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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 78 - Serious loss

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Hafra looked at the sky outside the shop and he revealed a look of worry.

Prado had been summoned by the Lord City Lord at noon and it was already past two in the afternoon, but he still wasnt back, which made one curious.

Even if it was said that the Lord City Lord was impressed by Prado and kept him for lunch, he still should have come back after the meal.

It was impossible that the Lord City Lord would like him so much that he kept him for dinner too, right

“Uncle, what do we do now” Nasus on the side gave a yawn before asking Hafra this.

Hafra looked at him and waved his hand, “You dont need to stay here, go and check the Magic Car. If its all good, we might leave this place tomorrow or the day after, so we cant let anything happen to the Magic Car.”

Nasus curled his lips, “What is there to check The Frestech Chamber of Commerces things are always good, there wouldnt be any problems.”

“I told you to go, so go!” Hafra glared at him.

Nasus reluctantly mumbled something before getting up to go out.

When he came to the door, there were several big figures that walked in and blocked the door of the shop.

Nasus was stunned as he looked at them. He suddenly noticed that these people were wearing the armour of the city guards and he couldnt help being surprised.

Then he was surprised to find that he recognized the one leading them. It was captain Wayne who had been guarding the gate when they came to the city.

Captain Wayne looked at Nasus before looking at Hafra who had just stood up in the shop.

After looking at Hafra, he gave a nod and waved his hand, “Its them, catch them!”

The city guards behind him suddenly came forward and grabbed the two of them.

“Hey, what are you doing What did we do wrong How can you catch us like this” Nasus shouted out while struggling.

However, he was just a teen, so how could he fight against the trained city guards. He could only shout a few times and couldnt do anything.

Although Hafra was also surprised, he was more experienced and was calmer than Nasus.

He looked at captain Wayne who was leading them and gave him a questioning look.

Captain Wayne looked over and shook his head.

Hafra understood and called out to Nasus for him to be quiet.

Captain Wayne waved his hand and the city guards locked up those two.

In the two horse carriages of the city guards, they headed to the city guards barracks in the south of the city.

Then after sending them there, they were locked up in the same cell.

“Uncle, this…..what is going on” After the city guards left the cell, Nasus finally couldnt take the fear in his heart and he asked Hafra this.

“Calm down.” Hafra patted his shoulder and took out the sesame seed cake from lunch that he had concealed in his chest to give to him, “Eat something first and calm down.”

Nasus looked at the sesame seed cake in a daze. Why are you having me eat at a time like this How can I eat this!

“Remember, you have to be calm no matter what happens. Then you have to remember that no matter what happens, you have to fill your stomach. If you have strength, at least you can react when its necessary, understood”

Seeing the serious look on Hafras face, Nasus gave a nod that didnt seem like he really understood.

After thinking about it, he took it and broke off half for Hafra before swallowing the other half. He was chewing while he was in deep thought.

Seeing that Nasus had calmed down, Hafra looked at the sesame seed cake half in his hand and gave a nod of praise.

This nephew of his being able to listen to his words and calm down in this situation, even giving him half of the sesame seed cake made him very satisfied.

If they could safely escape this time, he might really train him as a successor.

After a pause, Hafra forced the other half into his mouth and chewed it while he was in thought.

Although captain Wayne hadnt told him much earlier, he could still realize something from it.

First, captain Wayne had him not act rashly because todays matter involved something big, so he had to be careful

This reaction actually made Hafra much more assured.

Because it meant that they wouldnt encounter any serious consequences, so there should be some leeway.

Otherwise, captain Waynes expression would have been more serious.

Finally, captain Wayne was willing to tell him this, which meant that he was willing to help him.

It was that in this matter, he couldnt help all that much, but it was important that he could have this attitude. It meant that this matter wasnt that serious, otherwise captain Wayne wouldnt have dared to participate as a captain of a small city guard group.

Thinking of this, Hafra let out a slow breath and relaxed. He leaned against the wall of the cell and closed his eyes as he began to rest.

