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Volume 6 Chapter 9 No need for a Frost Array

When the meeting ended, there was no conclusion to the matter of cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because other than president Gascione asking about Arch Magus Camillas attitude, he never said anything else.

The other elders were already used to this. Anyway, it wasnt the end yet, so the president wouldnt show his stance.

Not to mention that the matter of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to most of the elders was only a small matter not worth mentioning at all.

Even if this matter involved an honoured Arch Magus and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu was an important Great Magician, this matter was only involving the Low Grade Magicians.

Although these Low Grade Magicians made up over 80% of the magicians on the Sines Continent, in the eyes of the elders, they werent even as important as a single Arch Magus.

So instead of wasting time thinking of them, it was better to think of a way to pull over the newly promoted Arch Magus Camilla.

Anyway, it didnt matter if these Low Grade Magicians couldnt remain in the magic circle. There would be countless new magicians with talent for magic that joined, so the Magicians Guild didnt need to worry about their foundations.

But after the meeting, president Gascione had Great Magician Ferguson remain, saying that he wanted to talk to him alone.

The other elders werent surprised by this since this matter involved Arch Magus Camilla. Based on the attitude of the president earlier, he should attach great importance to Arch Magus Camilla.

Talking to Great Magician Ferguson alone must be because he wanted to ask about Arch Magus Camilla.

However, when everyone left and there was only president Gascione and Great Magician Ferguson left on the Magic God Throne, president Gascione didnt talk about Arch Magus Camilla at all.

“Ferguson, what do you think is the current yearly income of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Great Magician Ferguson was surprised. He was thinking how would he know, that was the secret of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Dont give me an accurate number, its fine to give me an estimate.” President Gascione added.

“This……” Great Magician Ferguson thought for a while before helplessly shaking his head, “President, I really dont understand much about this. But Im certain that the various household magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce are very popular in the surrounding countries, this was something I saw all the way from the Marlow Empire to the Stantine Duchy. So I think…..their yearly income should be very high.”

“Very high How high Can it pass ten million” President Gascione continued asking in an interested voice.

“Ten million……Im not certain, but based on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, I think that it shouldnt be that much of a problem. It might even…..be higher than that.”

“Is that so If its like this, then we might have to seriously consider the plan this Xu Yi put forth.” President Gascione said with a faint smile.

“President, youre planning on cooperating with them”

“I was already planning on cooperating with them, but the difference is the degree of cooperation.” President Gascione paused before continuing, “I only felt that since this Xu Yi was only a Great Magician, he should be very willing to work with our Magicians Guild to build a name for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, letting us help him solve some problems. But after seeing your report, I think that its different.”

Great Magician Fergusons eyes lit up, “Sir chairman, could it be that youve set your eyes on the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

President Gascione looked at Great Magician Ferguson with a ghost of a smile on his face.

“If were talking about magic tools, its clear that our Magicians Guild far surpasses the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is able to earn so much from those simple magic tools while our Magicians Guild has invested all that time into studying them, but weve never earned a large amount of money from them. Just this is very much worth me being jealous.”

Great Magician Ferguson was surprised by president Gascione, thinking that the meaning of the presidents words meant that his appraisal of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was too high.

The Magicians Guild couldnt earn money from the magic tools for thousands of years, but a small company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could. Did this mean the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was stronger than the Magicians Guild

“As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I remember that the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild proposed the patents before, which we passed after studying it. Then the Frestech Chamber of Commerce applied for many patents to the headquarters, right”

Before inspecting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Great Magician Ferguson had studied the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so naturally he knew about this. He gave a nod after hearing this, “Yes, there are over one hundred and thirty thousand patents at the headquarters and just the ones from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce surpass seventy thousand.”

Thinking of this, Great Magician Ferguson couldnt help giving praise.

“I really dont know how this small company can develop such novel things with magic. A full seventy thousand patents, that can create a whole basic magic system.”

“Since theyre willing to apply for so many patents with the headquarters, it means that they are willing to accept the leadership of the guild. Since its like this, its easier to take care of.” President Gascione thought for a bit before saying, “Ferguson, Ill have to trouble you to go to the Stantine Duchy again.”

Great Magician Ferguson wasnt surprised, “President, please give you orders.”

“But president, what attitude should I show Xu Yi this time”

“Theres no need to show an attitude.” President Gascione revealed a confident smile, “As long as you tell him that the headquarters is willing to work with him, but need the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to show their sincerity, I think that Xu Yi will definitely know what to do.”

Great Magician Ferguson understood immediately and gave a nod.

After leaving the Magic God Throne, Ferguson flew into the City in the Sky. He looked around before walking towards the most prosperous business street in the City in the Sky.

