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Chapter 184 – Girl and picture book – Part three

The production of the picture book is advancing smoothly.

It’s not like I’m the one making it, but it’s about me, so I’ll say my thoughts from time to time, and try to contain Mister Ilma to make sure he doesn’t exaggerate.

…Miss Lan was going to draw the illustrations, but apparently she was having trouble doing it well, so they’ll be drawn by one of the elves instead.

I’m surprised by how good the drawings are, and how much cuter I look in them.

This elf is becoming a little popular, as word spreads about how good these illustrations are.

Miss Lan is very excited as she comments about how the picture book is turning out.

She’s very happy about making a picture book in a place like this, after she worked so hard to make paper.

I’m excited to see it too.

“…You’re in the book too, Scifo.”


(I can’t wait to see it.)”

I’m strolling around on Scifo’s back.

This village is still developing, and sometimes when I don’t see places for a short while, there are new things added there when I see them again.

I like seeing these changes.

Miss Lan likes to document when and where things are built.

She’s really hardworking, and says these notes will serve to help think about how the village will continue to develop.

“Gurugurururu (What about me)”

“Gurugururu! (It’s not fair if it’s only Scifo!)”

Say the little gryphons Rumiha and Yuin.

I say little, but they’re a little bigger than when I first met them.

They sound jealous that only Scifo is in the picture book.

They chirp below, near Scifo’s legs, and sound really cute.

“Miss Lan wants to make more, so I think you’ll all be in the next one.”

“Guruguruh! (Really!)”

“Gurugurururururu! (I hope we are!)”

They sound really happy about what I said.

The time I spend with the beasts contracted to me is really comfy.

I wish these peaceful days with my family never end,

As I sit on Scifo’s back and feel the warmth of the sun, I think back to what Miss Lan said.

This picture book is being made in part to control information, and to protect me because Miss Lan is worried.

It’s also to make sure people know that the monsters that formed a contract with me aren’t dangerous.

Everyone I formed a contract with, Scifo, the gryphons, and Freinet are very important to me.

I can’t imagine them ever doing anything bad.

People living in the village also don’t think of them as dangerous, but we don’t know how many more people will be living here in the future.

I don’t want to think about it, but there might be people that insist my family is dangerous, and want to throw me or my family out.

The picture book should give a good impression of us, to prevent that from happening.

I’m a little excited about what kind of picture book will come from this.

It feels weird to think about people reading about me in the form of a picture book, but I’m interested to see how it will turn out.

I see bits of it as it’s being made, but seeing the finished product will be different.


(Are they going to come out one after the other)”


Is this peaceful scenery I’m seeing going to be used in the picture book too …I have to make sure I don’t do anything that will be embarrassing later.

The thought of things being recorded forever makes me feel a little embarrassed already.

My life after being abandoned is going to be a picture book that everyone can read.

Thinking back, it really feels like that’s when my life began.

Before, I lived and breathed, but I didn’t do anything just because I wanted to.

I just listened to my parents, and thought it was natural for my sister to come first.

All I did was survive.

After being abandoned, I met everyone, and became me.

It sounds weird, but I feel like that’s where I became a person with real will.

The picture book starting when I was abandoned means it’s doing a good job showing my life.

I think as I relax on Scifo’s back.

“Gurugururu (What’s wrong)”

“…I’m just looking forward to reading it.”

“Guruguru! (And I’ll be in the next part!)”

“Yes, I’ll have them, write you in a cute way.”

I smile as I think about how cute Rumiha and Yuin will be in the picture book.

After a while, Miss Lan tells me it’s done.

—Girl and picture book – Part three

(The miko spends some time with the contracted beasts as she waits for the picture book to be completed, and receives word of its completion.)


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