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Chapter 2663: Being Together in the Open

When one truly loved another person, they would not bother with such trivialities.

“Im really happy today, daddy! Were finally reunited together in all sense!” said the boy with laughter as his eyes turned moist.

He clumsily rubbed the tears away, feeling somewhat lost at the overwhelming bliss.

The man could not resist stroking his sons head.

“Ive never seen you cry before.”

“Im just feeling emotional right now!” The little ones eyes suddenly lit up in excitement.

“Does that mean to say that little brother and I can openly hold hands with mommy when were out on the streets”


“Can I also kiss and hug mommy without caring about the paparazzi”


“Yay! Hurray for daddy!” The boy jumped in joy.

“Are you that happy”

“Yes! Of course, I am! Daddy can finally kiss mommy in the open, too! You no longer have to be sneaky as if youre in an illicit relationship.”

“Illicit” The corner of Mu Yazhes eyes twitched.

“Where did you learn that word from”


Bursting into a bout of hearty chuckle, he picked up his son and stroked his nose.


Lets go release fireworks now.”


The next day, news of Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi announcing their relationship in last nights press conference had the entire showbiz boiling with excitement.

This was especially so online, with the netizens being in a frenzy on Weibo.

Those who sided and supported Ji Yan in her cause to safeguard her relationship were totally caught off guard by the one-eighty change in the situation.


So Ji Yan is the real third party

Yun Shishi, whos been accused as a shameless hussy, is actually innocent

Everythings just a lie and part of Ji Yans machination to ride on Yun Shishis coattails

Everyone took this news with a pinch of salt as they felt quite confused about the sudden revelation.

For some time, they did not know whose words they should trust as no one knew how the situation might change in the next second.

Nevertheless, many fans had come to realize that the wrongly accused actress was not as debauched as Ji Yan described her to be.

In contrast, when the latters ugly side was finally exposed to the public, the tide instantly changed.

With the public now favoring the previously lambasted and boycotted artist, they now wanted the guilty party to leave showbiz.

Countless hate comments could be found on Ji Yans Weibo page.

[How could you be this shameless]

[Lowdown b*tch! Despicable! To think I bought your lies! Ive never expected you to be the one lying! How vicious and manipulative you are!]

[I was almost fooled by you!Lets protect and fight for love—bah! I wasted my sympathy on you! Turns out that millions of people, including myself, were fooled by you!]

[Why didExtreme Youth hire such a scheming actress Is there no one else in showbiz who can act her role]

[Trust me to malign my idol, Yang Mi! Mimi is such a righteous person! When Yun Shishi was accused of being a third party, she immediately came forward to voice her support for her colleague.

I dont regret being Mimis stan!]

As for the press conference, its live broadcast hit the ten-million mark in viewership while its rerun hit the billion mark in click rates.


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