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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 50 - Ampriston Town

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Ampriston Town was on the southwest corner of the Mirando Duchy. It bordered the Rudson Kingdom to the south and was surrounded by the Lampuri Kingdom to the north and west.

Rivers flowed into the center of this town before flowing further east.

This river was called the Sandy River in the Lampuri Kingdom, but it was called the Mirando River in the Mirando Duchy.

The reason for this was because any river that was more than fifty meters wide in the Mirando Duchy could be considered a river.

Other than this river, Ampriston Town wasnt any different from the other towns of the Mirando Duchy, it was just as peaceful and calm.

This Ampriston Town had existed for several hundred years on the continent. No matter how the continent changed, no one would be interested in this small town without any special characteristics.

The people of Ampriston Town thought the same. They had lived for several hundred years like this, living peaceful lives every day until the day they died.

However, when the continent entered the second half of year 3783, the peace of this town was broken.

It was a certain day when several large boats floated down the Mirando River.

There was the mark of the Lampuri Kingdom on these boats, but other than some men who spoke with the accent of Banta City that wasnt far away upriver, there were also large beastmen with strange appearance who looked quite fierce!

However, what surprised the people of Ampriston Town was that these large beastmen didnt run around killing and pillaging. Rather after they got off the boat, they began working under the directions of the humans.

After watching for some time, people found that these beastmen werent the legendary beastman slaves.

Because the humans on the boat didnt restrict the beastmen, rather they treated them no different from normal people.

As time passed, when people looked away from the strange beastmen, they noticed something else surprising.

Before they realized it, there was actually a large wharf that had been built by the Mirando River!

And not far away from this wharf, there was a giant building. It was almost double the size of the largest church in town.

Everyone was surprised by this building.

They couldnt understand it at all, why did these Lampuri Kingdom people come to this small town to build such a large wharf and to build this unknown building

Even if these people were accompanied by the mayor and there were even important people like Counts that came to inspect these things that the duchy had approved of, people were still worried.

But that worry didnt last long. It didnt take long before the people of the town realized that these people brought them many benefits.

There were over a hundred humans and beastmen who came from that boat. Although they brought all kinds of goods off the boat, they didnt prepare any food or clothing. If they wanted to solve that problem, they naturally had to turn to the town.

These large men all seemed to be rich and they were generous. When they ate a meal, they gave several silver coins which was several times more than what the ingredients had cost.

Moreover, other than when they eat, these large men work hard, so they love drinking wine at night.

Although the wine of Ampriston Town wasnt considered that good, these men, especially the beastmen took everything and drank it all down.

Once they were addicted, they might even lose a gold coin.

In just over a month, the people of the town were surprised to find that because of this mysterious fleet, they had gained many surprising benefits.

It was a pity that this didnt last. After the wharf and the unknown building were finished, these men left the town.

But before they could be disappointed for more than a few days, there were several hundred human men who had arrived in this town.

These men didnt come from the Mirando River, rather they were riding a strange thing called the Magic Car when they arrived.

After stopping at this town, these men started to walk around the town.

They said that they were preparing to build a road.


Ampriston Town shared a border with the Lampuri Kingdom, so they had heard of this thing that had been all over the Lampuri Kingdom. However, why did they come here to build this thing

But the answer didnt matter to the people of the town. The most important thing was that because these people were here, the board and lodging business in the town became prosperous.

Even well informed merchants started moving after asking these people, building a restaurant on the newly built wharf just to cater to these people.

After a few months, there were three more roads in this town.

One led to the west, extending to the Lampuri Kingdom.

The other went to the east, extending towards the capital of the Mirando Duchy.

As for the final road, it was strange that it entered the Rudson Kingdom to the south, but they didnt know where it led to.

After the road and the wharf were finished, another large group of people flooded into the city overnight.

There were a bunch of strange metal things that were brought into that strange building. Then there was a notice on the towns government board, announcing that the city was recruiting workers.

Looking at the wage on the post, there was a wave of people that charged to the door of the strange building.

Youre asking why

Nonsense! Ten gold coins a month! Moreover that included lunch! There were even rewards for holidays!

Who wouldnt want to snatch such good work

In the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that had some fame in the Lampuri Kingdom recruited a hundred workers in this town. They went into the strange building not far away from the wharf…..no, the rare earth resources smelting factory.

The rest that werent recruited werent too disappointed. According to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would be building several household magic machine factories here in the future and would be recruiting workers.

According to the slightly fat middle aged man who came to recruit workers, he even guaranteed that not long after, every person in Ampriston Town will have a decent job. Not only would they not have to worry about food or clothing, they could even enjoy a better life.

No one doubted his words because as people of a small town, they werent worth lying to at all.

Everyone was waiting for the end of winter with hope.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces vice chairman said that when spring came and the weather changed, it would be easier to build factories.

For the people of the town, they could already see the beautiful jobs entering their hands.

At this time, no one noticed that from time to time, there would be a bunch of goods that were moved out of the rare earth resource smelting factory. It was either loaded into the boats on the wharf or were loaded into large Magic Cars.

Their final destination was to the west, entering the Lampuri Kingdom.

While everyone was immersed in the fantasies of tomorrow, there was a boat that came upstream from the Mirando River and stopped at the wharf.

At the same time, there was a normal horse carriage that entered the town from the east and stopped at the entrance of the towns government building.

Magician Bucares came out of the horse carriage and the mayor of Ampriston Town, Baron Lofik came forward.

“Greetings your excellency Bucares. Chairman Xu isnt here yet, how about we sit on the side and wait”

“No need, Ill wait here.” Magician Bucares waved his hand and stood at the entrance, looking at the entrance to the town with a hopeful look.

“This…..Your excellency Bucares, if you stand here…..it attracts too much attention. I dont think chairman Xu will like this.” Baron Lofik reminded him in a low voice.

“Oh Oh……thats right.” Magician Bucares reacted and after thinking about it, he entered the government building.

Baron Lofik let out a sigh before quickly following him.

Along the way, Magician Bucares suddenly remembered something and turned to nod at Baron Lofik, saying with a look of praise, “Baron Lofick, based on the situation outside, Ampriston Town really has changed. I feel that the people in your town are much more spirited and they are clearly much richer. When I was walking along, I could even smell the fragrance of meat.”

Baron Lofik laughed, “Indeed it is like this, our Ampriston Town is much better than before. But this is all thanks to Magician Bucares grace. If you didnt direct the Frestech Chamber of Commerce here, our town would have never become like this.”

“Then you should thank the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and chairman Xu, what are you thanking me for” Baron Bucares waved his hand and after pausing, he suddenly said in a deep voice, “But Ive heard…..Baron Lofik, in this half a year, youve made some unreasonable request to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Youve demanded a bribe five times from the one in charge of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right”

Baron Lofiks expression changed and he forced himself to stay calm as he shook his head, “How could that be possible! The Duke and Count Plimpton have told me countless times to satisfy all the needs of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could I make it hard for them”

“Is that so But Count Plimpton was the one who personally told me this before leaving, I hope that it wasnt just him believing in rumours, right” Magician Bucares said in a dark voice.

Baron Lofik was covered in cold sweat, but when he wanted to speak, there was a laughter that came from the door that cut him off.

“The Lord Count must have made a mistake. Our company has a happy cooperation with the Lord Baron, how could such a thing happy”

Baron Lofik looked as happy as drinking a bowl of warm soup during winter. He turned to see Xu Yi walking in and he greeted him with a look of gratitude.

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