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Tong Jiayao and her friends gathered together today, so she mentioned it to Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin didnt think that it was a big deal, so she called Gu Ning.

Gu Ning wasnt free that afternoon, but had agreed to come tonight.

Cao Wenxin didnt tell Gu Ning what the help was because Tang Jiajiao needed to ask Gu Ning in person to show her respect.

Gu Ning agreed with alacrity, because it was easy to take a few photos.

Afterwards, Tong Jiayao repeatedly thanked Gu Ning and sent those photos to her mother at once.

Tong Jiayaos mother was excited when she received those photos and shared them with her friends in a WeChat group.

Her friends were all aware of Gu Nings great achievements, and many of them took Gu Ning as the idol of their children.

At the same time, someone got jealous too.

One womans son used to be the idol of other parents children in the WeChat group.

Her son graduated from the Capital University, and started a business with his schoolmates when he was just a sophomore.

After only a year, his company became very successful with over ten million yuan in assets.

In fact, her son was outstanding among his peers, and she was always proud of him.

However, Gu Ning took her sons position and the others all began to compliment Gu Ning instead of her son.

She had also doubted Gu Nings previous achievements, but the others all showed strong evidence to prove that they were true.

She couldnt win the argument against so many people by herself, so she got angry in the end.

Nevertheless, she was still jealous of Gu Ning.

An idea dawned on her, so she posted an article to defame Gu Ning on Weibo.

She also @ (mentioned) many entertainment influencers to spread the article abroad.

She slandered Gu Ning and claimed that Gu Ning relied on men to build her business empire.

She had even witnessed Gu Ning going to a hotel with an old man.

Although not a lot of people believed that, it still went viral because of Gu Nings fame.

Some Internet users believed it because they were also jealous of Gu Ning, and criticized her all the time.

Luckily, the majority chose to trust and defend Gu Ning.

Countless of Gu Nings fans left aggressive comments below the womans Weibo account.

They asked her to show solid proof, instead of a short article without any photos.

Only idiots and haters would believe lines of words without any evidence.

The woman who posted the article was shocked amid the fierce attack from Gu Nings fans.

She didnt use Weibo often, so she had no idea how serious the result could be, and felt like crying after reading those malicious comments.

The womans husband noticed her bad mood, and asked her what had happened.

She thought that her husband would comfort her, but her husband did the opposite after hearing what she had done.

Gu Ning wasnt someone they could mess with after all.

The woman also realized that she had made a mistake, but she still felt aggrieved and called her son.

As a successful young businessman, her son was very smart and sensible, so he also knew that his mothers behavior was wrong, but he didnt criticize his mother.

Instead, he stayed patient and taught his mother a lesson.

Even though the woman was still dissatisfied, she gave up the idea of defaming Gu Ning.

Tong Jiayao didnt know what the photos of Gu Ning and her had caused, or she would be super surprised.

They didnt stay there for too long, and separated when it was 11 pm.

Cao Wenxin hadnt driven there, so she went home with Gu Ning.

“Ningning, do you complain when you miss Shaoting very much but cant contact him” Cao Wenxin asked all of a sudden.

She wasnt blaming Xin Bei for how busy his work was, but just felt that it would be very hard if she had to stay alone for a long time without seeing her boyfriend.

Gu Ning understood Cao Wenxin.

“I dont.

I knew what I was getting into well before I chose him to be my boyfriend.

Since were already boyfriend and girlfriend now, we should support each other.

Im also busy, but he never complains.

We cherish every moment that we have together.”

Gu Ning felt a little guilty saying that, because she always had something to deal with when Leng Shaoting came to meet her.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting should be the one who had many complaints in their relationship.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin felt much better.

They went to their own houses after arriving at Huafu Hills.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya werent home, and Gu Ning was alone in her house.

After parking her car, Gu Ning didnt go upstairs at once, but went to the swimming pool next to the parking lot.

She hadnt let the evil jiao out during the past few because of Leng Shaoting, but now it was time to do so.

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