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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 13 - Sales strategy

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Xu Yi slowly shook his head. Although his expression was calm, always having a faint smile, there was a firm tone in his voice that made it easy for people to understand his meaning.

“I can give a portion of the normal household magic machines to you all, but the Magic Cars arent even enough to support the needs of Banta City and the surrounding cities, so naturally I cant give them to you.”

The Meierda Trading Companys chairman, Ladis Sampson had a disappointed look, “You really cant bend the rules at all Chairman Xu, I came all the way here from Sowell City, you cant just have me go back empty handed, right”

“How are you going back empty handed” Xu Yi acted surprised, “Didnt I say that we can discuss the normal household magic machines and we can even consider selling the scarce bicycles, but we really cant do the Magic Cars. Our company cant meet our local demand and we have a large number of orders that we havent completed yet, so we cant take any more orders.”

“But the Sack Kingdom side said that as long as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is willing to sell, they can even offer ten thousand gold coins for one!” Chairman Sampson didnt give up, “Ten thousand gold coins for one! Chairman Xu, doesnt your large sized transport Magic Car only sell for five thousand gold coins per car If youre willing to sell for ten thousand gold coins for one, putting aside the transport cost and the possible danger, you could earn at least two thousand gold coins extra from each one. Arent you moved by this”

“Im very moved.” Xu Yi nodded, but his tone didnt relax at all, “But no means no. Our companys capacities are limited, we cant supply them.”

“It is really like this” Chairman Sampson looked at Xu Yi with doubt and after pausing, he said in a pleading tone, “Chairman Xu, you cant just divert a part of the orders That side is honestly requesting Magic Cars and if you can satisfy their requests, I think itll be very smooth to cooperate with them in the future. Just using a few Magic Cars to create this relationship, I think its very worth it.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and spread his hands, as he said with a helpless look, “If it was possible, I want to do it too. But facts show that its impossible. Alright, chairman Sampson, lets not raise this matter. Lets discuss what magic machines you are ordering this time.”

Seeing that Xu Yi wouldnt budge at all, chairman Sampson was helpless. After being silent for a bit, he shook his head with a look of regret.

“Alright, according to the information from that side, the Sack Kingdom has a high demand for household magic machines and the highest demand is for Magic Fans. So, chairman Xu, I have to ask you to provide me with enough Magic Fans this time. I think…..it has to be at least a hundred thousand units.”

“A hundred thousand units” Xu Yi was a bit surprised and he couldnt help revealing a smile, “It seems like the Sack Kingdoms demand has exploded after seeing the benefits.”

“Theres no other way, the weather is getting hotter. The Magic Air Conditioners are rather expensive and not anyone can use it, so the cheaper Magic Can is the most popular one.” Chairman Sampson said with a smile, “Actually, its the same for our Sowell City. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base has just started and there are people who want to order Magic Fans ahead of time.”

“This is a good thing. As a merchant, seeing my products being welcomed like this makes me very happy.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Of course, of course.” Chairman Sampson kept nodding, “So, chairman Xu, we need at least a hundred thousand Magic Fans. As for the others…..I need at least five thousand Magic Rice Cookers, the same for Magic Stoves, also around five thousand of them. As for Magic Lamps, theres a bigger demand for them, so I need at least two hundred thousand of them and all the various kinds of them, including…..”

“Wait!” Xu Yi suddenly raised his hand to stop chairman Sampson.

“What” Chairman Sampson was surprised before knitting his brows, “Chairman Xu, is there a problem Could it be that you want to tell me that you cant meet my request for these household magic machines”

“How could that be” Xu Yi shook his head, “Of course, accurately speaking, that is correct.”

Chairman Sampson was surprised before becoming angry, “Chairman Xu, could it be that youre playing me You just said to me that we could discuss these household magic machines, right Now that Ive made this order, you cant satisfy it Dont forget, you were the one that connected to our company in Sowell City and said that you wanted to smuggle magic machines to the Sack Kingdom, now you have this attitude once we start cooperating I really have misread you!”

Xu Yi remained calm and waved his hand. He said with a faint smile, “Dont be angry now, listen to me first. My meaning is for the amount that you proposed, although our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can provide it all, I hope that chairman Sampson would consider another plan. Its to take a part of this order and give it to the other companies.”

