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Volume 6 Chapter 80 Heading to the northern seas

The leaves on the trees were becoming greener, which meant that the season was about to enter summer.

Just like last year, when summer came each year, there would be an increase in the sales of household magic machines.

Among them were the Magic Fans, the Magic Refrigerators, the Magic Air Conditioners, and the other household magic machines that could keep people cool during summer.

Different from last year, the household magic machines produced by the Lampuri Kingdom and the kingdoms around them no longer only stayed in the southwest countries, but rather headed towards the Marlow Empire, the Candra Empire, and even further countries.

Since the war between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire, all the countries on the continent knew about the strange and new military magic machines.

Along with this, other than learning about the military magic machines, they also learned about the household magic machines.

And among the various household magic machines, what the normal people cared about most were the household magic machines that could improve their lives.

So after the Candra Empire signed the trade agreement with the Lampuri Kingdom, opening up their market to them, there was nothing stopping these large amounts of household magic machines from entering this giant empire.

As for the Marlow Empire, there were no barriers to begin with.

Because the Marquis Southgate had already signed a cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the companies from the Lampuri Kingdom, allowing the Marlow Empire citizens to get the household magic machines sooner than the Candra Empire citizens.

Compared to the Candra Empire, the Marlow Empires only disadvantage was that they were in the far north. This was a great distance from the bases of these household magic machine companies in the southwest corner of the continent.

And the Marlow Empire had reacted quite quickly to this problem.

Less than half a month after the Marlow Empires delegate went back, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce received a proposition from the Marlow Empire. They hoped the Amrit Chamber of Commerce could enter the Marlow Empire and help the Marlow Empire build roads.

At the same time, they also wanted the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to connect the Marlow Empires road network to the network of the southwest countries by connecting it to the Falk Kingdom road network. That would create a smooth channel between the Marlow Empire and the southwest countries.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce naturally happily accepted this.

The land of the Marlow Empire was even greater than the land the countries in the southwest had, so if they could build all those roads, the benefits would be hard to imagine.

After signing the preliminary agreement, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce immediately sent out a team to scout the Marlow Empires terrain, making preparations for building the roads.

Moreover, as for the road they built in the Marlow Empires southwest province, because of this agreement, they would star expanding it.

If nothing unexpected happened, they would be able to build a road right to the Marlow Empires capital Angelo City by next year.

This road would be over two thousand kilometer long and it could be considered the longest continuous road built by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to date.

According to what chairman Cruise said before, this wasnt just an opportunity for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, it was also a challenge.

If they could build this road that was not only long and complicated, it would be considered a very big improvement for the entire Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi didnt find this that important. As a person who transmigrated from earth, the current road the Amrit Chamber of Commerce made was only considered the lowest grade of road to him.

Not to mention those tall highways that spanned over cities, it was even worse than a normal cross country highway.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerces road paving technology was still too immature.

But he didnt have time to pay attention to the challenges of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was undergoing an even greater challenge.


Xu Yi looked up at the sky and found that it was completely clear with bright sunlight falling down.

Looking down at the sea in the distance, he found that there were barely any waves and it could be considered very calm.

“Un, very good.” Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod, “It seems like its a good day to set sail today.”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet captain Narvil gave a laugh, “Of course, I already picked this day a long time ago because I knew that it would be calm.”

“Oh Then you can guarantee that it will be calm every day on the sea” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Narvil immediately waved his hand, “Sir chairman, please stop joking. The situation on the sea is very complicated, it might be calm one second and then a storm might appear the next, weve already tasted the difficulties of the sea before.”

“That was what you met on the southern seas, do you think itll be the same if you head north” Xu Yi asked.

“This…..” Narvil turned to look at the seas to the north of the Black Rice Harbour and after thinking for a bit, he shook his head, “Im not certain, but sir chairman, I believe that with my many years of experience on the sea, even if were taking a new route, there definitely wont be any problems. Of course, the more important thing is that we have the best boat in the world. As long as we have it, we dont have to worry at all!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and patted Narvils shoulder, “Itll depend on your confidence then. The first trip to the Marlow Empire will have to depend on you then.”

Narvil gave Xu Yi a salute and said with a serious look, “Sir chairman, please be assured. I will definitely complete this mission!”

