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However, they waited and waited, yet Felix still didn\'t move from his position.

He was probably planning on how to slay the serpent. Zoe drummed her fingers on the commentary desk and added, Let\'s skip it.

Good thing she did, as Felix moved from his position exactly 4 minutes later, holding sky blue bombs in his hands!

Delighted and excited, the spectators began their guessing game on what kind of inducement was the blue one.

The majority believed that it was a dehydration inducement due to its color.

But, the rest argued that it didn\'t make sense, as the serpent was a desert-based beast.

Thus its body was equipped with dehydration countermeasures.

If not, surviving in the desert was wishful thinking.

Soon, they stopped bothering with guessing and just focused on Felix, who was approaching the serpent on his tiptoes, trying his best to make his presence hidden.

A smart move, but would it actually work Zoe smirked and explained, The Terror serpent ears can spot the tiniest vibration in the air.

This meant the moment he entered its range he would be noticed. She chuckled, Unless he stopped breathing, he could forget about ambushing the Terror serpent.

Her words proved to be right, as, by the time Felix\'s foot landed on the territory of the serpent, it turned its head instantly and gazed at his direction with its creepy whitish eyes.

He truly got spotted red-handed akin to a thief.

But, Felix just shrugged his shoulders and threw one blue bomb first.


It whizzed in the air, like an unstoppable bullet.

However, that was just in the eyes of the audience.

As for the serpent It simply waved its long tail from left to right, creating a screen of sand in the process.

The bomb landed on it and never made a sound again.

Felix snapped his finger, trying to manually explode it, but still, no reaction was shown inside the sand screen.

Indifferent to his attack getting blocked easily, Felix kept creating bombs and throwing them periodically.

He didn\'t care about wasting energy, as he had to make sure that the serpent stayed in a defensive position, so it wouldn\'t create a desert and borrow underneath his feet.

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Therefore, he had to be on offense all the time while making sure to try his best and enter the 8-meter diameter as quickly as possible!

His *Poisonous Aura* and superstrength were the keys to winning the battle.

It seemed that Landlord was pulling all stops to approach the serpent! Zoe zoomed the camera on the serpent\'s scales that were opening up one by one and smiled wickedly, But life isn\'t that easy!

Felix\'s bombs did create some trouble for the serpent, as it had to constantly create sand screens to protect itself from them.

It senses kept sending warnings to avoid the bombs at all costs.

Nevertheless, it still could open its scales one by one and create a desert again.

It might not be as fast as before, but at least the environment would be on its side.

Beasts that relied on elements as their source of power were at their strongest inside the same elemental environment.

Felix knew so as well.

Thus he had to end this battle before the desert fills up the open intersection again!

Landlord was truly struggling to get closer! He knew that his Inducement Aura was the only way to inflict damages to the serpent.

The spectators thought so as well.

They were not blind to not see that Felix\'s bombs were absolutely useless against the serpent tight defenses.

As, no matter how fast he threw his bombs or how random and unpredictable his threw was, the serpent easily spotted and blocked them with sand screens.

The loud air vibration those bombs were making as they coursed through the air, was deafening in the serpent\'s ears.

What made the situation even worse for Felix was the continuously increasing sand under his feet akin to a ticking time bomb.

He knew that time wasn\'t on his side, as the more he delayed the battle the further his chances got reduced to land a deadly blow on the serpent.

However, the serpent\'s never-ending slithering wasn\'t making it any easier for him.

As the harder Felix tried to approach the serpent, the faster the serpent slithered away.

Just because it was a beast, it didn\'t mean it was a fool to not understand that the bug in front of it was trying his best to close the distance between them.

Therefore, it did the complete opposite and made sure that his presence was kept at least 20 meters away from it.

The spectators couldn\'t help but appreciate the serpent\'s intelligence.

It might not be the same as higher-tiered beasts that had intelligence comparable to humans or even surpassing it.

But still, it was enough to put Felix at his wit\'s end, not knowing how to continue this battle forward.

It was as clear as daylight that his fighting style was completely countered by it.

The only reason this battle was still in this statement was due to his never-ending chase and smart way of utilizing the limited number of bombs.

If he stopped his offense for even a bit or dropped his guard, the serpent wouldn\'t hesitate to launch a deadly counter-attack.

Not to mention pulling all stops and opening up every scale on its golden body to fasten the desert creation.

Hence, his only option was to either retreat from this battle and fight another time or rely on a miracle.

