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Chapter 2118: Catch the Fugitive

Hearing that, Gu Ning said nothing further.

Her friends were full of anger now, so they wouldnt listen to whatever she said right now.

Her friends would calm down after their anger went away.

Seeing that everyone was defending Gu Ning, Lu Juncheng angrily smashed his phone to the ground.

Why Why were they all defending Gu Ning Because of that, Lu Juncheng hated Gu Ning more than ever.

Jin Jingshan was criticized by her mother during the day, and was criticized again by her father at night.


Jin couldnt keep it secret from Jin Jingshans father, or her husband would blame her for handling it badly.

If her husband went to visit the school in person, it would be humiliating.

Although the news about Jin Jingshan didnt go abroad, the head of the Office of Student Affairs still told Professor Gu.

Professor Gu was protective of his students, so he didnt think it was wrong that Chu Peihan had beaten Jin Jingshan.

Instead, he agreed that Jin Jingshan needed to learn a lesson and Professor Gu even felt unhappy that Chu Peihan didnt tell him what Jin Jingshan had done to her.

He thought they were close!

Professor Gu also told Chu Peihan to fight back whenever someone dared to bully her.

She wasnt weak at all! And if she couldnt deal with it, she could turn to him for help.

Since Chu Peihan was his student, he would take her as a member in his circle.

In addition, they were on the same boat now, so they shared glory and humiliation.

He didnt want other people to think his student was a coward and didnt dare to fight back when she was bullied.

Chu Peihan originally was worried that Professor Gu might criticize her, but now she felt relieved after hearing his words.

That afternoon, Song Haoyus people finally found out where the unusually strong person stayed.

The person stayed in a residential house in the southern suburb of City C.

Once Song Haoyu learned the news, he shared it with Leng Shaoting.

Without delay, Leng Shaoting took Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng out.

They arrived at City C at 8:30 pm, which was a perfect time for them to carry out their task.

After arriving at City C, Leng Shaoting asked Song Haoyus teammate whether the fugitive was still there.

After he made sure the fugitive was still there, Leng Shaoting went over.

It was 9:30 pm when they arrived at the residential area in the southern district of City C and they met Song Haoyus people.

“Major General Leng, theyre in the residential house right now.

There should be five of them.

Two of them are the fugitive and the unusually strong person.” Song Haoyus teammate said to Leng Shaoting.

Because they were afraid that they would be exposed, they didnt go near and couldnt get more detailed information.

Anyway, it wasnt easy for them to find this place.

“Great, lead the way for me,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Yes, sir!” said the man, then he led Leng Shaoting and the others over.

They stopped about ten meters away from the house where the fugitive stayed, because they would be discovered if they moved too close.

As a result, they pointed at the house to show Leng Shaoting when they were ten meters away from it.

“How many accesses are there” Leng Shaoting asked.

“There is a road in front of the house, which we ate on now, which leads in two directions.

There is a road at the back as well, which also leads in two directions.”

“Four of you guard at the four exits,” said Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting came with Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng, and Song Haoyu had two people with him too, so four of them could guard at the four exits to prevent their targets from running away.

Once Leng Shaoting took action, he wouldnt allow them to escape, but he had to be careful before he figured out who the unusually strong person was.

He couldnt sense the air of cultivators right now, so the person might not be a cultivator, or they could be at a higher level than him.

Anyway, Leng Shaoting still held the idea that the person could be a ninja.

“No problem.” Four men acted right away.

Afterwards, Leng Shaoting moved closer to the house.

It was a two-story, self-built house.

It wasnt very big, with each floor occupying about sixty square meters.

After moving near the house, Leng Shaoting used his senses and sensed that there were four people in the living room on the first floor, and two on the second floor, which meant there were six people in the house.

Three bedrooms were on the second floor and the two people were talking in one of them.

The two people must be the fugitive and the unusually strong person.

The window of the room on the second floor next to the road wasnt closed.

Leng Shaoting observed that no one was around, so he flew up and entered the room.

Leng Shaotings intrusion wasnt discovered by the fugitive or the unusually strong person.

It made sense, because Leng Shaoting wasnt a mortal now.

He was a cultivator at a high level, so he was able to hide his air well from mortals who couldnt sense cultivators at all.

As Leng Shaoting moved closer, he felt evil, which belonged to ninjas, so he was sure that their enemy was ninja.

The door to the room where the fugitive and ninja were, was closed, but it wasnt locked.

Leng Shaoting could open the door directly from the outside and enter it.

Therefore, after Leng Shaoting walked to the door, he opened the door directly and broke in.

The fugitive and ninja who were talking in the room didnt notice anyone approaching, so they didnt expect someone to come in suddenly.

They thought it was a subordinate.

However, just when they wanted to scold the subordinate in anger, they saw Leng Shaoting.

Because Leng Shaoting attacked them as soon as he came in, both the fugitive and the ninja were shocked.

Leng Shaotings major target was the fugitive, so he ran to catch him first.

Leng Shaoting directly used his magical energy, and the fugitive was just a mortal, so naturally he couldnt bear it.

As a result, after a palm strike, he shot the fugitive into the air.

The fugitive hit the wall, then fell to the ground, getting hurt three times in the end.

He fainted from pain the next second.

In an instant, the people downstairs were alarmed because of the sounds, so they hurried up.

Without a pause, Leng Shaoting turned to attack the ninja.

The ninja had some abilities, so he didnt get hurt by Leng Shaoting so quickly.

However, the ninja was obviously no match for Leng Shaoting.

In fact, he was far worse than Leng Shaoting, so it was extremely difficult for the ninja to fight against Leng Shaoting, and Leng Shaoting had complete control.

The ninja was stunned by Leng Shaotings skills.

Before long, the people downstairs came up, but they were all slapped unconscious by Leng Shaoting when they tried to attack him.

Witnessing that, the ninja was scared, but he couldnt escape now.

After a few moments, Leng Shaoting caught the ninja.


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