He would go to the Stantine Duchy, so he had to make some preparations for the trip.

Although the City in the Sky was a magician city, it didnt mean that there were only magicians in the city.

Although this place was the place with the highest density of magicians, magicians were still people, they still needed to live. So the City in the Sky wasnt that different from other cities, there were also living and business areas.

Great Magician Ferguson headed to the business street in the southwest of the city, it was the most prosperous and normal street in the city.

As long as you had money, you could buy all kinds of goods on this street.

Great Magician Ferguson had just walked into the street and was about to head to the store that he frequented the most, but he saw a group gathered in front and heard loud noises coming from it.

“Did something happen” Great Magician Ferguson knitted his brows and went closer.

“I dont want it, isnt that enough I have no money, so I cant just not get it Are you magicians all this unreasonable” There was a sharp female voice from the crowd that sounded very grating.

“When was I being unreasonable” A deep middle aged mans voice replied, “You clearly agreed last week to let me prepare a week in advance to lay a large scale Frost Array for your store. You even gave me the deposit and now youre telling me you dont need it Are you playing me”

“Ai, how could I dare play a noble magician But I really dont need this large scale Frost Array now. What about it Could it be that youre going to force me to buy it”

“Nonsense! How dare you insult a noble and honest magician! When did I force you to buy it”

“Youre forcing me to lay down this large scale Frost Array, how is this not forcing me to buy!”

“I didnt……”


That woman was clearly someone who had done business for many years, so she had a sharp mouth. The middle aged magician was someone who focused on studying magic, so how could he win when it came to arguing

Great Magician Ferguson listened on the side for a while and seeing that the middle aged magician was slowly giving up, he knitted his brows. He used his magic and the crowd felt a gentle force pushing them aside, creating a path.

This was the City in the Sky, there were magicians everywhere, but Great Magician Fergusons actions clearly caught everyones attention.

Seeing everyone look over, Great Magician Ferguson took off his hood and revealed his face. He said with a cold snort, “What is going on”

Great Magician Ferguson was one of the sixteen elders of the Magicians Guild headquarters, he had incomparable prestige in the City in the Sky. Everyone recognized him and gave him a bow.

“You, tell me what is going on.” Great Magician Ferguson waved his hand at the middle aged magician.

The middle aged magician slowly came over and explained the matter to Great Magician Ferguson.

Although he wasnt good at speaking, based on his account, Great Magician Ferguson was able to understand that the story was no different from what they had just said.

This sharp mouthed woman was the owner of a large cotton material shop on this street. Because of the approaching summer heat, she scheduled this middle aged magician last week to help her arrange a large scale Frost Array in her shop this week.

This was what many large stores did in the City in the Sky, so there was no problem.

But when the middle aged magician came to arrange the Magic Array this year, the boss had rejected him. She claimed that the store didnt need a large scale Frost Array, so the deal from before was null and she asked the middle aged magician to give back the deposit.

The middle aged magicians business was gone and now he was being asked to return the deposit, so the two of them began arguing over this.

After hearing this, Great Magician Ferguson knitted his brows and quickly made his decision.

“Since she doesnt need you to arrange the large scale Magic Array, you can just listen to her. We are magicians, we arent bandits.” Great Magician Ferguson first reprimanded the middle aged magician before turning to the boss and saying with a serious expression, “But no matter what, you cant take back the deposit, those are the rules.”

The smile on the boss face became stiff before she waved her hand, “Since Lord Ferguson has said this, well do this then.”

The crowd saw that Great Magician Ferguson came out and the two sides quickly backed down, since there was nothing else to watch, they left on their own.

The boss knew that there were no benefits in staying here, so after giving Great Magician Ferguson a bow, she turned to head back to her store.

“Wait.” Great Magician Ferguson called out to stop her.”

“Lord Ferguson, do you still need something” The boss was a bit nervous as she looked at Great Magician Ferguson.

“Tell me, why do you not need a large scale Frost Array anymore The hottest weather is about to be her and if your store doesnt have a large scale Frost Array, arent you worried that your customers arent willing to come”

The boss let out a soft sigh of relief before giving a soft laugh, “How could that be, of course were prepared. But it isnt a large scale Frost Array, but rather…..”

“A Magic Air Conditioner, right” Great Magician Ferguson cut her off.

The boss was surprised, “How did you know”

Great Magician Fergusons face sunk a bit as he looked towards the boss shop. He could feel the gentle and stable magic waves coming from it before turning to look back at the middle aged man who was a bit stunned, feeling a bit of emotion that he didnt know how to describe.-

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