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Chapter 3241: Wedding Of The Century (26)

He looked at her with a smile and tears in his eyes!

He had experienced countless touching moments.

For example, when Yueyao was born and he held such a tiny bundle in his arms.

In that moment he was filled with emotions!

However, there was no moment that was more impactful than now!

He lowered his eyes slightly and looked up again.

He walked towards her, his deep eyes ablaze with passion.

He did not hide his admiration for her at all.

He came up to her, put his arms around her waist and said in a quiet voice, “Shishi, are you trying to charm me to death”

Yun Shishi could not help feeling embarrassed.

Her long eyelashes fluttered slightly as she looked at him again, her face flushed.

He handed the bouquet to her.

As she took the bouquet from him, he placed his palm on her back and drew her fiercely to himself.

With her in his embrace, he lowered his head and sealed his lips over hers.

Even though earlier on, the emcee had repeatedly emphasized that if he wanted to kiss the bride, it was best to kiss her on the forehead to prevent smearing her lipstick and spoiling her makeup.

However, he could not control his emotions and could not care less.

He didnt care too, that so many guests were watching.

With such a beautiful bride standing before him, how could he still care about those rules and regulations

Initially, Yun Shishi was a little shy and tried to reject his kiss.

However, she was also unable to control her emotions.

Unconsciously, she put her arms around his shoulders and responded to his kiss.

She did not seem to be able to hear the commotion breaking out among the guests.

In this moment and in her world, only this man could move her!

Everything had reeled out of control!

After the kiss, he looked into her bright, sparkling eyes and finally smiled.

She held his cheek and gently wiped away the moisture that had formed at the corners of his eyes.

The two of them leaned their foreheads against each others and looked at each other affectionately.

It was as if there was no need for those complicated words of love or vows.

The strong feelings between them were self-evident!

The so-called vows were a matter of tradition, but some feelings simply could not be conveyed by a mere vow!

She suddenly felt that those vows and promises were really not that important anymore!

Because she could see her future in his loving eyes.

Her future would definitely be blissful and complete!

For richer or poorer, he would protect her and take care of her.

He suddenly tightened his embrace in joy, the corners of his lips curled up like a childs.

“Youre finally mine!”

With all these guests as witnesses, this woman who occupied the most important place in his heart, was finally his!

Before everyone present, he carefully lifted her hand and slowly placed a beautiful pink diamond ring on her finger.

It wasnt a big diamond, perhaps just half a carat.

It was not because he could not afford an expensive diamond ring, but because Yun Shishi said that if it was a big diamond ring, it would be inconvenient for her to wear it.

Previously, she was given a bigger diamond during the engagement ceremony.

As it caused inconvenience at times, she finally had to take it off.

Deep down inside, she didnt need to rely on a ring to show off her status and wealth.

There was no need to deliberately show off, and she didnt particularly like big diamonds.

In her opinion, there was no need for a big diamond, for the meaning did not lie in the size of the diamond.

Rather, the meaning was in how long the ring, and therefore, the marriage lasted.

It would be best if she could wear it until they were both old and gray, and at the end, this diamond ring would still be on her finger and she would never remove it.


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