“Other companies” Chairman Sampson was a bit confused, “Chairman Xu, do you know the profit from selling to the Sack Kingdom You want to take a part of that and share it with the other companies Could it be that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt want to earn money”

“We do, of course we do.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “But I think that it shouldnt be just our company making money and everyone should earn money together, what do you think”

Chairman Sampson looked at Xu Yi for a while before shaking his head with a look of doubt.

“I really dont know what chairman Xu is thinking. If youre proposing this, it isnt impossible since the magic machines of the other companies are cheaper. Although their quality is worse than your Frestech Brand, the Sack Kingdom fellows cant tell, so I can earn more by selling it to them. But chairman Xu, wouldnt your Frestech Chamber of Commerce lose profit like this Are you certain you want to do this”

“Of course.” Xu Yi nodded, not looking like he was joking, “Moreover, I have another request, which is to separate prices based on the prices in our Lampuri Kingdom. When you sell these brands in the Sack Kingdom, you should have the same difference in prices.”

“Which means…..even if Im selling it in the Sack Kingdom, the price of your Frestech Brand magic machines should be higher than the other brands” Chairman Sampson was completely confused, “Chairman Xu, the Sack Kingdom fellows havent used household magic machines before, so theyll definitely choose to buy the cheaper ones. Dont blame me for not reminding you, but if you do this, your Frestech Brand magic machines wont be favoured when the Sack Kingdom market is opened.”

“I understand, but this is our companys sales strategy.”

Chairman Sampson looked at Xu Yi for a bit before he couldnt help shaking his head and saying with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, I really dont understand you.”

Xu Yi laughed and didnt comment on this at all.

After considering it for a bit, chairman Sampson finally accepted Xu Yis proposal.

After all, just like he had reminded Xu Yi, if he chose the household magic machines of other brands, he could reduce the cost much more. Then when he sold it to the Sack Kingdom, his profit would be much higher, so naturally he would be happy to choose this method of cooperation.

But he wasnt willing to give up on the products of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. In the end, the Frestech Brand magic machines were much better than the other brands when it came to quality and performance. Even if it was a bit more expensive, with the large demand in the Sack Kingdom, he didnt need to worry about sales.

Generally speaking, the Sack Kingdom had no household magic machines flowing in the market, so it was the first time household magic machines were flowing into the Sack Kingdom with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce cooperating with the companies led by the Meierda Trading Company.

The people of the Sack Kingdom were like the people of the Lampuri Kingdom before the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were very curious about this new thing.

Moreover, after using the household magic machine, they would definitely want it like the people of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Actually, if it wasnt for the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom being enemies, the Sack Kingdom would be trying to import all kinds of magic machines like the Rudson Kingdom.

After they finished discussing this, Xu Yi gave the list he already prepared for chairman Sampson.

This list had some household magic machine companies recommended by Xu Yi. If chairman Sampson wanted to buy from other brands, he would naturally pick from this list.

Xu Yi had spent quite a bit of time on this list.

As the chairman of the Banta City Magic Machine Business Union, he naturally needed to give precedence to the Banta City companies.

But taking in more consideration, which included his agreement with the king, Xu Yi also needed to consider the household magic machine companies of other cities.

To satisfy the need here, Xu Yi had to guarantee that chairman Sampsons benefits werent harmed, so when he chose these magic machine companies, Xu Yi had performed a serious inspection of each company to ensure that there werent any major quality issues with these companies.

Although this was Xu Yi giving these companies a chance to break into a large market, this was also a challenge for them.

If there was a problem because of a quality issue, it would create a bad impression of magic machines in the Sack Kingdom and harm their future development.

As for chairman Sampson, naturally he didnt have any objections with this list.

He didnt understand much of the magic machine industry, he didnt know any other magic machine companies other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi was in the dominant position in this cooperation, so all he could do was check the list a few times and carefully pick the companies.

After reaching an initial agreement with chairman Sampson and agreeing to go to the companies on the list with him tomorrow, by normal standards, Xu Yi should have invited chairman Sampson to a meal.

But Xu Yi explained to chairman Sampson that he would call Kennard to continue this discussion with chairman Sampson, as well as discussing a few details of the Frestech Brand household magic machines. Meanwhile, he himself would be leaving the Falling Rain Valley.

There was a more important matter waiting for him in Banta City.

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