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“Whether its fame or benefits, its all in the past.”

Chu He suddenly interrupted him.

Lin Mu was stunned.

Chu He calmly continued, “Im just tired and want to rest! Although Im not old enough to retire yet, Ive seen too much violence since I was young.

Ive never imagined that I could have a peaceful life! But, Lin Mu, do you know In these five years, although Ive lost my memory, Ive lived very freely and happily! I have a sensible and obedient son.

In these five years, I was like an ordinary person, waking up every morning, quietly finishing my breakfast, and setting off for work.

When I return home, I have an obedient son waiting.

After eating dinner, Ill hold his hand and take a stroll in the fields…”

As Chu He spoke, she laughed softly.

“Although there are many things that are not to my liking, compared to my past life as a police officer, always fearful and on the alert, I am much happier now.

In the past, I didnt even dare to hope that Id have my own family and my own child.

Do you know I named him Baby Chu.

There was no special meaning to it.

When he was born, his face was wrinkled and skinny, but I felt that life was such a miracle.

When he grew bigger, he became chubby and fair.

I thought of many names, but in the end, I still called him Baby Chu, because he was my baby.”

Lin Mu listened silently.

Chu He continued, “I really like that kind of life.

If I could, Id rather live Chu Hes life right from the start and not have the name Vermillion Bird.”

“Commanding Officer…”

Chu He turned around and glanced at him before smiling.

“I guess you cant understand this feeling right now!”


“Its getting late.”

Chu He looked at the sky and smiled.

“Send me to the Gu familys residence.

I want to see him as soon as possible.”

Lin Mu finally gave up.

The two of them got into the car and Lin Mu started the engine.

He took a deep breath and stepped on the accelerator.

At the Gu Residence.

Baby Chu was coaxed to sleep.

For the past few days, Gu Jinglian had arranged for the child to rest in his bedroom.

After interacting with him for so many days, the gap between Baby Chu and him had finally closed.

They had reconciled, and the boy was finally willing to flash an innocent smile at him.

He was no longer like before, when he was proud and disdainful in front of him.

Even though he had not changed his form of address towards the man, he still called him “uncle”.

Gu Jinglian was in no hurry.

He felt that a different form of address could wait till the child was more used to the new environment.

It would be better if it happened naturally.

Adults could familiarize themselves quicker than children.

Gu Jinglian quickly got used to his role as afather for the first time.

Gradually, he acknowledged his identity as a new dad.

At the very least, when he faced Baby Chu, his rough edges would be restrained, whether he intended it or not!

Although there were many times when he was busy with work, Baby Chus mischievous behavior around him would also make him unhappy.

He would get angry at the boy, glare at him, and shout at him.

But no matter how annoyed he was, he could not bear to lay a finger on him.

It was just like a lion roaring at a naughty little cub.

Even though it would eye him, it wouldnt really slap him.

Perhaps he looked fierce all the time, but he had never really meted out any disciplinary measures.

Thus, Baby Chu was already accustomed to her icy cold expression since a long time ago, and he wasnt affected by it at all!


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