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When Xu Yi came out of the City Lord Manor, Cimila Porter who had already been waiting immediately came over.

“How is it” Cimila Porter asked with an expectant look.

Xu Yi gave him a smile, “No problem. Although Count Stagg didnt completely agree, he said that the Lampuri Kingdom has no laws against a company doing business. So no matter what company does business in Banta City, the City Lord Manor wouldnt interfere.”

“Oh Then that means that our new Lord City Lord has finally admitted defeat” Cimila Porter was overcome with joy, “Ha, ha, I knew that he wouldnt be able to keep up his agricultural promotion policies. Isnt it good now, now hes suffering.”

Xu Yi shook his head and signaled to Cimila Porter to get into his carriage waiting outside. After the carriage started moving, he said in a low voice, “Although Count Stagg should have realized his mistakes, his attitude definitely wont change. So we can continue the things that stopped with his tacit approval, but we cant make it too obvious or speak too arrogantly. If we trigger a reaction from Count Stagg, then my efforts from before will be wasted.”

Cimila Porter gave an honest nod, “I understand. Chairman Xu, you could convince him to agree to us continuing the canal project, so you must have paid a large price, right”

“Its not that I paid any price. Strictly speaking, I just made a deal with him, but this deal is very helpful to developing Banta Citys grain yield which he considers the most important.”

Cimila Porter looked at Xu Yi and had some questions, but he stopped after thinking for a bit.

Rather he cared the most about the canal project. With Count Stagg shutting it down six months ago, they could finally start it again, so he was already happy enough.

“Chairman Xu, did the Lord City Lord say when we could start” Cimila Porter asked, “I hope that it can be as soon as possible. With the winter dry season, it will be easier than normal to construct the canal.”

“If youre willing, we can start tomorrow.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Since Count Stagg had made his stance clear, then that means the City Lord Manor wont interfere. As long as you stay low key, I think that there wont be any problems.”

“Thats great!” Cimila Porter excitedly gave a clap. After being in a daze for a bit, he said with a bitter smile, “Chairman Xu, you must be kidding, right Tomorrow is the first day of the new year, who would be willing to work during that time”

“Its good that you know.” Xu Yi gave a laugh, “You cant be in a rush. Lets start seven days after New Years, itll also give me some time to prepare our companys second generation excavators for you, which should be able to speed up the work.”

“Theres also a new Magic Excavator to use Thats great!” Cimila Porter immediately gave a happy laugh.

Seeing the excited, vigorous Cimila Porter who didnt seem like he could run out of energy, no one would have thought that he was the same suicidal fellow that Xu Yi had met way back then.

The canal project being handed to him really was appropriate.

“Right, chairman Xu, a while ago when I was helping Eiffel City clear out the Rum River, the Eiffel Citys City Lord asked me about the Magic Excavator, Magic Drill, and other magic machines we used and I recommended your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to him. I think that after New Years, Eiffel City should be sending people to discuss buying these magic machines from your company.” Cimila Porter added.

“Oh Then youve helped our company pull in some business Ha, ha, should I give you some sales commission then” Xu Yi teased him.

Cimila Porter quickly waved his hand, “Chairman Xu, stop joking with me. I look forward to when your Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines spread over our Lampuri Kingdom. At that time, my fleet would be able to freely access the entire kingdom.” After pausing, he asked, “That…..Chairman Xu, speaking of my fleet, what about the Magic Boats that you mentioned before”

“Im very sorry, I cant give you an accurate time.” Xu Yi shook his head, “But I can tell you that the most important parts of the Magic Boat have been developed, so Im certain that this thing will be made in the future. According to me estimates, when the canal connecting the Sandy River and the Rum River is finished, you should be able to drive a fleet through it.”

“Really Thats great!” Cimila Porter excitedly brandished his fists as he looked at Xu Yi while laughing, “Chairman Xu, there are times I dont know whether to hate you or thank you. If it wasnt for you, my fleet wouldnt have been reduced to the point of having no business and I wouldnt have thought of killing myself. But if it wasnt for you, I wouldnt have been saved and would be able to have a dream fleet.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “As you wish, you can hate me or thank me. Anyway I hope that you can do the things you want to do, that is enough.”

“Un, your words are very reasonable.” Cimila Porter gave a strong nod, “But I have to say, chairman Xus spirit is bigger than normal people. I dont have to worry about many things when Im cooperating with you, its much smoother.”

“Its good youre satisfied, there are many opportunities to cooperate in the future.”

The two of them discussed the canal project for a while as the horse carriage drove out of Banta City. Cimila Porter declined Xu Yis invitation to be a guest at the Falling Star Manor and changed horse carriages, heading to the river entrance south of the Sandy River.

It seemed like he wasnt planning to wait for New Years and was rushing to start clearing the canal.

Xu Yi admired his work ethic, but he didnt have the same thoughts as him.

To him, he could spend all his time on work during other times, but New Years was coming. During this time, the most important thing was to be with family and spend the New Years together.

The horse carriage arrived at the Falling Star Manor and Still came out first.

After seeing Xu Yi, Still had a ghost of a smile that was very strange.

Xu Yi touched his face and said in a confused voice, “Nothing happened, right What are you looking at me like this”

Still came over and pinched Xu Yis cheek, as she gave a soft snort, “I dont care if you want a lover, but why did you discuss this with Evita Do you have some ideas towards Evita”

Xu Yi was stunned before quickly complaining in a loud voice, “When did I want a lover Then again, how is it related to Evita I was just asking her about your thoughts.”

Seeing Xu Yis nervous appearance, Still wanted to keep her face straight, but she couldnt help laughing. She even held her stomach and bent over as she laughed.

Seeing her happy appearance, Xu Yi knew that she was not angry and relaxed.

When Still calmed down, Xu Yi took her in his arms and pulled her in. He looked at her as he said with a soft snort, “I really underestimated the friendship between you and Evita. She even tells you these kinds of things, youre not afraid I will cause trouble for her”

“You wouldnt.” Still gave a snort, “Our honourable chairman Xu is a peerless and honest man, how could he be petty enough to cause trouble for a girl like Evita Dont you think”

Xu Yi snappily looked at her, “What Did Evita also tell you this”

“Of course not. Dont you know what kind of personality Evita has She was praising you all day to me and she said to cherish you, saying that a good man like you is unique. I cant make you hate me, so I have to treat you well. Hei, to be honest, Xu Yi, what do you think about Evita”

“What are you asking me this for” Xu Yi asked with knit brows.

“First answer my question.”

“What aspect do you mean”

“I mean her as a girl. From your perspective as a man, what do you think of her” Still kept asking.

“This…..very good. I feel that Evita is gentle, treats people well, and will think abo-ut others, so shes a very good girl.”

“Do you think that she is pretty” Still asked.

“Un…..Although shes not as pretty as you, but she can be considered pretty. The most important thing is that she is comforting to look at, so I think that any man will like this kind of girl.” Seeing Stills honest expression, Xu Yi honestly answered.

“Then do you also like her”

Xu Yi knit his brows again, “Still, what is with you today Why do you have to ask these kinds of questions I feel that Evita is a very good girl, but this isnt related to liking her at all.”

Still looked at Xu Yi for a while as her mind turned before she suddenly showed a bright smile. She placed a soft kiss on Xu Yis lips and pulled him into the manor, not planning on continuing with this matter.

Xu Yi was confused by Stills strange expression, but after remembering how people said that girls were hard to understand, he shook his head with a smile and didnt keep asking.

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