Nasus looked at Hafra and tilted his head before also lying down. He had actually fallen asleep just like that.

After around an hour, there were footsteps that came from outside the cell.

When Hafra opened his eyes, he found that there was only captain Wayne outside.

But he was a bit cautious at this time, looking around from time to time, looking like he was sneaking around.

Seeing captain Wayne acting like this, Hafras eyes lit up. He immediately stood up and came to the door of the cell.

Captain Wayne quickly came to the side of the cell and Hafra was already waiting beside it. He couldnt help smiling, thinking that this merchant from afar was quite smart.

“Captain Way…..”

Hafra had just said this when captain Wayne put a finger to his lips and made a sign for him to be quiet.

Hafra immediately closed his mouth and looked at him.

“Just listen and dont ask.” Captain Wayne came a bit closer and lowered his voice, “According to what Ive learned, youve caught the attention of someone very important, so you cant avoid this crime. But you dont need to worry since there arent any serious punishments or any dangers to your life. Remember, when you are tried tomorrow, dont try to argue and honestly admit to everything because this is the result they want. If you dont work with them……You should understand what I mean.”

Hearing how serious captain Wayne was, Hafra gave a nod with a serious look. Then he looked out the cell and reached into his chest, taking out a small purse for captain Wayne.”

“Many thanks for captain Waynes help. I still have to trouble you to ask about my big brother, who is Prado.”

Captain Wayne hesitated a bit before taking the purse.

“I dont know about your big brother, but Ive heard that hes being kept by Lord City Lord right now, so there shouldnt be that big of a problem.”

“Alright, thank you.”

“Remember what I said, play along if you want to keep your life.” After saying this, captain Wayne suddenly left.

Watching captain Wayne disappear, Hafra was silent for a bit before turning to wake up Nasus and talking to him in a low voice.


Three days later, Hafra, Praod, and Nasus were sitting in a horse carriage leaving Laru City.

Nasus turned to look at the tall Laru City gates behind him with an unwilling look on his face.

“Uncle, were going back just like this”

Hafra and Prado looked at each other before Hafra gave a sigh and shook his head, “Alright, being able to leave with our lives this time is already good enough.”

“But……But not only did they take all the money we made, they even took our Magic Car, how can they do that!” Nasus face was filled with rage, “The people of the Candra Empire dont need to follow laws”

Prados expression looked a bit awkward, but he couldnt refute this with the anger and dissatisfaction in his heart.

After being called by the Lord City Lord three days ago, the Lord City Lord and a noble miss had asked him about the clothes that he had sold.

Prado had thought that these clothes had piqued the interest of the Lord City Lord and this noble miss, so he was feeling very happy.

But when he explained that these clothes came from the Lampuri Kingdom, that noble miss expression suddenly changed and the Lord City Lord had someone lock him up.

Then after a trial that was already determined, they were sentenced to committing fraud and not paying taxes. Not only was all their income confiscated, even the large transport Magic Car that Hafra and Nasus drove here were also confiscated.

Prados shop in Laru City was also closed because of these two charges and Prado had lost his rights to being a merchant.

Their loss this time was over five thousand gold coins.

Then Prado lost his shop and his rights as a merchant which was even worse.

Prado had been in Laru City for over ten years, but now he had lost everything in a single night, so it could be imagined what kind of a blow this was to him.

It was a good thing that Hafra who was also locked up conformed him after three days.

Hafra said that Prado could just go back to the Lampuri Kingdom with them.

Although the loss of several thousand gold coins was very serious for Hafra, with the business he had started in Lampuri Kingdom, he could still keep going after getting back.

Moreover, even if this hit was big for them, Hafra and Prado was certain that with the cheap goods of the Lampuri Kingdom, they wouldnt need to worry about selling them with the good price they could get from the Candra Empire.

This was a very wide market with prospects and as long as they grasped it well, they could easily earn back several thousand gold coins.

The only question was what had happened to them in Laru City in the end.

If it was just Laru City, that was one thing that wasnt really a problem.

But if this was the will of the entire Candra Empire, that was a very serious problem……-

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