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Chapter 309 A Writer

“I remember you, and you said that youre a writer,” Gu Ning said.

The woman was surprised that Gu Ning had such a good memory, and felt flattered that Gu Ning still remembered her.

However, thinking of what just happened, the woman wore an angry expression, pointing at the fat, greasy man and said in anger, “This man is Chen Hua who is a TV director.

He told me that he liked my novel and wanted to make it into a TV series, so we met here.

However, he made advances at me, and promised to buy my novel as long as I had sex with him!I refused, so he used force!”

Hearing that, everyone was displeased.

Although they knew that there were many unspoken rules in the entertainment industry, it was unacceptable that the man used violence, especially in the Xu Familys club.

Suddenly, an idea dawned on Gu Ning.

She had plans to be involved in the entertainment industry.

Since the womans novel impressed the director, it must be a profitable deal, and she could buy it herself!

“Dont worry.

Ill take you out of here safely,” Gu Ning said.

“Thank you so much!” the woman said.

“Lets call the police,” Xu Jinchen said.

Chen Huas group immediately begged him, “Please dont call the police.

Its all my fault, and Ill never do it again.”

Xu Jinchen, instead, ignored them and told the manager of the club to handle it before they left.

When they got outside, the woman noticed Qiu Yuxin and her eyes lit up at once.

Qiu Yuxin was a well-known young model domestically, but she wasnt a household name yet because she had only been in this industry for two years.

Seeing the woman being so excited, Qiu Yuxin gave her a friendly smile.

The woman was thrilled, but didnt dare to talk to her.

“Where do you live We can send you home,” Gu Ning said to the woman.

It was late and it could be dangerous if she went home alone.

The woman seemed embarrassed.

“I live far away from here.

I can take a taxi myself.”

“Are you sure Its very late now,” Gu Ning said.

“Well.” After what had just happened, the woman was indeed terrified, so she said in the end, “I live in XX Hotel.”

Obviously, her family wasnt in the capital since she stayed in a hotel.

And the hotel was located in a remote area which wasnt safe.

“Thats not a safe place.

Why dont you stay with me in the Jinlin Hotel” Gu Ning said.

She had booked a room there and hadnt checked out yet, so the woman could stay there.

“Oh, no, thanks.” Jinlin Hotel was a five-star hotel and the woman couldnt afford it.

Otherwise, she wouldnt stay in a small hotel in a remote place.

“Dont worry.

I booked a room there, but Im not staying there.

It would be a waste if its empty,” Gu Ning explained.

“Um…” The woman hesitated, and felt ashamed.

She wasnt worried that Gu Ning would hurt her, or she wouldnt have been rescued by them.

Gu Ning didnt give her a chance to reject her and pulled her to get into a car before saying good-bye to Xu Jinchen and the others.

They had all drunk, so nobody was driving.

Xu Jinchen had arranged chauffeurs for them.

After that, Si Ming immediately sent a message to the rest of the Red Flame teammates.

Big News! Our boss has a girlfriend! He didnt give more details.

All the other teammates were shocked after reading the message, and the first one who called Si Ming was Xin Bei.

“Ming, what exactly happened Is it real What does the girl look like What does she do” The minute Si Ming answered his call, Xin Bei asked one question after another in excitement.

“Go and ask our boss if you want to know more.” Si Ming purposely didnt tell him any details.

“You…” Xin Bei was mad, but before he could say another word, Si Ming hung up on him.

In the following minutes, Si Ming received calls from the other teammates, and he gave them the same answer, which annoyed everyone.

None of them dared to ask Leng Shaoting in person.

Si Ming wasnt by their side, or they would directly punch him for the answer.

Chen Meng and Si Ming sat in the same car.

On the way back to Si Mings apartment, Chen Meng said, “Arent you afraid that boss will get revenge on you once he finds out that youve told the rest of the teammates”

“Why Boss already brought his girlfriend to meet us, he wants it to go public,” Si Ming said airily.

Otherwise, he wouldnt dare to tell the other teammates.

Jinlin Hotel wasnt far from the Kings Entertainment Club, so they arrived a few minutes later.

On the way, Gu Ning got to know that the womans name was Duan Lixin and she was from a fourth-tier city.

She had published several books.

And Chen Hua liked her latest novel which was an imperial-harem drama, so they had an appointment at the club.

Unfortunately, she had almost been raped.

When they arrived at the hotel, Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting to wait for her in the parking lot, and she went to the room with Duan Lixin.

Duan Lixin was struck dumb when she found out that the room was a presidential suite.

“Miss Gu, this…”

Gu Ning ignored her shock, and laid her cards on the table.

“Miss Duan, to be honest with you, I plan to be involved in the entertainment industry.

And since there is a director that likes your novel, I think it must be good to some extent.

I would like to cooperate with you, and you can also be a full-time scriptwriter in my company.

As for the salary, it depends on your ability.”

“What” Hearing that, Duan Lixin rounded her eyes in shock again.

She thought that it was too good to be true.

“Im serious, and you can have a night to think about it.

Lets exchange our numbers.

If you agree to cooperate with me, or work for me, we can talk about the details tomorrow.

If not, I wont force you,” Gu Ning said.

Duan Lixin was of course more than willing to either work with or for Gu Ning.

After exchanging numbers with Duan Lixin, Gu Ning left.

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