was too elusive to be caught.

He knew when to approach and when to retreat.

Plus, he continued to confuse the already muddled serpent by mouthing noises and taunts.

The serpent knew that its condition was dire.

The bug was constantly smashing its sand barriers like they were made of glass, and before long the desert that was facilitating its barrier creation would run dry, and its body would be exposed to his aggression.

This might take an hour or two, but it would happen eventually.

Thus, it decided to go all out and use its strongest ability, seeking to overpower him at once.


The golden sand underneath them started to withdrew rapidly towards its scales.

The serpent was trying to recreate the same sandstorm as before!

Although it wouldn\'t be as potent as the one it created vs Charming Sky\'s minions due to the low content of sand in the area.

Still, it was enough to rip Felix to shreds.

At last! Thank you in advance!

Instead of feeling worried, Felix grinned and switched his blue aura to light yellow, making the serpent regain its senses back, but in turn, its body got immobilized.

Although the serpent laid on the ground motionless, the sandstorm didn\'t stop from building up.

The cracks on the scales were paralyzed while they were open! So the sand kept on withdrawing without stopping, recreating the same horrifying scene as before.

The spectators and Zoe were both confused at this scene.

They had no idea why he paralyzed the serpent if its attack wasn\'t going to be stopped.

They didn\'t know if he forgot that bloodliners and beasts only needed a thought to activate or stop their abilities.

So, even if he paralyzed its body, the serpent wouldn\'t have trouble controlling the element of sand.

Heck, it was much better if he kept the blue inducement active.

At least, the beast mentality would affect it from bringing the full potential of the sandstorm.

Doubts about Landlord misplaying were coursing through their mind.

They truly believed that he screwed up big time on this one.

However, the moment they saw the hardened sand barriers falling apart rapidly, and Felix\'s leg that was lifted straight above its head akin to an executioner planning to behead a sinner, dots were connected in their mind, bringing them to one conclusion.

The serpent was now completely defenseless against Felix\'s Behemoth strength!!!

Only now did they understand that it was a huge mistake for the serpent to give up on its defenses and switch to offense near Felix.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!-(2-in-1)_48493103581024325 for visiting.

After all, the only reason it was surviving his onslaughter was due to its barriers, which were being created by the desert!

But after commanding its withdrawal, every sand particle would focus only on entering its scales, completely leaving it n.a.k.e.d to Felix\'s aggression.

No wonder he said thank you! It truly did him a favor of not wasting his time and energy!

But honestly, what other choice did it have Its defenses were bound to be destroyed sooner or later, it was just a matter of time.

Would it take minutes or hours

The serpent was indignant about remaining passive and waiting for damned fate to arrive.

Thus, it decided to risk it all in one attack.

Unfortunately, it didn\'t know that the entire reason why Felix chose the blue aura instead of the paralyze aura, was to give it this sense of hope that its final attack could turn things around.

Not to mention that he didn\'t use his full strength in his punches and kicks before, so it would underestimate his behemoth strength!

Everything was just a big fat bait to lude it outside of its turtle shells, so Felix could land one single deadly attack to end this battle.

He understood that if he didn\'t bait it out, he would have to fight for at least a couple of hours before destroying its sand barriers!

Felix saw it live in his previous life, how of impossible endeavor to kill the Terror serpent on its own desert! His clanmates struggled for 6 hours straight before slaying it, and the only reason that happened was that the desert dried out, leaving the serpent n.a.k.e.d to their attacks.

Felix wasn\'t stupid to repeat the same mistake, thus he had to give it a false sense of hope, and the paralyze debuff wasn\'t going to achieve so.

Since the serpent\'s strongest attack relied on its scales.

But, when it gets paralyzed, it wouldn\'t be able to open them anymore, which meant the sandstorm would be countered successfully!

The serpent\'s bestial instincts weren\'t enough to account for all of this hidden scheming!

Unfortunately, it had to pay the price of its decision by facing Felix\'s 2800 BF leg that could explode its head like a watermelon.

BOOM! Crack!

The golden scales that were protecting the serpent head, didn\'t last for a split second before shattering into small pieces after Felix brought his heel from above, slamming its head into the floor!

But he didn\'t pause even a second to catch his breath, as he continued to land fist after fist on the ruined serpent\'s head, uncaring about the sandstorm, which was ripping his clothes and leaving long scratches on every inch of his body.

Bam, Bam, Bam....!

The sound of his fist making contact with the serpent\'s skull kept resounding thunderously even inside the raging sandstorm.

Creeped out, the spectators flinched each time they heard that sound.

They had no idea how the serpent\'s face would be like after he finishes his brutal onslaughter.

The damned storm and his back were blocking their vision from seeing it.

The only thing they managed to glimpse at was the golden blood that was being sprayed and splashed around the area, painting Felix\'s body with gold and red glimmer after both of their drops of blood mixed up together.

Thankfully, they didn\'t need to wait long as the sandstorm finally broke into light particles, marking the death of the Terror Serpent.

However, before they could cheer for this spectacular replay, they saw that his fists never stopped striking down, even though the serpent\'s body already disintegrated!

It seemed that Landlord was in frenzy trance Zoe could only suggest that after seeing his strange behavior.

She was quite positive about her guess, as she had seen it happened many times before.

Players entering a trance after losing the majority of their energy, both mental and elemental.

So Felix\'s actions were excusable in her eyes.

He should break out of it after a couple of minutes. Zoe pressed on the small screen planning to skip it.

However, her finger froze in a sweeping animation after her top-notch eyes glimpsed at the forgotten shadow on the wall squirm slightly, sending unnoticeable ripples.

No one else besides Zoe saw those tiny ripples.

The spectators were busy arguing whether the Terror serpent was stronger than the Iron Titan based on what they just witnessed.

Excited and thrilled, she retracted her finger, not wanting to skip the replay anymore.

It was finally time for the idols\' battle to begin.

Although, based on Felix\'s appearance, Zoe believed that it wouldn\'t be called a battle.

But just a single ambush, turning Felix into a porcupine after *Shadow Spikes* land on him.

\'You were a good sport Landlord, but it\'s time for you to grace down the stage.\'

Her eyes had a hint of sympathy, as she stared at Felix who was still punching the floor with bloodied knuckles like a madman, uncaring about his surrounding.


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