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Chapter 156 – Girl, the hostage, and her people – Part one

Mister Dongu and the others have made it so at least for starters, some select people from the other village can come to our village and see Phyto.

But just for safety’s sake, they will be brought here blindfolded.

After what happened with the winged people, they’ve sort of became categorized as friends in my mind.

It feels weird that the people that know about my abilities know the range of its effects is getting bigger because of this.

But I’ve accepted that I’m the miko, even if it gives me mixed feelings.

I decide to be there when Phyto’s people come, because I’m worried about her.

Of course, it won’t just be me.

Reimar, Rurumar, Scifo, and Freinet will go with me.

Other people that will be there are the wolf beast people Mister Oshashio and Mister Dongu, the cat beast people Mister Nirushi and Mister Guerade, the elves Mister Sileva and Miss Wetani, and Miss Lan.

Gaius is also going to be there in his wolf form in case something happens.

It’s good practice for him too.

“I am glad to see you looking well, daughter of god…”

“It has been a while since we last met, daughter of god.”

Say two people with tattoos on their faces.

They don’t say Phyto’s name, and call her daughter of god instead.

That makes me feel kind of sad.

In the village where I was born, it was normal for people to not call me by my name, so I didn’t mind it at all.

But the old man who was nice to me always looked sad about it.

I think I feel the same way now.

“Yes, I am in good health.

How is everyone”

It looks like Phyto is used to being called daughter of god.

After glancing at them, she speaks in a completely different way than when she talked with me and Gaius.

She’s playing the part of the ‘daughter of god’ like people expect from her.

She’s putting on a front instead of being herself.

“We are also doing well, all thanks to you.”

“Daughter of god…”

Daughter of god this, daughter of god that… No one calls her Phyto.

Looking at Phyto, I start wondering if I could’ve ended up just like her.

If I didn’t meet the gryphons and form a contract with them and didn’t meet the beast people, would people go around calling me Miss miko instead of Lerunda

I would try my best to act in a way that’s fit for the miko, and I’d be scared of doing anything that wasn’t appropriate for the miko.

I’d be playing a role just like Phyto.

Thinking about this just makes me feel sadder to be hearing people call Phyto ‘daughter of god’.

She loves her people.

That’s why she’s so quiet here in the village.

Deep down she wants to be Phyto and not the daughter of god, but does it for her people.

And they… They call her daughter of god, but judging by how they act and talk, I think they really are worried about her.

They care about Phyto.

Phyto cares about her people, and they care about her, so I really feel like telling them Phyto wants to live as just Phyto.

People die eventually.

I felt that very well when grandma died, so I want to live without regrets.

What I’m thinking and doing might be selfish, but I don’t want to just sit back and do nothing.

Nothing will come from that.

As I think this, I approach Phyto’s people.

“Hum, can you call Phyto, by her name”

I don’t know what to say, so I say that.

People might say I’m being careless approaching them like this, but I want to do something.

And I don’t think it’s really dangerous, because everyone is here, and Freinet is right next to me.


“Calling the daughter of god by her name you say…”

They say.

The position of daughter of god is really important to them.

Creating this position probably helped them in all sorts of ways, which is why Phyto is made out to be daughter of god, instead of just a girl.

I don’t know what led to it or what it does, but I know that Phyto wants to be called by her name, so…

“You want to be, called by your name, don’t you Phyto”

I say.

—Girl, the hostage girl, and her people – Part one

(The miko is present when the hostage girl sees her people again, and takes action.)


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