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Chapter 353 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part eleven

We’re going around the Kingdom of Migha’s capital, seeing lots of things.

I’m so excited, that I’m a bit too hyperactive.

Gaius too.

Is our village going to be full of people and fun places one day too This country’s king… Mister Hicked doesn’t see us as enemies, so we don’t have to worry about that, but it’d be really bad for our small village if this many people became our enemies.

I want to learn lots of things here in the capital while we’re having fun, to make sure we don’t let that happen.

“Gaius, this is fun.”

“It is.”

“Next time… I hope Kayu and the others can come too.”


If our village becomes big enough that it’s all right for people to know about it, maybe we can come to this country without a problem too.

Maybe by the time that happens there will be more people of other races here too.

Thinking about that future gets me excited.

I hope that happens.

Yes, we’ll make that happen.

That’s all we think about.

I think about this while we walk around the capital.

But I guess such a big place can’t be just fun things.

“Purse snatcher!!”

I hear this, but I don’t understand what it means right away.

I’ve never heard of a ‘purse snatcher’ before.

I turn my head to where this commotion is happening, and see that a man took away a woman’s bag.

“Lerunda, it’s a thief.”

“That sort of thing happens in a big town like this.”

Say Freinet and Wea while floating around me.

I was about to ask them to bring back the bag, but a knight catches the knight before I can say anything.

A knight from Migha.

If Mister Sadnid and the others didn’t come to our village, Gaius and I would’ve probably be shaken up just by seeing him.

Then again, if they didn’t come to the village, we wouldn’t be here in Migha so soon anyway.

People that live here in Migha thank that knight that caught the thief.

“Be careful not to let yourself be a target of that kind of thing, Lerunda.

There’s such a thing as people who kidnap children too…”

Says Miss Lan, but Freinet and Wea reassure us that they won’t let that happen.

Also, we haven’t been there, but apparently there’s an area of the capital where poor people live.

Miss Lan told us about this, and I think it’s because she takes our wish to make a place where we don’t have to lose anyone ever again seriously.

I think it’s because she’s serious about it that she’s telling us that when a place becomes this big, this sort of thing is bound to happen too.

Having money, not having money…

That’s enough to change how people live.

I don’t really understand how important money is, but that might be because I’m the miko.

It’s like Mister Roma said, I’m the miko, so I’ve never felt like I was in danger of dying or anything.

That sort of difference makes me feel just a bit lonely, but it’s also true that it’s because I’m different that I’m here now.

What I need to do is take in those things that I don’t understand, think about them, and take action.

“Do you want to try this, little lady”

“Wah, it looks good.

What is it”

“This is…”

A man selling sweets made from wheat flour that you can eat while you walk talks to me.

I pay money, and try it.

“Is it good”


It’s good.”

“Hahaha, good to hear.”

The man says while laughing.

Gaius has one too.

We’ve been eating a lot since we started walking around, but it’s all so good that it feels like we can keep eating forever, so we end up eating too much.

Miss Lan laughs and says that some people say we have a different stomach for sweets.

“It’s nice and sweet!”


I could eat a lot more of these.”

I’m different from other people, but I can still share experiences like these with them.

I’m happy that small things like these stay the same even if we’re different.

We go back to the inn after a while.

People who stayed here ask us how it was, and we all start answering each of their questions.

We’re not going back home yet, so the people that stayed here are going to go out next time.

I met Alice, the people that want to come to our village, and did lots of other things here in the capital.

And apparently Freinet and Wea asked Mister Hicked where he got the spirit stone.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part eleven

(The miko is happy about the little things that are the same.)



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