The spectators believed that Felix was definitely not going to escape since he clearly opened up the epic chest that was guarded by the serpent.

This meant he killed it using his ultimate ability! That was the only plausible reason in this scenario.

Excited, their eyes shone with anticipation, waiting for him to unveil the strongest ability of his unique bloodline.

It was finally time for their patience to be rewarded.

Guesses and small bets as always were hurled around the stadium, trying to figure out the ability nature.

Was it a morphing type like Princess Bird Or elemental type Heck, it could even be a mental type.

It all depended on the abilities\' pool of the beast.

The possibilities were limitless!

Unfortunately, they waited and waited, and still, nothing broke those two\'s stalemate.

The only thing that was continuously changing, was the desert on the floor that was about to reach Felix\'s kneecaps.

Why was he still not using his hidden card Zoe pressed a finger on the upper lip, confused by his stinginess to save up his strongest ability even on this unfavorable condition.

Doubts were slowly sneaking up her mind that Felix wasn\'t actually an origin purity bloodliner, but was still on the greater purity! Her doubts were thoroughly understandable, as there was simply no other reason besides so.

After all, Felix literary spent the last 6 minutes doing nothing but wasting his energy by useless bomb throws.

If he had any hidden card, he should have used it by now and not hide it like this.

Since he was doing nothing but harm his chances of obtaining more GP from other beasts for absolutely no reason.

The energy was a precious resource in every game that shouldn\'t be wasted wantonly.

Just like in Princess Bird\'s moronic fight.

She wasted at least an extra 40% energy, simply due to her lacking battle experience.

If she used her brain for even a second, she wouldn\'t have showered the Glacial Tree with feathers and tornadoes recklessly, without understanding the reason for its rejuvenation.

But Zoe knew that Landlord wasn\'t dumb like Princess Bird to not see this issue as well.

After all, he won his first game and was crushing this one as well.

Something only a few hardcore players were able to do.

This made her even more confused.

Is he really still on greater purity She shook her head and reasoned, That can\'t be right.

After all, he did kill the serpent.

There must be something that we are missing.

The spectators shared the same view as her.

They didn\'t want to believe that Felix was actually still on greater purity, yet outperforming Peak Stage 1 Bloodliners!

The implication was too shocking, as it meant that he was not just a prodigy but a monster!

Although, his unique legendary bloodline took some of his credit that didn\'t change the fact that he was outshining everyone on the game.

Wasn\'t Princess Bird the perfect proof She had a legendary bloodline as well.

Plus she was a peak 1st stage bloodliner with a technique!

Nonetheless, she had to spend every drop of her energy just to take down an epic beast that was weaker by an inch in comparison to The Iron Titan.

Zoe fought the urge to fast forward this meaningless wild goose chase and jump straight to the climax of the battle, where Felix slew the serpent.

Curiosity on how he did it was constantly eating her up.

But she resisted it and continued watching the fight with the spectators, commentating on every outstanding play by him or the serpent.

The fight might be stale, but it wasn\'t lacking in aesthetics! as colorful bombs were hurled everywhere, sometimes exploding before they reach the serpent, rising colorful clouds of mist.

Suddenly, the serpent that was slithering in circles around the open space, stopped and turned its head in direction of a shadow on a wall.

It sensed a shallow air vibration coming from that place.

However, its worst mistake was focusing on something else in front of Felix!


A blue bomb exploded immediately on its head, marking a clear strike.

The spectators stared at this sight with eyes wide open, not knowing what the f*ck had just happened!

How could the stalemate be broken like this

The Terror Serpent wasn\'t supposed to make such a rookie mistake! Their minds couldn\'t fathom the reason it paused its movement and stared at the wall like a retard.

However, the moment Felix spoke out loud, everything clicked on their minds.

A chill couldn\'t help but course through their backs at the thought of Felix\'s cunning scheme and bold foresight!

Took you long enough to make a move.


Mania. Felix turned his head and gazed with a shimmering red light in his eyes at the same spot the serpent was focusing on before.

My patience was truly running dry. He smirked and said, However, I have to thank you for creating this opening.

I was waiting eagerly just for it.

Immediately after, he leaned forward and sprinted towards the serpent that was coiled around itself inside a sphere of sand that kept flickering from time to time, like it wasn\'t made properly.

One could only wonder what kind of inducement Felix used to force the serpent into this defensive position!


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