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“Whats going on” Jian Canghai stared at the scene in the Starry-sky Sword Realm, his eyes wide with shock.

He had never seen such a scene in the Starry-sky Sword Realm before.

With the transformation of a myriad of stars into swords meant that all the spiritual imprints left in the sword realm had all been attracted.

It meant that all of them had their eyes on the sword rabbit.

Logically speaking, this was impossible.

They were all spiritual imprints left behind by the predecessors.

The way of the sword was endless, and there were different schools of thought.

It was impossible for a pet and a beastmaster to satisfy everyone.

No matter how talented one was, if the path one took was different from the one the predecessors took, there would be no point in choosing one.

How could such a situation happen

He had lived for dozens of years, and this was definitely his first time seeing such a grand scene.

Even he was like this, so let alone the rest of the audience.

They were simply dazed and shocked to the extreme.

Even Wang Ye, who was in the sword realm, was confused.

“Whats going on Do these big shots all like the sword rabbit It cant be…” Wang Ye was full of questions.

It should be impossible!

The sword rabbit was indeed talented, but there must be a lot of pets that were more talented.

It hadnt evolved yet… Hmm, it seemed that it was an advantage that the sword rabbit hadnt evolved yet.

Since it hadnt evolved, it meant that it was flexible… but that shouldnt be all.

Suddenly, Wang Ye noticed that the sword rabbit had tears in its eyes, and he was shocked.

He walked over and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Mi!” The sword rabbit pointed at a sword light in front of it.

There were many sword lights around, and they came in all shapes and sizes.

However, the sword light that the sword rabbit pointed at was especially special.

That was because a clear figure appeared within the sword light.

It was a pet.

And… It was also a sword rabbit.

The fur on its body was different from the softness of the sword rabbit.

Its fur was like steel.

Its two rabbit ears stood upright like divine swords.

Its body was also quite muscular.

Its eyes were especially unyielding, filled with determination.

The most eye-catching thing was the huge sword in its hand.

The sword was even bigger than its body, and it gave off the aura of a king!

“A sword rabbit king” Wang Ye was stunned, “Why do I feel that its somewhat similar to the sword rabbit… Wait, could this be the sword rabbits father”

Wang Ye recalled what the herculean bear king had said about the sword rabbits origin.

The bear king had found the sword rabbit in a bamboo basket in the Ziluo River.

In other words, in terms of where the sword rabbit came from, the herculean bear king did not know.

Even the sword rabbit might not know, since it was not even one year old at the time.

Later, Wang Ye made up a story to attract the sword rabbit.

He guessed that the sword rabbits background was probably not very good.

Especially after learning that it had two strange characteristics, he was even more sure that the sword rabbits background was not simple.

However, even if he wanted to get to the bottom of it, he couldnt.

After all, for pets like the sword rabbit, there were simply too many of them, whether they were wild or artificially raised.

The sword rabbits memory of its background was also fuzzy.

It could even forget its skills, so how could it remember its background in detail

It was already good enough if it could remember its parents appearance.

“Since the sword rabbits father is here, it means… It has already passed away” Wang Ye was shocked.

The sword rabbits father could stay here after passing away

Moreover, with the sword rabbits age, it had passed away in the past few years.

Wang Ye frowned slightly.

He did not expect that the sword rabbits background was related to the Starry-sky Sword Realm.

“Dont be sad…” Wang Ye patted the sword rabbits head, “Dont you still have me Since the spiritual mark left by your father is here, it means that it is a great hero.”

“Mi” The sword rabbit suddenly stopped and glanced at Wang Ye.

Then, it took out its wooden sword and poked Wang Yes calf before waving it and snorting.


“Huh Youre saying that isnt your father… And you just feel very close to him…”

“…” Wang Ye.

So it was just the sadness caused by the similarity of race

Wang Ye was speechless.

He had been thinking too much.

Well, the sword rabbit king was definitely the most powerful evolutionary type among the sword rabbits.

There were many harsh conditions for a sword rabbit to evolve into a sword rabbit king.

But as long as one evolved into the sword rabbit king, one would definitely be an extremely powerful existence.

At the same time, endless sword light crashed down, and a huge airwave instantly sent Wang Ye flying while surrounding the sword rabbit.

The invisible sword lights were like a deep sea whirlpool, exuding a vast and endless variety of sword intents that were sharp and awe-inspiring.

In the next instant, the endless sword light turned into illusory human figures and beast forms that were surrounded by sword light.

They were like a mirage, exuding an extremely powerful aura!

At this moment, they were all pointing their swords at the sword rabbit, as if they wanted to fight it out.

“” Wang Ye.

There were so many of them.

Could the sword rabbit finish all of them

A few would be enough.

It would be enough if it just learned one or two moves.

With so many of them, would the sword rabbit be able to withstand them

Wang Ye was numb just from looking at them.

“Could it be because of the Sword Body of Disaster” Wang Yes eyelids were twitching wildly.

The sword rabbit had a mysterious background.

It was entangled by the power of strangeness of an Emperor-level strange god, and it even had a sword body formed from a curse.

Although the first gray characteristic had been purified, the second black characteristic seemed innate and there was simply no way to purify it.

“Theres no way to finish all of them… Why dont we just pick two to fight”

While Wang Ye was thinking, the people outside were also dumbfounded.

They watched as many spiritual imprints landed and transformed into ancient predecessors and pets.


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