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Chapter 309 – Girl and days without the educator – Part nine

Today I’m going over to Mister Dongu’s to help.

While Miss Lan is away, I’ve been helping little by little with what she usually does.

Among those things are the work on the picture books about me, compiling records about the village, taking notes about the harvests, and other things.

Miss Lan has been doing a good job taking notes about those kinds of things.

Part of it is just because she likes to compile information, but she also says those records will help us in the future.

We’re right in the middle of the division of duties we started last year and have been doing slowly.

Only Mister Nirushi and the others have gone to that country beyond the forest, so we’re taking our time changing the shape of the village.

Miss Lan can’t fight, so she’s probably going to keep doing the same kind of work even after the division of duties is done.

It’s not like I don’t like writing, but I don’t like it as much as she does.

I think she’s been doing this kind of work for a long time because she likes it so much.

I wonder what I’m going to be doing in the future.

If this place becomes bigger than a village… I don’t know a lot about towns, but I hear that in big places like that there’s lots of different jobs.

Thinking about what I’ll be doing feels kind of strange.

“Mister Dongu, is this good”


I ask, and Mister Dongu answers.

Writing a lot means I’ve been getting better at writing.

It feels nice seeing myself get better at it little by little.

When I don’t know a word, Miss Lan and the others teach me, including how to write it.

Miss Lan loves teaching things to people, so she teaches me lots of stuff at home too.

Sometimes she throws a lot of information at me at once, and I just end up nodding, but that’s fun too.

Sometimes when she writes very fast I can’t read it, but her hand-writing when she writes official records is really beautiful.

I always think it’s incredible when I see how beautiful her letters are.

Everyone is pitching in to help do what Miss Lan, Mister Nirushi, and the others usually do.

After compiling information, I get permission to read the records she’s been writing.

We have to ask permission because these official documents are important, and we can’t risk damaging them.

There are even records from when we were still living in the wolf beast people’s village.

There’s a list of everyone living here too.

I’ve heard that it’s important to keep track of who’s living where.

Mister Villa and Phyto have been helping make records of the places where they live too.

There’s lots of records from back when we were building this village, all the way until now.

Even pretty minute stuff is here.

That’s just how Miss Lan is I guess.

Oh, and here in this place where official documents are kept, are the picture books about me too.

…Miss Lan looks like she has fun making them.

Apparently she’s putting the third and fourth ones together too.

Miss Lan and the others might appear in the picture book soon.

It’s embarrassing, but I also think seeing everyone in the books is fun.

I leaf through a document.

Seeing all these documents lined up and knowing this is the result of what Miss Lan’s been doing makes me feel proud.

After leafing through some documents, I go outside.

I can hear Scifo’s singing voice coming from the square, and when I go there I see Scifo singing and the spirits having fun flying around.

“Scifo, are you singing”




It’s fun.)”

Everyone in the square is taking it easy.

Sometimes I see elves joking around with spirits, little gryphons playing, and villagers chatting.

This is the center of the village, so there are always people here.

When I’m here I have fun, and don’t feel lonely.

When I feel lonely about the people that went to the ruins not being here, I come to this place and always enjoy myself.

Scifo is humming, and I join him and sing.

The spirits fly around us, and at some point Freinet joins them and flutters around too.

As we’re doing this, an elf that likes music, named Michaelt arrives.

“Lerunda, I’ve been thinking about a new song.

Do you want to try singing it”

Scifo and I look at him with excitement in our faces.

I wonder what kind of song it is.

“It’s a song that celebrates this village and spirits.”

Says Mister Michaelt before singing it himself.

His voice is really pretty, and hearing it feels nice.

He gives me a piece of paper with the lyrics.

Scifo and I sing together while Mister Michaelt teaches us.

Can I learn it while Miss Lan isn’t here and show her when she comes back

I hum Mister Michaelt’s song on the way home, while thinking about how I want to do lots of things so I have lots to tell Miss Lan when she comes back.

—Girl and days without the educator – Part nine

(The miko helps with the work the educator usually does, and practices a new song.)


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