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“How are you doing” Qin Zhou saw that she was not in a good state.

“Not good.

Not good at all.”


Yun Shishi sucked in a deep breath.

“Im sorry.

Ive lost my composure…”

Qin Zhous heart ached when he saw this.

However, he understood her pain only too well.

However, he could not offer her any comfort at this point.

Because he didnt even know how to calm his own emotions.

“Stop crying already… Im very certain its Xingzes hope that you can live well and be happy always! My condolences.”

She was wearing sunglasses, but it could not hide how haggard she looked.

She took another deep breath but did not say anything.

Mu Yazhe helped her into the memorial hall slowly.

The hall was filled with the sound of sad sobbing.

He surveyed the surroundings.

Other than famous socialites, there were many A-list celebrities and other celebrities.

Many celebrities, both male and female, wore sunglasses, perfectly concealing their expressions.

And who knew if all the sobbing was for real.

Yun Shishi stood in the corner with her head lowered as she waited.

One moment, her thoughts were in a mess, the next moment, her mind was blank again.

Even though the surroundings was noisy, she could not seem to hear anything.

Her heart ached, constantly reminding her of where she was right now.

Gu Xingzes memorial service!

It was as if a lifetime had passed, and everything had changed.

She clenched her fists tightly and tried her best to hold back her tears.

She had promised to send him away with a smile.

If there was really heaven and a soul, Xingze probably would not want to see her tears either!

The memorial service was about to commence.

Han Yuyan was the last to make an appearance.

She must have specially picked this time to attend some fashion week or walk the red carpet of some film festival.

She was already used to being the grand finale, so even when she attended funerals, she had the habit of being late.

The moment she got off the nanny van earlier on, the representatives from the various media outlets swarmed around her with their cameras, seeing that she was also attending the funeral!

“Yuyan, why did you think of attending the funeral today”

“We heard that at some point after you started dating Gu Xingze, your love turned into hatred, and the two of you fell out for a long time!”

“Is your intention to let bygones be bygones, through attending Xingzes memorial service”


Amidst the flashing lights, many reporters pointed their microphones at her.

Han Yuyan halted and faced the cameras.

She elegantly took off her sunglasses.

Her eyes were already red and swollen from her sadness!

“Im really sad about Xingzes departure… There are some things that I really cant say much about! However… Im deeply regretful about his departure! I only hope that he can rest in peace! I hope that everything will be fine when hes in heaven!”

Han Yuyans tears touched many of the fans that were present as she recited the interview script that the company had prepared beforehand.

Of course, much effort was made in putting on an act.

“Ive heard that Han Yuyan and Master Xingze dated for a period of time before this! Given this, you could be considered ex-lovers!”

“I didnt expect Han Yuyan to be so loyal! She disregarded all criticisms and came to attend his memorial service! This shows that she truly loves him!”

Her tears won the hearts of many fans.

She even pretended to be deeply hurt.

After the media interview, she walked into the memorial hall, still crying.


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