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The child was anxious for them to follow suit as Youyou and his mother disappeared in the crowd.

She wanted to join in on the fun, but her mother became occupied with her phone.

It was no wonder she was suddenly impatient!

Jiang Li temporarily set her phone aside, picked up her daughter, and hurried over to where the two had disappeared.

In this stretch, which was called Happiness Street, many arcade games could be seen.

The mother-son pair was found standing before an arcade hoop.

The machine had a long queue to it.

The people were willing to line up not because the simple game was fun but because the prizes were quite attractive.

There were the Muppets, cute bolsters, and various popular toys from Lezhi Holdings; even a limited-edition robot of the same brand was on display as a prize.

Youyou was eyeing one of the prizes; it was a set of cute lovely plushies that looked very similar to the ones given by his mother when he was younger!

He was not particularly fond of toys, but he had a soft spot for cute plushies, which could be attributed to his childlike instinct.

When he was much younger, on a similar occasion like Childrens Day, his mother had given him a set of lovely teddy bear plushies.

They were just the right size for him to hug when he slept.

The boy treasured the pair very much.

They were placed at the headboard when not in use; no one was allowed to touch them.

Maybe, because the two teddy bears were gifts from his mother, he cherished them a lot and even sewed little costumes for them.

It might look childish now, but they were part of his childhood.

The little lad loved going to bed at night with these two bears on his flanks.

As he hugged the soft fluffy toys into his dreamland, his dreams seemed to become sweeter.

At a much later time, however, this pair of plushies was taken by Yun Nas cousin without his consent.

When he discovered that his soft toys were missing upon his return, he anxiously checked and inquired everywhere for them.

In the end, his adoptive aunt frivolously threw the truth to his face.

“My cousin swung by today and saw the teddy bears.

She likes both a lot, so I gave them to her.”

He was depressed over this for a long time.

When Yun Shishi learned that the floppy toys had been given away by Yun Na and saw how listless her son had become every night from then on, she searched high and low for replacements.

Unfortunately, she could not find any similar-looking plushies anymore.

“Mommy, I want the two teddy bears over there!”

Their prize would require 500 points to redeem.

Each ball that went through the hoop would count as 15 points; that would mean that at least 30 balls needed to go through the hoop in a matter of minute for a chance to get the plushies.

This was a challenge to many people.

Yun Shishi could recognize these soft toys with one look.

They were almost identical to the set of teddy bear plushies she had given him before!

This little fellow… still remembered the two plushies from the past

She reckoned that most children were forgetful, but he apparently was not the same.

Yun Tianyou exchanged his VIP ticket for a chance to play the game.

As it was a VIP ticket, he had top priority.

Standing in front of the kid-size arcade hoop, he had to seek his bull strength to throw the ball out.


The ball hit the hoop but missed the mark.

Perspiring beads of cold sweat, he looked unconvinced and tried again with the next one.

This time around, the angle and power were suitably appropriate, and the ball went through the hoop.

His mother shouted encouragingly, “Excellent, Youyou! Keep it up!”

He was concentrating on aiming the ball and could not reply to her.

One minute flew by and he was panting from his exertion.

Unfortunately, he only managed to earn himself 300 points, which were half of the required points.


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