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However, when they saw how the little lad had pulled apart and then put back together the gun, no words could express their shock.

It was too shocking!

This little kid… Why was he so good!

It was enough for him to know how to operate a toy gun, but he was even better than that.

How did he know that the trajectory of the ballistics had been modified and, more importantly, how to revert it to its original state

If they did not witness this scene personally, they would not really believe it to be possible.

The boy knew that time was running out, so without further delay, he loaded the gun and pulled the trigger.

This time, the bullet no longer tarried but easily punctured the balloon, sending out tiny sparks of carbide in the process.


In an instant and without any signs of erratic flight, the balloon burst apart into sparks of fire.

While everyone was still trying to recover from their awe, Little Yichen had already expertly repeated the cycle of reloading the gun, taking aim, and pulling the trigger several times.

Before long, his astounding feat attracted the attention of many bystanders.

When they saw that a mere six-year-old was playing the shooting game with ease, they hustled about to have a better look.




With each punctured balloon, token dropped to the floor with a clatter.

The 30th balloons token fell nicely to the ground just as the last second ticked on the timer.

He put down the gun at the same time the worker stopped the timer.

By now, she had become speechless from watching his amazing performance.

Awe and wonder rippled through the crowd.

Oh, my god… This child is really exceptional!

“Tally the points for me.

Thank you.” The boy was expressionless when he issued this request to the lady at the counter.

This staff, who was still reeling in amazement, only set to do the task at the little lads icy stare.

She quickly collated all the tokens on the floor and counted them.

Luck was apparently not on his side today as all his tokens were small in value.

The good thing was that he had gathered so many tokens they were collectively worth more than 300 points!

He cocked a brow to acknowledge the score; he was devoid of the excitement that any typical children would portray if they were in his shoes.

He appeared to have already predicted this result from the start!

“Little boy, congratulations.

You have earned yourself 320 points! What prize do you want”

He looked at the display shelf and pointed at the huge panda plushy with tenderness in his eyes.

“Are you pointing at the panda bear plushy over there”

“Eh! Thats the one.” He waited for her to pass him the toy.

The woman nodded and walked over to the display shelf to hurl the toy over to him.

“Oh, no.

Zhang, wait a minute! How many panda bear plushies do we have in stock” Another worker from the same game stall hurried over with an anxious look.

“This is the only one.


“Is there really no other stock available”


This is the last one.

Whats the matter”

“Oh, no.

What do we do! Another visitor, who has just finished his game, wants this prize… What an unfortunate coincidence! Did your customer complete the game”

“Eh!” Zhang nodded as she recalled the little lads impeccable skills earlier.

She had yet to regain her composure even to this point!

“What to do now The customer over there only has eyes for this prize!”

“… But my customer also wants this!”

“Which one Let me have a look.”

“That child over there; did you see him”

He looked in the direction Zhang was pointing, and when he saw that the one competing for the same prize was just a six-year-old boy, his expression darkened.

“Are you kidding me That boy is only six.

No child below the age of 10 has the competency to play this game with stringent rules! Even the gun is too heavy for him to use properly!”


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