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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 41

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Interview test

As the factory became bigger and bigger, there were more and more things Xu Yi had to take care of. As that increased, the time he spent in the factory also increased, so there was a small room built to serve as an office.

Xu Yi received Akali and Evita in the office. After washing up, he poured some water for them before sitting down and seriously looking over them.

These two girls should be around the same age as Still. The one called Akali seemed more lively while the one called Evita seemed more gentle.

This could be seen from their attire.

Even though they both wore magic robes, Akalis skirt length was as high as her knees, completely revealing her two little calves. It was clear that this had been specially altered.

Other than this, her magic robes were covered in all kinds of little decorations, making her entire person seem more sprightly.

In contrast, Evitas magic robe was very traditional. It was very straight, reaching all the way down to her ankles, not being altered at all.

The only difference was that there was a little light blue flower on her chest, fully representing the fact that Evita was still a young girl.

While Xu Yi was looking over them, Akali and Evita were also curiously looking over him.

In the letter Still wrote to them, there had been quite a few descriptions about Xu Yi.

According to what Still said, this Xu Yi should be a “charming uncle”, but when the two first saw Xu Yi, they had seen this fellow covered in dirt. His face was so dirty that they couldnt even clearly see what he looked like, how could they tell if he was handsome or not.

But after Xu Yi received them and went to wash his face, revealing his true appearance, the two of them agreed with Stills appraisal.

Eh…...Accurately speaking, they agreed to the first half.

This Xu Yi was indeed quite handsome. His face was very neat, his eyes were bright, and his nose was straight, but he was clearly very young, he didnt seem like he was that much older than them. How was he an uncle

Compared to Akali who mainly focused on Xu Yis appearance, Evita was paying more attention to Xu Yis movements.

Evita believed that a persons true nature could be seen from the tiniest movements they made.

So from the first moment she saw Xu Yi, Evita had been looking for these. She wanted to use the smallest movements to judge what kind of person Xu Yi was.

If he really was as good as he was in Stills heart, then she would consider staying here to work.

Otherwise, even if it was Still that pulled them here, she could only say sorry.

The results of her observations had satisfied Evita.

When they first met a few minutes ago, Xu Yi had kept a bit of distance from the two of them because he had been covered in dirt to avoid making them dirty. Just this raised a bit of goodwill towards him in Evita.

After coming to this office, Xu Yi wasnt in a rush to talk to the two of them. He first went into another small room to wash up and change into new clothes. This was a sign of respect to the two of them.

While he had been pouring water for the two of them, Evita had focused on his fingers. She found that not only were this mans fingers slender, his fingernails were neatly trimmed, not leaving a bit outside at all, while also keeping his fingernails very clean. It could be seen that he had been very careful in cleaning himself just now.

Because of this, Evitas appraisal of Xu Yi had increased by 10%.

Other than this, Evita was also paying attention to Xu Yis other movements.

A persons walking pattern, the way they bent their waists or their arm, or even the small movements they made when they talked, all of these revealed a persons real personality and were very hard to hide.

After Evita observed him for a period of time, her initial assessment of him was that this chairman Xu Yi should be a very careful person, but he was also a person with a frank personality.

“No wonder he could open a company and develop it this quickly.” Evita secretly praised in her heart, “Still held him in such high esteem, it really is because he has all these merits.”

“The two of you, can I ask you a question” Xu Yi suddenly said.

“Ask all you want, well answer all your questions.” Alkali said with a smile, “Of course, if chairman Xu Yi asks a bunch of extremely personal questions, dont blame us for going back on our promise.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, as he thought that this Akali truly was lively.

“This question is a bit personal because I wanted to ask, since you have graduated from the Lampuri Royal Magic Academy like Still, you should be considered magical talents among the kingdoms youths. Why would you choose to come work in my place”

“No, no, no, sir chairman, have you made a mistake We are only taking a look, we havent said that we would work here.” Akali waved her hand as she spoke.

Evita gently nudged Akali, signaling her to restrain herself a bit.

No matter what, they had been invited here this time. Whether it was their travel expenses or meal fees, it had all been paid by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they had to be a bit more polite to the other side.

