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The fact he was using 6 inducements wasn\'t as shocking as seeing with their own eyes, a poison Elementalist uses Oxidation reaction as an inducement.

They knew that rust wasn\'t actually that poisonous to humans if absorbed in small quantities.

So why was it being used a poison

This question was eating the VIP viewers\' minds, not letting them focus on the rest of the battle.

What they may not know was that Felix\'s primogenitor bloodline allowed him to use poisons that affected every being and race in the universe! Not just the human race!

This meant Felix could use some inducements that were totally beneficial to humans, meanwhile deadly as an acid to other races!

The Iron Titan\'s current situation just further proved so, as it kept lying on the ground, having difficulty standing up after its limbs joints turned rusty.

However, not standing up was one thing, and not defending its vital points was another.

Felix tried to take advantage of its weakness to target its head and get it over it, however, the bastard was too tenacious to let him focus on it.

Its six limbs were constantly harassing him whenever he climbed over its head.

So he could only cripple those limbs first before he gives him a deadly blow.

After minutes of constant bashing each limb individually, Felix finally delivered the last two punches on the beast\'s brain. 

Bam! BAM!

Exhausted, Felix wiped his sweaty forehead while jumping from the corpse.

He cracked his neck two times in irritation over the massive effort he had to put for this beast to die.

He truly struggled against it no matter how easy it looked to the spectators.

After all, it was an epic tier 2 beast and metal one nonetheless.

Even with his oxidation aura, he had to strike a joint at least tens of times to rip it apart as the one before.

If it was another elemental beast, with Felix\'s super strength, it wouldn\'t be a problem to pierce its skull with a finger.

However, the defenses of Iron Titan were no joke.

He doubted that any player in this game could have killed it, except Princess Bird.

Her bloodline was enough to kill it as well with few struggles here and there.

He dusted himself and pulled his sleeves up his elbow like before.

He smiled as he saw the total points that he earned from the rare beast he killed earlier and this one.

1000 GP!

\'Not bad, 700 GP for an epic rank beast.

I wonder how many GP legendary beast would give.\' He scratched his chin as he advanced towards the shimmering large purple chest.


He kicked it open, not bothering to take his hands out of his pockets.

His barbaric way sent a wave of curses and pitiful cries over the stadium.

They were expecting him to open it gently, creating a dramatic moment for them to appreciate.

But now, only spits were showering him for ruining it.

But still, they held their breaths, focusing on the content of the chest.

They wondered how many points he would be rewarded.


A firework streaked from the chest, heading upward speedily under everyone\'s eyes.

Before they questioned what the hell was that all about, it exploded, creating the shape of a number and a name.

The players who were busy either fighting beasts, opening chests, exploring hidden compartments, or just running randomly in the maze, stopped what they were doing and lifted their heads, eyeing the colorful number and the name next to it.

>Landlord has obtained 1500 from an epic chest!#!_48028710527363310 for visiting.

The bastards\' only reason for being this careless was their absolute confidence in their strength, which was honestly quite understandable.

After all, they were a three men alliance at the first minutes of the game.

No one was that lucky to meet two same-minded players who were looking for a partnership and not a fight.

Should we take the left one I think I heard a roar coming from there. A good-looking teenager, wearing a white headband said while examining the three paths before them.

You deaf It was clearly coming from the path on our right!

Enough Lazy Rat!! We have no time for another round of bickering! You are about to bleed my ears with your squeals.

The same tough-looking man, who was carrying two axes on his shoulders during the game hall, smashed the butt of the axe on the floor, hoping to avoid another argument.

Unfortunately, his attempt backfired, as Lazy Rat snapped at him while pointing a thin bony finger in his direction.

Mind your own business Battalion! You are not my boss to order me around.

The teenager scrambled forward and held Battalion, trying to pull him away from Lazy Rat.

He knew from the small-time they spent together that Battalion had the shortest fuse of them all.

Just ignore him battalion, He is clearly just looking for a fight.

F*ck this **! It\'s not worth it anymore to partner up with this rat. Battalion shrugged the teenager\'s grasp and suggested while walking towards the straight path, Let\'s split up here.

I am done with this partnership.

Baby Oil, come with me if you want.

Vexed at the nickname he received, the teenager frowned his eyebrows.

However, he still decided to chase after him.

He had no plans to stay with that trouble maker.

Well screw you both! I don\'t need your help!

Lazy Rat pointed two middle fingers in their direction and trod inside the path on his right.

His name might have a rat in his name, but he had his own pride and principles.

Too bad, he should have acted like a rat and followed after them, as a serpent was gazing at him while licking its lips.

\'How should I play with you

Felix didn\'t think they would split just as he reached them.

Honestly, he preferred if they were still together to not waste his time.

But, it is what it is, he could only start with the lazy rat first, and chase after the other two.


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