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Asna closed her eyes, as she examined the map of the scroll in her mind. If it wasn\'t for this cheat, Felix wouldn\'t have closed the scroll so quickly.

\'Hmm, it seems like the human is the closest one to the path.

The beast is way off.\' She answered. 

\'Alright, the human it is!\'

Felix cracked his knuckles while bending his knees forward.

The spectators knew that he was going to sprint through the paths again.

Something only he was doing so far.

The rest of the players walked on the ground like they were stepping on eggshells, boring them to death, especially when they had an omnipotent vision.

No one could understand their vexation of knowing that the path was free of traps, yet they had to watch a player, calculating each step he takes.

This was one of the reasons why Felix was still the preferred main target of the camera, even though he gave no heed to their wishes.

However, that was only if there was nothing interesting going on with the rest of the players.

Zoe wasn\'t unprofessional to focus the camera on Felix who was doing nothing but sprinting while ignoring other juicy dramatic fights.

Just like in this case!

Who would have known that Charming Sky was the first to find an epic beast after Landlord Zoe dragged her finger on the small screen belonging to Charming Sky and put it on the large screen.

As an MC on the verge of promotion to middle Elo, Zoe\'s eyes were of course top-notch, not missing a thing on those 100 invisible small screens.

After seeing Charming Sky on the screen, the men cheered and whistled, creating a symphony of catcalls.

It was about time for beauty to grace the stage!


In the very center of a wide-open cross where five paths met, sat a serpent-like beast while coiled around itself, displaying its beastial beauty to all.

It had golden sandy scales gleaming under the sunlight, three white slitless eyes, and a long purple tongue, making hissing sounds each time it came out of its fang-less mouth.

Although the beast was coiled, Charming Sky was not fooled by its two-meters length.

She discerned that its real length was probably 6 meters or more.

She was quite close, as the beast statics which was shown on the screen, clearly mentioned that its length was 7.5 meters sharp.

My little bunnies, I have a mission for you. She smiled alluringly with her eyes shimmering a pinkish color and said to the 6 men surrounding her, I need you to slay that beast for me.

It\'s blocking my path.

Irritated, Charming Sky saw that the small pink hearts on their eyes dimmed a bit at her request.

She knew that her ability was giving in to their struggles.

\'F*cking sc.u.mbags, why do you force me to waste more energy!\' Although her thoughts were toxic, her entire visage was a completely different story.

She folded her arms under her chest, lifting her b.r.e.a.s.ts slightly upward, exposing a deep creamy white cleavage.

She then bent her head slightly with a cute pout on her glossy lips.

This alluring combination of cuteness and s.e.xiness caused the small pink hearts on those men\'s eyes to brighten up again, as they ogled her chest with a l.u.s.tful expression.

No one but her was able to see pink particles getting absorbed from her body into those men\'s eyes.

\'Bastards, you better kill it! I lost 40% energy all at once.\'

Her pink shimmering eyes dimmed a bit in the process.

It was like the small pink hearts were batteries, and she must constantly recharge them with energy if she wanted her requests to be fulfilled.

As expected from Feather Tail Fox Bloodline. Zoe brought the mic closer to her lips and explained it to those who never heard of it.

This is one of the few remaining tier 2 charm elemental beasts! Plus it is an epic rank!

Sadly, the only known method to obtain it is to join the Six Tailed Dream Fox Clan. She covered her mouth and giggled, Sorry boys, they only accept females.


Charming Sky had her hands resting on her h.i.p.s as she kept watching her 6 admires approach the serpent.

Their tensed shoulders and sweaty foreheads were an obvious sign of being terrified by the golden serpent.

Charming Sky neither joined them nor ordered them on how to fight.

She simply kept her distance, preparing to bolt the moment ** hit the fan.

She understood clearly that her active ability *Unrefusable Request* didn\'t allow her to control men like puppets.

But merely turn them into her admires, who would fulfill her requests.

As for how they planned to do so She had absolutely no clue.

The ability itself just installed a notion in their minds that Charming Sky\'s requests were the same as heaven decrees, irrefutable, and unquestionable.

However, such a busted ability of course came with a massive price.

That was the energy needed to fulfill a request was a proponent to its danger!

If she asked for their death, the price would sap all of her energy, leaving her drained.

Even then, the energy wouldn\'t be enough to force just one into committing suicide.

That\'s it, surrounded it like that, good job!

Her eyes shone with delight at their smart strategy.

She wanted to clap her hands to cheer them on, but she was afraid about attracting the serpent\'s attention.