Xu Yi didnt mind at all as he laughed before continuing to say, “Good, then Ill change my words. Since you are here, then you must be interested in the work here, right I want to ask you now, what kind of things do I need to give to make the two of you stay”

“Isnt this simple As long as you give us thirty gold coins a month as a salary, we will definitely stay without another word.” Akali openly replied.

Xu Yi shook his head, “Im afraid Im helpless there. Still is currently a member of the research lab and she is only make fifteen gold coins per month, I cant just give you twice the salary she makes as soon as you start.”

“Sir chairman, dont listen to her nonsense.” Evita finally couldnt help speaking up, “Still has already clearly explained your conditions for us in her letter. We came this time because we wanted to see what kind of work you had for us here. If we feel the work is suitable for us, we should choose to remain here.”

This time it was Akalis turn to stare at Evita.

This fellow, what was she doing lowering their stance so low Wouldnt they be at the mercy of this chairman in a while

“Work contents I have a few blueprints here, take a look to see if you can understand the content of this work.” Xu Yi took a few blueprints off the table of the office and gave it to the two of them.

Akali and Evita curiously took the blueprints and looked over them. She found that there were some Magic Arrays drawn on the paper.

But they were different from the Magic Arrays they had studied in the Lampuri Royal Magic Academy. These Magic Arrays were only rough designs and there were requests written on the side of the designs.

For example, the blueprint that was currently in Evitas hand. It used to be a Revolving Wind Array, but there were three requests on the design.

One was to lower the wind speed of this Revolving Wind Array. The second one was to stabilize the Magic Crystal usage of the array for at least ten hours. The third was to ensure that the wind produced by this array remained stable.

The three requests seemed very simple, but when Evita carefully looked it over, she couldnt help knitting her brows.

Changing a Magic Array wasnt that difficult of a matter, Evita was confident in taking care of any one of these three requests. However, adding them up together, she felt it was quite difficult.

“Sir chairman, does Still normally alter Magic Arrays based on these requirements” Evita asked Xu Yi.

“Un, pretty much. Of course, normally Im the one who comes up with the requests and we research how to make the changes together.” Xu Yi said, “Take a look at these designs, can you see any changes that need to be made”

Evita and Akali looked at each other. This should be his test for the two of them.

They didnt hesitate at all as they took the papers from Xu Yi and began to study them.

Seeing how focused the two of them were, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He filled the cups in front of them and spoke up to give them notice before leaving the office, letting the two of them study in this quiet space.

Outside the office, there was a large building in the empty space that was previously there.

Other than the Magic Fan factory that was made in the beginning, there was an even larger round building that was built out of stone.

This was the workshop the dwarves normally worked in to research and produce magic machines.

When they built this workshop at first, Heinz was very confused because he didnt understand what magic machines meant. He didnt know what it was to be used for at all.

But after Xu Yi signed the agreement with chairman Farsak, selling the five magic machines to him, Heinz immediately changed his attitude.

This was because according to what Xu Yi said, the price of those five magic machines didnt even add up to twenty seven gold coins, but he had sold them to chairman Farsak for an entire two hundred gold coins!

There was an eight times profit earned from that!

Not to mention that they were just beginning to make magic machines. If those magic machines ever needed repairs of spare parts, chairman Farsak would have to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He even needed the Frestech Chamber of Commerces help in training people to work those magic machines.

They would also charge money for this matter. As for the price…..Even Heinz who thought that he had a black heart, after he read the contract, he felt that Xu Yi was too black.

Xu Yi only had a few words in response to this.

“Theres no other way, this is the power of a monopoly.”

Even though it was like this, chairman Farsak was satisfied in his discussions with Xu Yi. He even thought that he had gotten quite a cheap deal out of this.

As for Heinz, he couldnt only give an emotional sigh in his heart. This fellow Xu Yi, his talent for making money was not something he could match.

Because these five magic machines had earned such a large profit, the magic machine workshop was filled with excitement.

The dwarves that received this praise and encouragement felt like they were heated up from within. Other than sleeping and eating each day, they were always inside the workshop, doing their best to complete the task Xu Yi assigned them.

Of course, the biggest reason was Xu Yis promise. As long as they finished the Magic Harvester, each person would be rewarded with one gold coin.-

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