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“Oh What do you want, then He he! I can give you whatever you want!”

As he spoke, he edged closer to her; his eyes emitted aggression like a beast eyeing its prey.

“You want to be the lead actress forLethal Beauty, right I can give that role to you; what do you think You should know that it has been given to Lin Zhi internally! You saw how hard she fought for this role, but as long as you serve me well, I can get you this role with a word.

How about that”

With her breathing becoming more and more rapid, she could not help but retreat from him until her back was almost plastered against the car door.

“Perhaps, one role isnt enough for you What do you want You can speak now.

Diamond Bungalow Or… an expensive car Its not that I cant afford it, but you must perform well for me first!”

Saying that, he reached out his hand to touch her cheek.

She swept away his hand roughly and yelled, “Scram! Dont touch me! Even if I want that role, I can fight for it with my ability!”

“Ha ha ha!” He burst into hideous laughter as if he had heard a terrible joke.

“Ability! Did you just say that youll fight for this role with your ability You are too naïve! Be good and I wont harm you! On the contrary, I can give you plenty of love.” He inched closer and smiled lewdly at her.

“What do you think Come and be my lover! I can give you whatever you want – money, status, and even power! I can give you whatever you want!”

“Scram! Get lost!” She flailed her hands in the air.

“I dont want any of those things! Scram! Let me get out of the car!”

“What These arent enough for you” He snorted.

His face sank as the smile on his face diminished in an instant.

“Let me advise you: Dont be too greedy! I dont have much patience for women!”

His words were just too glaring for her ears.

Without thinking, she looked up abruptly and slapped him fiercely across his face.

He was struck dumb by her unexpected action.

He glared unbelievably at this woman as he held his face; it did not occur to him that she could be so gutsy!

The woman somehow realized the gravity of her impulsive act, too, as she withdrew her hand with a start.

She held her burning palm while clenching her lip flaps.

The scene outside the car window continued to speed past them.

After a long pause, the mans face finally showed an expression.

He regained his composure and broke out into mad laughter.

“How dare you hit me!”

She looked up and uttered, “Dont you think you have made a mistake here I was under the impression that you wanted to discuss about the movie deal, so I wasnt really expecting this from the start! If this is all, then theres nothing to talk between us! My job is done here.

Ill be honored if you want to send me back, but if you are unwilling, you can let me get out by the road! As for your offer of diamond and bungalow in exchange for being your lover… He he! Do you think I need those from you Mu Yazhe can give me whatever I like.

I dont need you!”

Although she was unwilling, she knew that she had to use his name in this dire moment for self-preservation!

His brows furrowed deeply.

“Mu Yazhe Are you referring to that young chap from Disheng Financial Group”

She smiled and answered, “Is there another Mu Yazhe in the capital


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