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If Felix had his attention on her, those pathetic attempts to take advantage of him would not be missed by him.

However, his focus was entirely on the walls around him.

How could he miss this chance to mark new prey without wasting his mental energy

You focus on that direction.

He pointed a finger at his back without turning his head.

Charming Sky understood what he meant and fixed her head in that direction.

Their heads might be frozen in the shuffle but their eyes were free to roam.


The moment that last alert was heard, the maze rumbled akin to a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck its core.

The Walls which were towering over them kept shaking as they split up into multiple parts.

Each one moved in a different direction and got affixed with other parts, creating a new wall that led to a totally new direction.

Felix and Charming Sky stood like ants between those behemoths moving around in a specific order.

Suddenly their eyes widened in horror, as two parts of the wall were heading towards them without any plans to change direction.

They were going to get sandwiched by them!

\'Felix I never thought you would die like this.\'

Even in this messed up situation, Asna didn\'t forget to take jabs at him.

Felix uncaring about her mocking tone kept staring at the wall that was closing in with his heart about to leap out of his throat.

\'F*ck meeeee!!\'

Just as the wall was about to make contact with his face, his body turned illusionary, bypassing the wall in one piece unharmed.

The audience and Zoe laughed at this sight that was happening all over the maze.

Felix shouldn\'t feel that bad, as some players teared up or even pissed their pants in fear of being squashed to paste by two walls.

\'Not a bad prank honesty.\'

Instead of being furious at being played like this, Felix just chuckled in his mind.

For Felix who pranked his cousins at least hundreds of times in his childhood, this meant that he was more tolerant to others pranking him as well.

He wasn\'t a cry baby to throw a tantrum over such a harmless prank, especially when he did the same to others.

That being said, Felix\'s reaction was an exception, as those players, who were publicly humiliated did not see Zoe\'s prank in a favorable manner.

Each one of them had their own way of getting their revenge.

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Zoe had no idea that her prank had just resulted in creating mass enmity.

She didn\'t inform them about their bodies turning illusionary, so she could display this sign to the spectators.

In her mind, it was simply a harmless prank to bring some laughs.

Too bad, she underestimated the reaction of the players.

It was beyond her wildest dreams that some players would actually piss themselves due to horror.

But who could blame them

To see yourself getting turned into a paste without the ability to move or the luxury to scream was a fate far worse than falling off a cliff.

\'Haha! Felix, you should have seen that man in front of us, he was really crying his eyes out.\' Asna guffawed as she rolled on the bed.

Being reminded of so, Felix turned off his infrared vision to be able to see the faces of players within his line of sight.

After all, his passive showed him only black and white colors.

It wasn\'t optimal in this scenario.

\'12 Players, three partnersh.i.p.s, and two alliances.\' He swiftly figured out the composition of those 12 players in front of him.

Every two players marked a partnership and three players or above marked an alliance.

Not a single one of them was going solo.

At this point in the game, meeting up with at least one player was normal.

Since this game supported alliances, there was no reason not to group up and kill beasts together.

As long as the exit was not found, the partnersh.i.p.s were as solid as a rock.

Just like Felix sizing them up, they were also doing the same.

The only difference was that Felix had absolutely no clue about their names, while they had instantly recognized him.

His hoodie with that smirky emoji gave him away.

Regardless of being close to him, no one had the thought of meeting up or challenging him.

They would be glad if he treated their existence like dirt and ignored them.

They just wanted to hunt rare beasts peacefully.

But one of them had a totally different approach, as she fixated her delighted eyes on Felix.

\'Hehe, let\'s see if you are going to reject me again Mastermania.\'A beautiful lady with shoulder-length silky smooth black hair and wearing a tight purple leather outfit smirked in her mind.

She tried to look behind her back to gaze at Mastermania, who stood with focused eyes at those in front of him.

It turned out, he was this near to Felix! Yet he didn\'t even know about it as Felix was in the direction his partner was responsible for.

Felix also had no idea that Mastermania was in front of him due to the same reason.

But honestly, even if he knew, he was completely disinterested in fighting it out with that phony.

His ears were too precious for him to expose them to that cringy drama queen.

If before, he planned to kill him to bump up his popularity, now it wasn\'t even worth the effort of listening to him reciting rehearsed catchphrases for his fans\' enjoyment.

Fighting with idols was always a pain in the ass, not to just Felix but to every player.

But some sacrifices were required to obtain that fast popularity bump.


After 10 seconds exactly, the entire maze\'s walls were all pieced up together, reshuffling everything, paths, puzzles, riddles, traps positions, beasts positions, and more.

It was like they just dropped in it without any idea where to go and where to step.

Felix massaged his neck after gaining mobility again.

He turned around and saw that Charming was stretching her s.e.xy exposed legs in front of him with a playful smile.

Yet, Felix\'s indifferent expression didn\'t change a bit, as Asna\'s legs were by far the s.e.xiest and prettiest legs he saw in his life.

In comparison to Asna\'s ones, Charming\'s legs truly appeared like wooden sticks.

She must step up her game if she wanted to tempt him.

Remove your sticks from my face and tell me how many players you saw. Stoic, he ordered her while tapping on his bracelet, trying to create his own alarm on the shuffle\'s alarm.

Dumbfounded, Charming Sky froze in her position not knowing how to react to him resembling her most prized asset to sticks!

\'Sticks, Sticks, Sticks...\' It kept repeating in her mind, and each time it sounded more humiliating than before.

Abruptly, a finger snap near her face brought her back to reality.

She looked at Felix standing before her with a bomb in his hand.

Don\'t make me repeat myself.

Tell me the number, and get out of my sight. His frigid voice made her realize that he was not joking around.

Irked at his rough way of speaking to her, she threw her hair behind arrogantly and told him the number while walking away from him.

I saw 6 players grouped up in front of a rare beast and 2 others with wounds on them.

The moment she put a significant distance between them, she gave him the middle finger and bolted away, not planning to stay near to see his reaction.

\'That girl is truly a piece of art.\' Asna sneered sarcastically.

\'Whatever, let\'s go search for that serpent.\'

Unbothered, Felix reactivated his infrared vision and pushed it to the limit to survey a hundred meters around him.

Although the maze shuffle hid the serpent\'s whereabouts, Felix was confident in finding it again faster than before.

After all, no matter how large the displacement was, it would never go beyond a hundred meters.

As he assumed, the serpent was lying in the same position, coiled around itself 70 meters away from him.

If his infrared vision didn\'t belong to a primogenitor, a supreme being, Felix would have found it diffecult to spot the serpent as it had cold blood instead of hot one like the rest.

The waves of energy the serpent kept releasing were more than enough to give itself away.

He licked his lips in anticipation and sprinted towards his prey.

It was time to make the Terror Serpent realize that Felix was the alpha serpent in this maze!


A couple of hundred meters away from Felix...

Guess who I just saw

Curious, Mastermania turned his head and glanced at his partner.


She moved around him with her hands folded behind her back.

But she didn\'t say anything, she simply kept smiling mischievously, trying to get him more curious.

Too bad, her attempt backfired as Mastermania turned his head away and continued walking forward with a disinterested expression.

He already had his fans on his back to entertain, and he wasn\'t in the mood to entertain another one.

So, his curiosity dies as fast as it appeared.

Come on! Don\'t be like this. The girl chased after him and said with a smug smile, Hehe, I saw Landlord!!

She lifted her chin, waiting to get praised over her effort, but the only thing she received was a frigid look she never expected would appear on Mastermania\'s handsome face!


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