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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 89 - From the city

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Old man Anduin came out and looked at the desolate land that had once been bountiful since the harvest was over. After hesitating a bit, he sat at the door and took out his homemade pipe to take a few puffs as he tightly knit his brows.

“Yi Old man, why arent you going to the farm, why are you sitting here” Aunt Vera was just about to go out for a stroll when she saw old man Anduin sitting at the door, immediately becoming curious.

“I was considering something.” Old man Anduin tapped the ground with his pipe and indicated for Vera to sit down, “How do you think…..we should take care of our field”

“What how to take care of it Of course we plant it. Could it be that we let it turn wild instead of planting on it” Vera looked at old man Anduin with a strange look.

But she noticed that old man Anduin had more white hair compared to yesterday and seeing the wrinkles on his face, her heart became soft.

“Of course, its fine if you dont want to plant it anymore. Our two sons and daughter have all found work in the city and their salaries arent low, so we can just have them give us a bit to take care of us. We raised them for so long, there should be a bit of filial piety.”

“Nonsense!” Old man Anduin rebuked Vera, “Although those kids have jobs and good wages, they still have their own families and their own expenses. Dont you remember Last time our eldest son came back, he said that he was planning on sending his kid to the Frestech Academy, so their expenses shouldnt be low. We old people still have hands, so why should we increase the burden for our children.”

Vera wasnt happy being reprimanded by old man Anduin for consoling him, so she glared at him, “Then what do you want to do”

“I dont want anything, Im just a bit hesitant. Do you think……we should plant wheat on our land or should we plant something else”

“Something else What” Vera asked in a surprised voice.

“Didnt the Cantona Chamber of Commerce come to our village a few days ago, saying that they wanted to rent our land to plant fruit trees I was thinking whether we should rent our land to them or plant it ourselves. We have planted fruit trees for several years, so we have experience. If we do it ourselves, well definitely earn more money than renting it to the Cantona Chamber of Commerce.”

Vera rolled her eyes at old man Anduin, “If you really want to earn money with this land, its better to rent it to the Cantona Chamber of Commerce. Our family has over ten mu of land, that is at least thirty gold coins a year. Instead of idling, you can go find some work at some company, would you earn less money that way” Vera couldnt help sighing.

With her understanding of Anduin after being married for thirty years, although he looked hesitant sometimes, he had already made his decision.

“Alright, since you want to do this, then just do it. Anyway earning a bit more money is good and it wont be losing that much, so it wont matter.” Vera expressed her support for Anduin like normal.

“Hei, hei, since you said this, then its decided.”

Receiving Veras approval, Anduin made his decision and immediately thought it through. He knocked his pipe on the ground before standing up.

“Ill go to the city now and ask about how theyre selling the fruit tree saplings. If it goes smoothly, Ill start planting tomorrow!”

Seeing Anduin looking so rushed, Vera snappily said, “Dont you see what time it is Youre still going to the city”

“What are you afraid of Our village is connected by a road now and theres the Fersen Carriage Companys public transport. If I ride the public transport, Ill be back in less than two hours, itll be quick.”

Anduin had this kind of charging forward temper. After saying a few words, he headed out of the village.

Although their Prana Village that was over seventy kilometers away from Banta City was just connected by the road last month, the Fersen Carriage Company still opened a transportation line here. But to satisfy the needs of the surrounding villages, the stop was outside the village and he needed to walk a bit.

Who would have thought that before he reached the entrance of the village, there would be sounds that came from the entrance. Anduin looked over and he saw a medium sized Magic Passenger Car driving across the unfinished road in front of the village.

Anduin was stunned. Did the Fersen Carriage Company suddenly move their stop into the village Why did the public transport suddenly come into the village!

Looking closely, he found that this Magic Car didnt have the logo of the Fersen Carriage Company. Rather there was a sign on it that said “for rent”.

Anduin was surprised for a bit before reacting. This should be the rentable medium sized Magic Passenger Cars that have been popular in Banta City for the past two months, the people in the city called them taxis.

