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Chapter 250 – The girl wants to fly more freely through the sky

Mister Villa arrives just a few days later.

He really doesn’t want to miss the moment the egg hatches.

The first time I saw him, he was attacking Phyto’s people, and then he said he was interested in the kind of being I am.

Back then he wouldn’t call me by my name, so I’m happy that he does now, and I’m happy that we’re both looking forward to the egg hatching, even if we have different reasons.

Right now, he’s carrying me a lot higher than I can fly on my own.

It feels different than when I’m riding on the backs of the gryphons.

Mister Douroean said I’m a miko of the god who rules over those that fly.

That’s why the gryphons were nice to me right from the start, and why Mister Villa and the other winged people were interested in me.

If that’s the case, can I fly more too

Apparently I can already use wind magic very well for a human.

Most humans are like Miss Lan, and can’t use magic at all.

But for some reason I can’t help but think about how nice it would be to fly more freely.

I also think I’d be able to understand these people who could become our friends better if I could do the same things they can.

I want to understand them and get along with them.

I have the miko’s power, so I’m not like other people, but I can still try to understand them.

We’re higher than what I’m used to.

When I look down, the scenery below us looks a little different.

Mister Douroean has big wings.

Can he fly with those big wings and body The sky must look a lot different from his point of view.

“Guru, gururuuru (Lerunda, aren’t you scared of being so high up)”

Asks Reimar, who is next to me and looks concerned.

“It’s all right.

Mister Villa, I should see if I can, knead magic energy well here, right”

The flow of magic energy feels different this high up, and magic energy is harder to knead.

Is it because the air is different

If I had wings too, it’d be easier to fly.

Wings to flap and fly…

As I think about this, Phyto is dancing down there to help me knead magic energy more easily.

Phyto is rooting for me, and Reimar and Mister Villa are watching over me, so I think I can push myself a little.

I’ll try doing what I want, and if I can’t, I’ll try one more time.

I start kneading my magic energy.

I was thinking about how I could fly more freely, and of course, what I need is wings like everyone around me who can fly has.

What is magic made of What can magic do From what I’ve heard, apparently if I can control magic energy well I can change it into the shape I want.

I feel like this is possible, so I knead my magic energy.

I focus on giving the magic energy the shape I want, and nothing more.

“Guru… (This is…)”


I can feel the magic energy taking shape on my back.

Mister Villa is carrying me, but after looking at my back, he lets go.

But still, I don’t fall.

I look back, and see what looks like white wings.

They were made with my magic energy, and are attached to my back with magic energy too.

These wings were created to assist me in flying.

As I kneaded the magic energy, I pictured something that would help me fly just by being there, even if I don’t flap them.

The magic took exactly the form I wanted, probably thanks to Phyto’s help.

Now I want to see myself in the river or in front of a mirror.

The wings are on my back, so I can’t actually see them.

“I did it!”

I say while smiling, because it went exactly as I wanted.

“Is this magic”


Can’t you use magic, Mister Villa”

“Few of us can.

We can fly instead, but…”

It feels weird having a conversation so high up, especially since I’m flying without any help from someone else.

Experiencing something new like this is fun.


(That’s incredible Lerunda.)”

“Lerunda! What are those wings! Amazing! Tell me more about them!!”

Before I know it, Miss Lan is down there too, and she sounds really excited.

She really likes learning about new things.

Mister Villa sighs and says ‘…she’s a bit too excited isn’t she’.

Miss Lan is excited, and I’m able to fly higher than before, so I’m going back down for now.

—The girl wants to fly more freely though the sky

(The miko wishes to fly more freely through the sky, and creates wings with magic energy.)


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