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Chapter 85 – Princess and a company

I, Ninaev Fairy, have become engaged to prince Hicked Migha.

Since we are engaged, I wish to talk more, so we have been seeing each other here in this remote region.

He says he met a girl that is probably the miko.

Of course, there is always the possibility that he is lying, but it does not seem that way to me.

I ask him where he met her, and he says it was in the middle of the forest, but we cannot talk much more about this with people around.

This is probably something we should tell our respective countries, but I feel hesitant to talk to my father about this, and prince Hicked also seems to want to keep it a secret.

Why did he tell me about this and no one else Does he expect something from me Did he just want to tell someone

If the miko really is false…

What will happen to our countries The kingdom of Fairytrof will certainly be affected by this.

Presenting a false miko is no small issue, and the population will not stay quiet if they realize the miko is not real.

I also do not know how this will affect the kingdom of Migha.

…Honestly, even if the girl that prince Hicked met is the real miko, I have no way to look for her at the moment.

So what should I do

The first thing that comes to mind is acquiring the ability to make a move, in case it’s revealed that miss Alice is not the miko.

I have been slowly gaining allies here in this remote region, but I will be unable to do anything if something happens to this country.

It would be a different story if I had trustworthy connections in the temple, but that is a very different thing to get at the moment.

The second thing, is deepening my relationship with prince Hicked.

He has knights placed under his command, and his personal valet seems to truly adore him, but he does not seem to pay much attention to any of it.

Why are his eyes so full of gloom He is so talented, and he can even use magic.

Why does he always have the eyes of someone who has given up Maybe I will find out if I get closer to him.

If we do manage to cooperate in a meaningful way, I think it would become easier for me to move, if the worst case scenario happens and the kingdom of Fairytrof collapses.

As I think about these things, a merchant approaches me.

She is from a powerful company called Vene.

What does she want with me

The merchant smiles.

“The head of my company is an old friend of Landouno Stoffer, the original educator of the miko.

When word got out that this lady had been expelled, my employer was ready to completely abandon the country.

But if the kingdom of Fairytrof did collapse, it would cause severe damage to our company, and so, we are working towards not letting that happen.”

Landouno Stoffer worked as miss Alice’s educator.

I do not know her current whereabouts, all I’ve heard are rumors that she has disappeared from the country.

She has not done anything big, even after the introduction of the miko to the people was over.

Knowing that I am not the only one worried that this country may be done for lifts the weight on my heart just a little bit.

This country, or rather its people, have blind belief towards the being known as the miko.

They fully believe that as long as she is here, the country will never collapse, and will always be at peace.

The fact that this idea is so deep-rooted in their minds makes them unable to understand what is happening.

“So why did you come to me”

“I became interested in your actions as I was collecting information.

Your highness seems to truly see what is happening, as opposed to the rest of the royal family, who would certainly be enraged by my words.

The fact that you are not, tells me you understand the current situation of this country.

Despite your low right of succession, you are royalty, and that is why my employer wishes to enter into a cooperative relation with you, your highness.

“Cooperative relation…”


We wish to use you, and for you to use us.

That is the kind of relationship we desire.”



Use each other.”

I open my mouth and answer the woman looking at me with a smile.

—Princess and a company

(The princess hears the prince, and wants to know more about how he feels.

As she ponders what she should do, she is approached by a company.)


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