But he heard that renting this thing was even more expensive than using the public transport, so only the rich people in the city can ride these things.

Moreover, to use this taxi to come to Prana Village that was this far away, it must have cost quite a bit.

Thinking of this, Anduin quickly moved aside.

Although the nobles and the rich merchants were good when Count Sean was the City Lord and they were even better after her highness Seveni took over, compared those masters, his identity as a lowly farmer was humble and he didnt dare block their paths.

The stranger thing was that the Magic Car actually stopped beside Anduin.

The glass window near Anduin opened and an attractive young miss who looked sweet and gentle who didnt belong in a place like this poked her head out, revealing a sweet smile to Anduin.

“Hello, can I ask if this place is Prana Village”

Anduin looked inside the car in surprise and found that other than this young and beautiful girl, there were two dwarves, a male elf, and three human males. One was younger than the others and the other two looked to be at least over forty years old.

“Ah, thats right, this is Prana Village.” Anduin nodded, “You are from Banta City Why did you come to our village”

“Were here for an inspection.” The young girl replied. After thinking for a bit, she turned to get out from the side before telling the driver, “Find an empty place to stop, were already here.”

The driver drove off and the young girl came to Anduins side, asking with a sweet smile, “Hello, I am Evita and Im from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. May I ask who you are”

“Just call me Anduin.” Anduin looked over Evita and he couldnt help saying with a sigh, “You can be sent on an inspection for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you must have a high position, right Youre this young and have this kind of skills, you really arent simple. Right, what did you want to inspect Our Prana Village doesnt have anything special to inspect, right”

“Many thanks for your praise.” Evita revealed a faint smile, “Were here to inspect the nearby Magic Crystal mine. Anduin, are you a local of Prana Village You should know the situation of the nearby Magic Crystal mine, right”

“Un, Ive lived here my entire life, I dare say that few people know this place better. The Magic Crystal mine youre talking about should be in that direction……” Anduin pointed to the southwest of the village, “When the Falcao Chamber of Commerce mined there for a few months, I went there for some part time work.”

“Its good that youre familiar with it.” Evita said with a happy smile, “Can I ask if you have free time now Can you bring us there to take a look We are currently lacking a guide. If we take up your time, were willing to repay you, it should satisfy you.”

Anduin laughed and waved his hand, “What repayment, no need, its just leading the way, theres nothing special about it. Alright, Im not that busy right now, so I can take you there.”

“Really Then I really have to thank you.” Evita turned to the people who got out after the car found a place to stop, calling them over.

When everyone came over, Evita first tapped the ground and said to the middle aged man with a full beard, “Manager Dusa, it doesnt seem like your Amrit Chamber of Commerce has paved this road well. The road doesnt even come into the village, this wont do.”

The middle aged man called manager Dusa said in an aggrieved voice, “Young miss Evita, you cant say that randomly. This project was proposed by your Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu and our company received a notice from the City Lord Manor, saying that we cant slack off or skip on materials at all. The reason why there are no roads in the villages was because we wanted to connect all the villages first. As for later, well definitely lay roads inside the villages.”

Anduin on the side heard their conversation and couldnt help interrupting, “Thats right, this young miss, theri Amrit Chamber of Commerce has already done well enough. When our village didnt have any roads, we could only walk to Banta City and it would take more than a day for a trip. With this road, even if I dont want to ride the Fersen Carriage Companys horse carriages, I can get there in just a single afternoon with my bicycle. Its much more convenient compared to before.”

“This is two different matters.” Evita shook her head before saying to manager Dusa, “No matter what, the current roads wont do. If the Magic Crystal mine is opened in the future, we cant transport the Magic Crystals on this kind of road.”

“This is easy, as long as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce invests, not only will we lay roads to the village, well even lay roads to the mines.” Manager Dusa proudly said, “Of course, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has money, so it shouldnt be much to lay down a road.”

Evita shook her head, but she didnt say anything.

After Anduin talked to Vera, he led the people to the mountain to the southwest of the village.

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