Based on its slitless white eyes, she easily figured out that it was blind, and those blind beasts were the hardest to deal with, as their other senses were enhanced over the top.

Not a single whisper, smell, and even an air vibration could bypass them.

\'Good, they were not total morons to rush it from one side as I assumed.

I might have a chance to kill it.\'

Thrilled at that thought, she clenched her hands tightly.

She had no idea if Felix was still rank 1 or not, but she was certain that by killing this beast, her rank would jump straight to rank 1.


However, before she went too deep in her imagination, an ear-piercing sound brought her to reality.

She crouched down and pressed her palms tightly on her ears, trying her best to alleviate the ringing noise that was playing on her brain over and over again.

\'What the hell is this! Is it an ability or normal hissing sound\'

Frightened, she stood up and distanced herself even further, totally abandoning her minions behind.

She truly made a grave mistake by sticking next to battle with her trashy defenses.

After seeing that she was quite far enough, she stopped and leaned next to the wall\'s corner, peeking at the unfolding battle with one eye.

Zoe and the spectators didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry at this sight.

How could she be this scaredy-cat

The serpent merely hissed as a warning for over-stepping its territory.

It wasn\'t even an attacking attempt.

The six players surrounding the serpent with unbothered expressions was the perfect proof.

Cough, Charming Sky made the right decision. Zoe tried her best to keep a serious expression as she defended her, As a mental type fighter, one should always keep a safe distance from the battle.

Although, not as much as hers.

But who are we to judge

The spectators guffaw at her claim for a bit before quietening down at the sight of the serpent uncoiling itself, standing on its tail proudly and towering over the six men, akin to rats in its presence.

*Calamity Wind Storm*...*Blizzard Vortex*....*Claws of the Fury*...*Bronze Wall*....*Barrier of Renewal*...*Hellfire Salvo*!

They didn\'t wait for it to make a move, as each one of them activated their abilities, wanting to strike first!

Those with morphing abilities rushed forward, unbothered by the massive pressure the serpent kept emitting.

As melee fighters, they were already used to this kind of pressure.

Meanwhile, the elemental rangers used all of their attacks at once, creating a messy battlefield, filled with wind storms, icy vortex, and flames raging all around the serpent.

The melee fighters were not worried about getting affected by their allies\' abilities, as they had defensive barriers on them created by supportive type players.

This kind of basic synergy between them was only working because they were using a foundation formation everyone had an idea of.

Melee fighters at the forefront, offensive rangers at the middle, and supportive players at the back end.

This division of labor allowed even random players like them to fight as a team without stepping on each other\'s toes.

Thrilled and entertained, the audience cheered at this spectacular sight with their hands waving in the air.

Individual games might be fun, but it would never surpass the popularity of planetary type games, just because of those abilities combination and teamwork, especially when humans had a limited number of abilities in their arsenal.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_48149659222340233 for visiting.

Only in planetary games where bloodline abilities truly shone, as synergy between teammates was well endorsed.


The serpent raised its head and hissed in agony and fury as it being was assaulted by a rain of never-ending projectiles.

The rangers didn\'t plan to stop their attacks until the serpent either drop dead or they drop drained!

Excited, Charming Sky thumped her fist in the air, as she cheered them on.


However, after hearing that ear-piercing sound again, she closed her eyes and obediently retrieved her fists.

Then she covered her ears with an aggrieved expression.

\'Bastard, you only know how to bully me! I dare you to fight my mi..nio..ns...\'

Suddenly, her tongue was tied as she saw a horrifying sight of an infinite amount of golden sand, oozing from the cracks of the serpent\'s scales!

It didn\'t even take thirty seconds before the area got turned into a deep knee desert.

Yet, the serpent didn\'t stop releasing sand but actually increased its speed, trying to bury everyone alive!

*Glacial land*...*Heat Furnace*...*Skin of Bronze*...*Floating Sphere*...

The players used whatever in their pocket to get them out of this raging tsunami of sand.

Even though the easiest method was to simply retreat to the paths behind them, they couldn\'t do so.

The request forbade them from having any thoughts of escape!

Thus, they could only try and defend themselves from the sand, using any means possible.

One of them floated in a see-through sphere while another hardened his skin as bronze.

Each to their own.

The Blind Terror Serpent is finally making its move!!

Stirred, Zoe slammed her palm on the commentary table, as she watched the serpent dive deep within the self-created desert, hiding out of sight!

She knew that an upcoming massacre was about to occur.

The first attack of the serpent was merely the beginning of those players\' nightmare.

It was time for the predator to make everyone realize why epic beasts should not be messed with by any average joe!


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