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Chapter 51 – Girl and future – Part one

“I see…”

“So you and Gaius have been thinking about that.”

It’s the day after Gaius and I made a vow, and we tell it to mister Dongu and miss Lan.

Gaius and I are holding hands.

We want to create a place where beast people can live in peace.

They don’t laugh when they hear it.

This is just two kid’s dream that may or may not come true, and that’s exactly how they take it.

“That will be difficult.”

Says mister Dongu with a serious expression.

“But… It’s a good dream to have.”

He continues, and his expression loosens.

“Yes, it is a good dream, but in order to achieve it, we must first decide what we are going to do from now on.

We need to sort out how we are going to live.”

Says miss Lan.


Gaius and I nod.

Our vow.

Our future.

If we’re going to make it come true, we need to think about the present first.

“As it stands, we are fugitives.

We’re lucky to have the gryphons, Scifo, and everyone else, or we wouldn’t be able to safely move forward like this, but I don’t know what our future looks like.

Gaius, Lerunda, I know you’re children, but right now we have too many problems to count.”

Miss Lan says we are fugitives.

We had no choice but to run away.

We’re advancing without much issue for now, but who knows what will happen.

Miss Lan doesn’t shy away from talking about difficult things with me and Gaius, even though we are kids.

She knows I want to understand what happens around me, and not just be protected all the time.

“Your dream will be difficult to achieve, very difficult, but it would be fantastic if you did.

I definitely want to see it come true.

If you really are going to keep working towards achieving it, you can count on me to help.”

Miss Lan smiles and tells us our dream will be very difficult to achieve.

Hearing her makes me want to work hard.

It will be much more difficult than I can even imagine, but I still want to make it come true.

“I’m… Going to help too.”

Says mister Dongu.

“But, just like Lan says… It’s important to stabilize our life first.”

Gaius and I nod.

We can’t just look at the future, we have to look at the present too.

In the end, our lives as fugitives don’t change after making that vow.

We just continue our journey, not knowing where to go, and talking about what we should do.

We talk about making a village somewhere, but it has to be away from the kingdoms of Migha and Fairytrof, so we keep walking.

Shinomi, Kayu, and the boys all look worried.

Sometimes they cry and say their legs hurt too.

When this happens, one of the gryphons carries them.

The gryphons are keeping an eye on our surroundings and making sure we’re safe, so if we remove even one of them from that equation, our speed will decrease a little, but it can’t be helped.

I’m trying my best to keep walking instead of riding on their backs.

They feel bad about riding on the gryphon’s backs even though I’m the one that formed a contract with them and I’m on foot, but I tell them it’s alright.

I want to become stronger anyway, so I can’t keep relying on them all the time.

I have to be able to work hard with my own legs and hands.

I want to make it so what happened to mister Athos never happens again.

They all look so worried, and I want to make them feel a little better.

The adults look worried too, but the kids look much more worried, so I want to cheer up my friends.

I want to do what I can, but I don’t know what will happen with us, or what we will do.

From now on, I will work towards making my vow with Gaius a reality, and protecting what I want to protect.

—Girl and future

(The girl that is probably the miko thinks about the future, and starts working towards making her vow a reality.)


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