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In the police station, Chu He waited patiently on the bench.

Unknowingly, it was already dark outside.

Mu Yanchen arranged for Meng Qingxue to stay in the hotel.

Meng Qingxues body was still weak.

Furthermore, she was now exhausted after an entire day of travelling.

Although she was also worried about Baby Chus whereabouts, Chu He persuaded her that even if she stayed at the police station, there might still not be any progress.

Hence, she might as well go back to the hotel to rest.

Meng Qingxue listened to her.

Chu He waited at the police station for an entire night.

The police officer had clearly told her progress would be slow even if she stayed there.

The DNA test would take some time.

Furthermore, as it was already so late and the hospital staff had left work, there would not be any new updates.

At the earliest, they would have to wait until tomorrow morning when the hospital opened.

The police department would send someone to urge the hospital staff before they could get the report.

However, Chu He stubbornly stayed at the police station and refused to leave.

She firmly believed that she must get hold of Baby Chus whereabouts as soon as possible.

Otherwise, no matter how tired she was, she would not be able to sleep in peace.

It was a long night.

Finally, dawn arrived.

Chu He waited for a few hours before the hospital finally gave a response at 10.30am.

The police officer brought her to the hospital to personally retrieve the report.

When Chu He held the report in her hand, Chu He gazed at the words on the report—”Confirmed parent and child relationship.”

Unable to restrain her raging emotions anymore, her eyes reddened as they brimmed with tears.

Its Baby Chu! 

Hes still fine!

Hes still alive and well!

Chu He was so excited that her shoulders started shaking uncontrollably!

She thought that something bad must have happened to him.

However, she kept holding herself back, not daring to think of the worst circumstances.

She was afraid that her fears would really come true!

However, when she found out that Baby Chu was still alive and well, she was so surprised that she found herself overwhelmed by disbelief!

“Officer, do you see this report” Chu He handed the report to the officer with a grin on her face.

“Since it has been confirmed that the child and I are related, please bring me to him immediately!”

“This is weird…”

Clutching the report, the police officer muttered with an odd expression.

Chu He raised her eyebrows and asked confusedly, “Whats weird”

“Is this child really your biological child” The police officer stroked his chin and narrowed his eyes.

“But I contacted the Public Security Bureau yesterday.

They said that the child was brought back by his biological father.

Since youre the childs mother, then… Whats your relationship with the childs father”

Generally speaking, no matter how abnormal a family was, the childs parents would still know who each other was.

In other words, even if the parents had gotten a divorce, the childs parents would still keep in contact.

Furthermore, no matter how he thought about it, he felt that this womans background was somewhat unusual.


Chu He bit her lip and muttered hesitatingly, “In reality, I dont know who the father is either.”

“Huh You dont know!” The police officer was shocked.

“How is that possible”

No matter how careless a woman was, shed still know who the childs father was, right

Unless its a one-night stand.

After having sex with an unknown man, she accidentally got pregnant and gave birth to the child.

“Its true!”

Chu He explained, “Five years ago, I got into an accident.

My brain suffered an injury, so I lost all my memories.”


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