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Chapter 1500 I miss mommy…

She seemed to avoid the topic, either intentionally or unconsciously.

Her face tilted to one side, apparently avoiding his inquiring eyes.

Honestly, she, herself, did not understand why she got into an impulsive argument with Princess Charlotte.

In reality, she could not afford to offend a nobility like the princess, but asking her to stand and watch as another woman cling to her man was impossible.

It felt disgusting, in fact—hence, her impulsive reaction.

He saw the evasive look in her eyes and lowered his head unhappily to give her lips a sharp peck at the corner.

His biting kiss seemed to bully her into answering him.


His domineering tone tolerated no objection.

He urgently wanted to hear the answer from her mouth.

Between them, she had always been ambiguous and rarely expressed her feelings for him explicitly.

Her behavior earlier was the most indomitable she had shown so far.

All that was for his sake.

This realization left him feeling smug and happy.

This usually frail and meek woman had actually extended her sharp claws for his sake.

He was way overjoyed.

She pushed him away.

“Hey, you… Can you not do this here We are still at the gala dinner.”

“Answer me.”

He was extremely stubborn and tyrannical, refusing to budge from extracting an answer from her.

She looked down, and just at this cryptic moment, the phone chose to ring.

The ringing came from his side.

He ignored the loud ringing and was, in fact, irritated with the untimely interruption.

She took this chance to say, instead, “Your phone is ringing.”

“Ignore it!”

“Hey… Just take a look, okay It may be something important!” She told him seriously.

Looking displeased, the man picked up the phone unwillingly at her urging.

When he saw Yichens name flashing on the screen, his face softened somewhat and he connected the call.



The little lads excited voice came loud and clear from the other end.

“Daddy, I just saw mommy on TV!”

This senseless statement made the man frown.


“Eh, eh! From the report on Mila Fashion Week.”

“Mu Yichen, you stupid, its Milan Fashion Week and not Mila!”

From a distance, Youyous voice could be heard barking seriously at his brother as he corrected his mistake.

“All right! Its Milan Fashion Week.

Mommy looked so beautiful in her dress! So gorgeous just like a fairy!” the boy gushed excitedly.

However, his voice turned wry without warning in the next instant.

“Its a pity, though, that I couldnt see her in person! I could only watch her on TV.”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

Yun Shishi could vaguely make out the boys voice but could not catch what he was uttering to his father.

She could only stare at the mans face, hoping for a clue.

He went on.

“Little fool, why arent you in bed yet”

“Daddy is the stupid one! Its way past noon over here.”

The boy snorted as the man turned sheepish for a while.

He had actually forgotten that there was a time difference between Milan and the capital.

Since it was about nine at night over on their side, the time should be around two in the afternoon in the capital.

“Daddy, I really miss mommy! When is she coming back”

The boy sounded weak and downcast, as if he were about to break down in tears.

“I want to listen to mommys bedtime stories; I want mommys hugs; I want her to kiss me… Its been awhile since I saw my real mommy in person…”





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