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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 715: Jiang Chen

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The tomb of the immortal emperor!

Lu Yun didnt need the luopan to locate it—it was at the heart of the central world!

On the fringes of the central world were burial mounds of all sizes. Some were as small as a pile of dirt, while others were as large as a mountain range. Within every burial mound lay a primordial immortal.

There were more tombs and burial mounds here than in the ten majors and ten lands combined. These were the true resting places for immortals.

Lu Yun didnt fight anyone for the opportunities he encountered on his way to the immortal emperors tomb. Those primordial legacies were beneath him. The methods he and Qing Yu had theorized together exceeded those of the primordial immortals. Once he established a sacred land and popularized the methods, the world of immortals would reach heights greater than the glories of the Primordial Era.

The primordial immortals had failed. Lu Yun hadnt.

With the Wandering Step, he made his way through the central world at a tremendous clip, travelling five thousand kilometers with every step. The central world was vast, much more so than any of the majors in the world of immortals. Even with his stunning death art, it would take him a few days and nights to reach its heart.

“Here you are, sir!” Lin Xuans voice came through Lu Yuns transmission talisman after it rang. “The tomb of the primordial immortal emperor is at the heart of the central world, protected by a great formation. Anyone who wishes to enter will have to go in through an altar!”

Lin Yu and Lin Xuan had entered the central world seven days ago as Lu Yuns vanguard. Once they sensed Lu Yuns arrival, they hailed him without delay.

“There are twenty-eight altars that are portals to the heart of the central world, but all of them have been occupied over the past seven days. The two of us arent their match… So...” Lin Xuans voice gained a tinge of shame.

“Wheres Lin Yu” Lu Yun interjected.

“My older brothers recovering from a serious injury… Dammit! Someones here!” Lin Xuans startled shout was the last thing Lu Yun heard. Then there was silence.

With a slight frown, Lu Yun took out his luopan and input the message Lin Xuan had sent him into it. The indicator on the compass spun and stopped toward the northwest. With no hesitation, Lu Yun followed the luopans guidance and moved with the Wandering Step.

This was one of the marvelous uses of a luopan. It could not only determine feng shui and locate ancient tombs, but could also trace energy or a voice to their source.





Great explosions rang out as the defensive formation Lin Xuan had hurriedly set up trembled furiously, cracks snaking through it.

Within its protection, Lin Yu was covered in blood, teetering on the edge of death. If not for the healing medicine Su Xiaoxiao and Yuying had packed for them, Lin Yu wouldve died already.

Lin Xuan quickly put down the transmission talisman and coalesced formation after formation with a flurry of hand gestures.

“Our teacher is very right. Formations without foundation may be the ultimate height of formation dao, but they have a great weakness—they lack reliability.” Face pale, Lin Xuan threw up a mouthful of blood as soon as he opened his mouth.

He wasnt as badly injured as his brother, but his injury was still serious. Both brothers were great formation masters. Under Lu Yuns guidance, they were on their paths to becoming the top-tier formation grandmasters in the world of immortals.

However, they were too weak in all other aspects. Their cultivation and combat arts, especially, were mediocre. Once someone was able to get close to them, the brothers basically lost all of their ability to fight back.

They had been ambushed earlier. If the tomb-raiding archives that Lu Yun had gifted Lin Xuan hadnt been a powerful dao immortal treasure, they wouldve died a long time ago.

“Its just a little turtle shell, you two arent going to last long!” A malicious voice came from outside the formation, tinged with mockery and derision.

Lin Xuan threw up more blood with a reddened face upon hearing the voice, and the defensive formations hed struggled to create shattered instantly.

A gray-haired man dressed in black long robe appeared before the Lin brothers. He was tall and thin, his facial features devilish and eerie. An evil smile constantly played at his lips, but his eyes were unusually cold and devoid of life.

“Jiangchen Xie!” Lin Xuan snapped out.

The man was the top genius of the Jiangchen Clan from Truespirit Major, and hed sensed the existence of the void realm twenty thousand years ago. However, his presence felt completely different now. The Hadal Bonefire hidden in him had disappeared completely.

Jiangchen Xie walked toward Lin Xuan and loomed over him, his voice cold as he said, “Youre a valued follower of Lu Yuns, arent you A rare formation grandmaster who can create formations without foundation. Do you think Lu Yun will lament your loss if I kill the two of you”

Vicious light burst out from Jiangchen Xies eyes when he mentioned Lu Yun. He was, in fact, Jiang Chen, forefather of the Jiangchen Clan!

As the successor of the Venerated Sacrosanct Demon Sovereign, Jiangchen Xie had reached great heights with his Hadal Bone Method, becoming a treasured protege of the demon sovereign.

Yin Jiuying had once prevented Jiang Chen from taking over Jiangchen Xies body, but the zombie had taken advantage of a slip in attention when Yin Jiuying fought Holy Lord Ashu outside the realm.

There wasnt anything Yin Jiuying could do after his return.

Although Jiang Chens cultivation was also suppressed to the august immortal realm, he was so powerful that even unleashing his aura was enough to critically injure Lin Xuan.

“Who do you think youre going to kill” demanded a steely voice. Lu Yun stepped between the two of them to protect Lin Xuan. “Well, well, I was wondering who it could be. Its the old zombie, and youve possessed your own junior!”

Lu Yuns Spectral Eye revealed Jiangchen Xies true condition. His true spirit and soul had been devoured by Jiang Chen; the old man had fully taken over the body.

“Lu Yun!!” Jiang Chens eyes blazed with fury as they settled on the newcomer.

Hed been defeated by Lu Yuns then golden immortal replica outside Dusk Province, leaving him struggling for life with only a head. Jiang Chen took great offense at that and thus lost his temper as soon as Lu Yun appeared.


Yellowish-gray corpse energy flared as he made a move; his hands had turned into beastly claws. Alarmed, Lu Yun grabbed the Lin brothers and quickly retreated. The old zombie was too powerful for him to face head-on.

When theyd fought outside Dusk Province, the old zombie had been powerful, but he could at most rival an old-school dao immortal after his resurrection. Now, however, hed possessed Jiangchen Xie, a void-ascended immortal!

Lu Yun quickly sent two healing talismans into the Lin brothers bodies to stabilize their condition. Then, he summoned the Sugato Sword with another wave of his hand, sending curtains of light cascading down to deter Jiang Chen.

“You shouldve been grateful that I spared your life, Jiang Chen, but look at you trying for revenge. I will fully end you this time!”


Brilliant radiance burst out of the Sugato Sword and took shape as dark cyan swords, slashing at Jiang Chen from overhead.

Sword dao!

It was no longer Violetgraves sword dao, but a sword dao belonging wholly to Lu Yun himself!-

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