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Now, she treated Lu Zijia as her idol, so she certainly couldnt tolerate others slandering her anymore.

“No, no, youre defending her.

Youre defending that b*tch!” Lu Wanyuans eyes suddenly turned red and she grabbed Ye Nanxis neck.

“That b*tch was the one who was snatching my man, so I sent her to another mans bed so that my man wouldnt be snatched away.

Whats wrong with that

That b*tch should thank me.

If I didnt send her to Second Master Mus bed, how would she have such a good life now

“Its fine if that b*tch isnt grateful to me, but she even asked Ye Nambo to lie to me and stole all my remaining money.

A b*tch like her who repays kindness with ingratitude should go to the eighteenth level of hell!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Wanyuan suddenly tightened her grip on Ye Nanxis neck, almost suffocating Ye Nanxi.

“Let… Let go of me…” Ye Nanxis face turned red from being strangled.

She couldnt breathe properly for a long time, which made her vision a bit blurry.

“I… Ill give you money.

Let go of me…” Ye Nanxis voice became weaker and weaker.

If one werent close enough, they wouldnt have heard what she said at all.

Just as Ye Nanxi thought that she was going to be strangled to death, a loud bang suddenly sounded.

The old door was kicked open from the outside.

The next moment, Ye Nanxi felt the grip on her neck suddenly loosen, making her feel relieved.


Lu Zijia grabbed the back of Lu Wanyuans neck and directly lifted her up.

Then, she threw Lu Wanyuan onto the coffee table, causing the already shaky coffee table to instantly shatter.

“Lu Wanyuan, if you want to die, Ill fulfill your wish!” At this moment, Lu Zijia was exuding a murderous aura, like a ferocious beast in rage.

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Zijias slender and fair hand had already grabbed Lu Wanyuans neck.

With just a little force, she could kill Lu Wanyuan.

However, just as Lu Zijia was about to exert more force, Ye Nanxi jumped up and grabbed Lu Zijias hand.

“Lu, ahem, ahem… Master, Master Lu, no, no, ahem, Master Lu, dont kill anyone.

Youll go to jail if you kill someone.

I dont want you to go to jail.

Well call the police.

Well call the police and let her go to jail.” Ye Nanxi said to Lu Zijia anxiously and worriedly as she endured the burning pain in her throat.

Besides, she also heard that the Taoist masters who killed people on purpose and had to go to the eighteenth level of hell to be punished after they died.

She didnt want Master Lu to kill someone for her at all, let alone go to the eighteenth level of hell to be punished.

Meeting Ye Nanxis worried eyes, the violent aura on Lu Zijia reduced.

“Alright, I wont kill her.” Lu Zijia patted her hand, signaling her to let go.

“Let her go first.” For once, Ye Nanxi didnt listen to Lu Zijia immediately.

Instead, she negotiated with Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia sighed, then let go of Lu Wanyuans neck.

Cough, cough, cough, cough…

Lu Wanyuan, who had just managed to breathe, immediately coughed violently, as if she was very unwell.

However, her discomfort didnt get any pity from the two people present.

“Get up!”

Lu Zijia grabbed Ye Nanxis arm, helped her up and freed her hands.


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