Seeing his serious face, Xu Yi slowly shook his head.

“I dont need you to look like youll risk your life for this mission. Remember, this time youre only going on exploration and its good if you succeed, but if theres a problem, theres no need to force it. Your first choice is not to risk your life, but to come back safely, do you understand what I mean”

Narvil was surprised and he seriously looked over Xu Yis expression. Seeing that he was serious, he hesitantly asked, “Then…..Sir chairman, if something really happens, can we give up the cargo”

“Nonsense! Is cargo more important than human lives” Xu Yi reprimanded, “Remember, we can make more products if youre lost, but a human life cant be taken back. Compared to the cargo, you people are more important. This time I want you to open up a sea route, not to send you to your deaths.”

“Oh……I understand……” Narvil gave a nod, “Alright, sir chairman, I will definitely do my best to complete the mission, of course its on the basis that everyone will be safe.”

“Its good you understand.” Xu Yi nodded, “In order to make it smoother for you, I arranged two Magic Airships to go with you just in case something happens, so you can make more flexible choices. Remember, keep in touch with the commanders of the two Magic Airships to avoid accidents.”

“I understand. Sir chairman, be assured.”

“Good, then go prepare.” Xu Yi patted him on the shoulder again before signaling for him to leave.

Narvil gave a salute to Xu Yi and turned to head back to the large transport Magic Ship docked in the Black Rice Harbour.

There were currently three large transport Magic Ships docked in the Black Rice Harbour and ten guard ships, along with two Magic Airships.

After Narvil made his preparations, the two Magic Airships flew onto the deck of the large transport Magic Ship and followed these ships north.

The destination of this fleet was the northern harbour of the Marlow Empire.

This time the goal of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet, other than transporting the military and household magic machines that the Marlow Empire ordered, they also had the important task of opening up a route.

Before this, there wasnt a single fleet that had taken this trip before.

Because even if one looked at it with the most simple continental map, the distance between the Black Rice Wasteland in the southwest and the Marlow Empires northern harbour was over five thousand kilometers.

This terrifying distance, there wasnt a single boat that had safely made that journey.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet had made the three thousand kilometers trip to the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom to the southeast before, this couldnt compare to this trip.

Other than it being two thousand kilometers longer, the more important thing was that it was different taking a trip to the south and to the north.

The south sea had many changes, but no one knew how the northern seas would change.

Without this experience, it meant sailing into unknown danger.

Moreover, based on the materials the Marlow Empire provided, the northern sea would be frozen for almost half the year. They could only navigate in the four to five months between early summer to early fall.

With the speed of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet, if everything went smoothly, a trip would only take a little more than half a month.

Adding in the stops in the middle to resupply as well as taking time to unload the cargo, it would take them at least a month to make this trip.

If there was an accident, they couldnt estimate the time.

Because there were many unpredictable dangers in the middle of this trip and because since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made contact with the Marlow Empire, this would be their first cargo transported, this was very important to Xu Yi.

Not only had he prepared the most experienced sailors, he had even added two Magic Airships as support.

With three hundred fully armed Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, as long as they didnt meet a natural disaster, there shouldnt be any dangers that would pose a threat to them.

After half an hour, the fleet had finished their preparations.

Xu Yi didnt listen to Narvils suggestion to give a speech on the deck of the large transport Magic Ship because he didnt want to make this trip too serious, giving people more pressure.

Like he had said to Narvil before, talented people were the most important.

Even if the trip was a failure, they could just try again next time.

But if they lost these people, these people with rich sailing experience, it would be hard to replace them.

After everything was prepared, the large transport Magic Ship that Narvil was on shot three Magic Cannons into the sea before slowly heading forward.

The other two large transport Magic Ships and the ten guard ships followed behind it and these thirteen ships slowly left the Black Rice Harbour before gradually speeding up. It didnt take long before they disappeared into the horizon to the north.

Looking at the fleet vanishing into the horizon, Xu Yi estimated that their supplies would last them several days. He suddenly felt a pull at the hem of his shirt.

There was a clear little girls voice that came from below.

“Hey, sir chairman, when can we start exploring the depths of the endless seas”-

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