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Chapter 157 – Girl, the hostage, and her people – Part two

“The daughter of god wants to be called by her name”

“The daughter of god”

They look surprised, and Phyto looks at me with a perplexed look on her face.

It’s probably because I was so direct, but I had to say it.

How are people going to know how we feel if we don’t say it We can’t read minds.


Right Phyto”

I look at Phyto, and her expression hasn’t changed.

Her people are still looking at me.

“I think it’s best, if you say what you think, Phyto.”

As far as I can tell, they care about Phyto.

I don’t get a bad feeling from them at all, and I somehow get the feeling that it’s alright.


(You should say how you feel.)”

Gaius is standing next to me, and he agrees.

Phyto can’t understand him, but I think she knows he agrees with me.

She looks straight into my eyes and nods.

She turns to her people and opens her mouth, looking like she made up her mind.

“People, hear what I have to say.

No… Can you listen to me”

She started speaking as the daughter of god, but changed it to the way she actually talks.

They treat Phyto like their ‘daughter of god’.

I’ve only heard a little of her story, so I don’t know exactly what their relationship is like.

I didn’t live with them.

But still, I want to encourage Phyto.

I know she wants to be accepted as just Phyto.

“Daughter of god… If you order us, we will listen to anything you say.”

“What is the matter, daughter of god”

“That’s the problem.

Just listen to me… Even if it’s just now… Not as the daughter of god, but as just Phyto…”

When Phyto was putting on the front of being the daughter of god, she spoke confidently and fluently, but once that shell was removed, Phyto became a girl that is not a great talker, like me.

I think it’s because she probably never had a lot of chances to talk to her people as just Phyto.

It might even be the first time, considering how surprised they look.

She’s been acting like the daughter of god all this time because she thought it was what she had to do.

I think she would’ve spent her whole life playing the role of daughter of god if she hadn’t met us.

It’s just a coincidence that she met us and confessed that she wants to be seen as herself and for people to call her by her actual name.

Phyto doesn’t talk a lot, so I don’t know everything she knows about this, but she told me she wants people to call her Phyto, and she wants to just be Phyto.

Now it looks like she’s made up her mind to tell them too.

“When I was five… It was decided that I am….

The daughter of god.”

She was only five.

That’s two years younger than I was when I was abandoned by my parents.

I was surprised when I was told I’m probably the miko, so how did she feel having to play that role from such a young age Is that what was waiting for me if I was the one who was taken away as the miko

“I was taught a lot of things, by the previous daughter of god.

About our role… And our people.”

Phyto looks directly at them as she speaks.

“So I wanted to be the daughter of god, everyone wished for… I was young, but I really looked up to the previous daughter of god.”

Phyto wanted to be what everyone around her wanted her to be because she admired the last daughter of god.

She sounds very determined.

That’s the reason why she spent years being the daughter of god.

“I thought… I would be the daughter of god for as long as you all wanted me to be.

But… The situation changed… Because I met Lerunda.”

Phyto looks my way.

None of us say anything, we just listen to her.

“We needed the daughter of god… Because that’s how things were… But we met Lerunda and the others, and wanted change… Also, Lerunda is very special.

I think she might even be, the real daughter of god… But even if she’s special… Lerunda still wants to be Lerunda.”

She says they needed the daughter of god, but have to change.

“Lerunda is special.

I don’t know, what people call her… But people call me daughter of god, and I act like it, but I don’t have any power… So I think it’s strange to be called that, and act that way.

I want to be treated like I’m me, not the daughter of god.”

Phyto says while looking at me, before turning back to her people.

She plainly said she has no powers.

—Girl, the hostage, and her people – Part two

(The miko thinks as she listens to the girl called the daughter of god.)


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