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After a while, Charming Sky could be seen having a really tough time in the maze while acting frugal with her remaining energy.

She kept her guard heightened to the peak, not daring to underestimate anything.

Heck, even one bullet could straight out kill her.

She had not a single defensive passive or active ability, the only thing that set her body apart from commoners was the physical enhancement after she reached the 1st stage of replacement.

Nonetheless, that buff meant jack ** in front of those traps and other players\' attacks.

Before, she was acting c.o.c.ky because she had her minions with her, protecting her on the journey, but now, she could only rely on herself.

\'I will use *Alluring Perfume* for a bit.

I don\'t feel safe at all.

I need meat shields!\'

Desperate and quite terrified of the creepy silence around her, she leaned against a wall and activated the ability, which allowed her to gather that many men around her this early in the game.


An invisible pinkish smoke began to exude from her body\'s pores like she was releasing her natural fragrance.

This smoke unlike Felix\'s aura didn\'t stop within few meters but kept spreading wider and wider until none of it was near her.

The bait was laid bare, the only thing left was for men to smell it, and see if their mental defenses were enough to protect them from its enchantment.

If not, their fates were known already.

After a while of waiting, Charming began to lose hope.

She understood that her ability was not foolproof, as it couldn\'t continue spreading to infinity.

Rather, it had a limited range as well, just a quite wide one.

Based on her cheapskate use of energy, this range shrunk even further, thus she knew that her attempt was merely a shot in the dark.

Pitter, Patter...

Suddenly, a clear set of footsteps echoed in Charming Sky\'s ears akin to heavenly bells ringing to welcome her into its gate.

She never thought in her life that the sound of walking would appear pleasing and lovable until this moment.

\'Please be a front-liner player.\'

Excited and somewhat hopeful, she rushed to the corner of the wall and peeked at her prey with one eye.

Hello there.

Too bad, a simple easy-going greeting sent her into the depth of despair.

She knew that men controlled by her ability were not supposed to speak! This meant the player in front of her withstood her ability!

Yet, what pushed her even deeper within the abyss, was the fact that the damned voice belonged to the player she blamed her misfortune on him!


Her heart almost leaped out of her throat, as she saw him raising his hand.

She thought he would launch a surprise attack on her since they were quite close to each other.

But he just waved his hand as a greeting.

What\'s up with you Felix approached her casually and said, I thought you would have a bunch of men around you.

Charming Sky wasn\'t fooled by his nonchalant attitude.

She sensed that her life would immediately be snuffed out if he reached her side.

So, she stepped back while having the most beautiful smile she could muster.

Stop jesting Mr.


I am not that kind of woman. She giggled with one hand covering her mouth, and the other lowkey removing her high heels.

She had to wear a provocative outfit in order for her abilities to take effect much faster without wasting too much of her energy.

But now, she started to regret not just wearing sneakers or boots like the rest.

Felix didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry at this sight.

He could only speechlessly watch her loosen up her heels\' strings, clearly planning to bolt from his sight.

\'It seems like something happen to her to be this fearful.\' He smirked and created one milky white bomb in his pocket.

\'Might as well enjoy this freebie.\'

Felix never had the thought of sparing her.

He was a true gentleman, who respected women\'s rights of equality.

Thus, she deserved to be treated the same way he treated men!


Lord, how about we create a partnership Charming Sky extended her hand forward, seeking a handshake, and said with a smile, With my mental abilities and your legendary bloodline, our combination would dominate this game. She quickly added after seeing that he wasn\'t responding, I don\'t care about the bet anymore.

You can obtain all the GP we find.

Unfortunately for her, Felix didn\'t forget the rules of the wager just because she was a beauty with a bit of her skin exposed.

Creating alliances to hunt down beasts was forbidden! Felix had no plans to switch to hunting players to appease her.

No thank you. Indifferent, he dropped all facade and threw his bomb as suddenly as his response.


Charming Sky pinched her nose and closed her mouth shut, not daring to breathe in the inducement.

However, before she could even exit the white mist that was blocking her vision, a hand suddenly clutched her neck tightly and lifted her in the air like she weighed absolutely nothing.

This was the fate of every mental type player.

A total submission under the hands of melee type players.

Just as Felix wanted to snap her neck, he saw her mouthed a word soundlessly as she was being chocked.

A bit interested in what she said, he hurled her towards the wall, smashing her body against it.

Thud, Argh!

A pained groan escaped from her lips, as she leaned against the wall with a drop of blood streaking down her chin, coming from her mouth.

Felix crouched next to her with one acid bomb hovering near her face and asked, What do you mean by Epic

That was the word she mouthed earlier.

Felix decided to give her a shot and speak her piece since he had nothing to lose but a couple of seconds.

However, if she lied to him to buy some time for her eventful death, he didn\'t mind ruining her pretty face with that acid bomb before killing her.

Frighted out of her wits by his thuggishness, Charming Sky didn\'t even wipe the blood from her mouth as she began explaining with a bit of difficulty, You were right...cough! I had six men with me before.

But they all died after they failed to slay an epic serpent. She increased her pace after seeing the bomb etching closer to her face.

Please let me go! I can lead you to it.

Sob, Sob...

Finally not being able to handle the pressure, her tears started flooding down while sobbing out loud like she was being mistreated.


Just as she wanted to wail to enhance her pitfall appearance, a sudden slap silenced her immediately.

My patience is thin.

You better be quiet and lead the way if you don\'t want your face to melt.

Felix knew that she was just trying to gain his sympathy by her appearing as such.

But he didn\'t have time to waste on appeasing her gently.

A slap was enough as a shortcut.

Show me the direction.

Felix caught her hand and lifted her up.


She yelped at his rough way of doing it.

But she could only hide her grievance in her heart and point at the path on their left.

Felix nodded his head and ordered sternly, If you don\'t want to die by the traps or my bomb, stick close to me.

Without giving her a second to comprehend what he meant, Felix pointed his finger at her face, and the acid bomb started hovering slightly near it.

Felix was using his energy to control it, just like the way Noah used his energy to carry that behemoth Ice Mace before.

The moment an ability was released from the body, the bloodliner could control it by his energy.

Not manipulate the ability itself, but only how it moved.

Felix always had a connection with his bombs before they exploded.

If it wasn\'t for so, how was he supposed to blow them up manually

Spooked, Charming Sky gulped a mouthful as she stared at this deadly threatening attempt.

She understood clearly that the moment Felix turned his head and didn\'t see her behind him, he wouldn\'t hesitate to pop it off.

\'But what did he mean by getting killed by traps If we walked slowly we don\'t have to worry about th...\'

Before her mind could even process what he meant, she saw him sprint on the path, leaving her behind.

Speechless and quite scared at the bomb exploding abruptly, she chased after him with one hand waving frantically, Wait for me!!!


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