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Chapter 2852: Officially Leaving the Entertainment Industry (1)

For half a month, she was comatose.

Of course, thats a story for another day.

Ever since Chu He fell into a long coma, Gu Jinglian had assigned a few people to take turns guarding her while the nanny took care of Baby Chu.

Except, it remained unknown if the little fella was missing his mother.

Ever since he woke up from that nightmare, he had not eaten well, and even in his sleep he would be mumbling in his dreams.

Most probably, he was thinking of his mother.

After all, he had never been separated from Chu He for so long.

Sadly, Baby Chu had no idea that Chu He was lying quietly on the bed next to his room, no one knew when she would wake up.

Butler Fu called for the doctor three times.

After all, something had to be done given she had not woken up after such a long time.

If she continued in this state, how was he going to tell this to the old master

The doctor had come and performed a series of tests.

Ultimately, there was no conclusion.

Given that she had these new injuries added on to her existing wound, her body would have been suffering from severe losses.

If one were to compare the human body with a machine, the human body operated as a concerted effort of various parts too.

Take a computer for example.

As time passed, the parts would age, and the system would become sluggish.

Perhaps due to the collision during the process of being used, the internal parts would also suffer varying degrees of damage.

It was the same for the human body.

Chu He had received training when she was very young, so it was inevitable for her to be injured during training.

In addition, throughout her experience as an agent and a detective, she had suffered countless injuries.

She had had broken bones, fractured bones, dagger wounds, and bullet wounds.

There were two gunshot wounds on her back.

On the side of her waist, there was a five-centimeter long scar.

This was the scar she had gotten when she was fighting a mercenary in close combat.

She had lost a lot of blood then.

With her astonishing willpower, she managed to survive until the rescue.

There had been too many old injuries and her vitality was already greatly damaged.

As a result, once she caved, she caved seriously, and would need a long period of recuperation.

When Butler Fu heard this, his heart ached for the girl.

He looked at the person lying quietly on the bed.

He had no idea this girl had accumulated so many injuries over time.

A week later.

The filming of “Extreme Youth” was completed.

Within a duration of four months, filming of the 30-episode teen idol drama ended.

It was when the filming of episode 26 had just ended, that the director excitedly announced that its copyright had been bought out by the largest video website, PPTVI.

Just based on Gu Xingze and Yun Shishis fame as the main leads, the purchase of the broadcast rights alone was already a nine-digit figure, setting a new record.

Even though this genre was unpopular, it did not affect the investors expectations of the viewership ratings.

After all, Gu Xingze was the main lead, which meant the show was guaranteed by his popularity.

Gu Xingze and Yun Shishi were hailed as the two most valuable eye candy in the entertainment industry.

No matter how unsatisfactory the viewership ratings were, they would still be able to recoup their capital.

And if it should became popular, theyd certainly be laughing their way to the bank.

Due to the exclusive purchase made by PPTVI, many television stations were unable to obtain broadcast rights, regretfully.

After filming ended, the production team held a grand celebration party.

In order to promote the show, the entire production team created a variety show which received extremely high ratings.


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