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“The elves achievement in magic If it was before the race wars, it would definitely be much better than the humans. But after the race wars, over three thousand years have already passed and the level of magic for the elves might not be higher than the humans.”

“I dont think so. The elves have much longer life spans compared to humans, so their inheritances are more complete. Adding in the fact that elves dont have things encumbering them like us, they can focus on studying magic, so their level of magic should only be getting higher and higher.”

“Im afraid that isnt correct. The creativity of the elves cant compare to us humans. We humans have been constantly improving our magic during these three thousand years and the elves rarely do that. This is something that was clear before the race wars. From what I can see, perhaps the level of magic for us humans has already far surpassed the elves.”

“Humph! Creativity You take the creativity of humans as an honour, but all of you told me that although the magic machines are very novel, they arent really complicated. Why did we have to wait until a low Fourth Grade Magician like Xu Yi to show up before it was invented Why did none of us Great Magicians develop this”

When president Erens words were said, the others fell silent.

This was the routine conference between high level members of the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild. The ones attending were just the five Great Magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom.

The topic of the conference was to make a summary report for the qualification exams this year, letting the other four Great Magicians give their opinions.

But when discussing this topic, the Great Magicians discovered a strange phenomenon. It was that there were more low level magicians participating this year, even being close to double that of last year. Compared to previous years, it was over four times that number.

This was a very strange phenomenon because in the magicians circle, there were many low level magicians, but most of these low level magicians were all very old. Their magic levels didnt increase by much and they were considered magicians without any future.

For these magicians, because they werent talented enough in magic, it was hard for them to increase their levels. So most magicians gave up the idea of increasing their magician rank and because it was hard to increase their rank with their limited talent, they didnt participate in the Magicians Guilds certification exam.

Normally speaking, the low level magicians who participated in the exams were all talented young magicians.

But it was different this year, there were far more magicians taking the exam and there were many of them who were older magicians who didnt have a future.

It had to be known that the exam was not free. Just the registration fee was five gold coins and they had to come to Anvilmar City to participate in the exam. The travel expenses and the accommodation expenses were not cheap.

So unless their magic power had greatly increased and they were confident in passing the exam, there werent magicians who would waste their time, effort, and money to come to the exam.

Of the magicians that came for the exams this year, many of them didnt increase their magic power by much, but they still came to participate.

There were even magicians who were at risk of having their rank removed by the Magicians Guild that came to try taking the higher grade exams.

This was actually very strange, so when they were discussing this report, the Great Magicians began discussing this phenomenon.

These low grade magicians did this because there were benefits, otherwise no one would waste their time, effort, and money to take this large risk.

But where did the benefits come from

After discussing for a while, Great Magician Eisenkel gave a possibility. It could be related to the magic machine companies that had appeared in the Lampuri Kingdom.

With the drive of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, everyone in the Lampuri Kingdom saw the great benefits and potential of magic machines. So especially this year, there were all kinds of magic machine companies that appeared in every city of the Lampuri Kingdom like mushrooms.

Since they produced magic machines, they naturally had a large demand for magicians who could draw Magic Arrays.

When drawing Magic Arrays, what they didnt need were high grade or powerful magicians, just normal low grade magicians could do this. Just to draw a magic array, there wasnt a high requirement for magic power.

So like this, there were demands for low grade magicians all over the Lampuri Kingdom.

Before this, the Lampuri Kingdoms low grade magicians lived lives that werent better than normal people. Unless they went to be guards for companies, there werent any good paths.

Now that there was simple work that was related to magic like drawing Magic Arrays, naturally it would be welcome by all the low grade magicians.

Of course, the choice was two sided. Magicians could choose companies to work for, but the companies could also choose magicians to hire.

Even if it was the most simple work, of course they wanted higher grade magicians.

Not to mention that companies with ambition wanted to study the magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce monopolized. To earn this large amount, naturally they needed a higher grade magician.

For these companies, how could they judge how strong a magician was The best qualification was naturally the qualification from the Magicians Guild.

So the population had increased starting from last years qualification exam. There was a larger boom this year, as the magicians that came to participate in the exam accounted for two thirds of the magicians registered with the magicians guild!

There were even many magicians who had never participated in the exam and never registered with the Magicians Guild who had suddenly appeared.

“Of course they want to increase their grade. Right now there is a price tag in Anvilmar City. Theres no need to mention Primary Grade Magicians, Second Grade Magicians have a monthly salary of ten gold coins, Third Grade Magicians have a salary of fifteen gold coins, and the lowest salary for a Fourth Grade Magician is twenty five gold coins. As for magicians who are Fifth Grade or higher, their salary is discussed in person.”

Hearing these words from Great Magician Eisenkel, including Great Magician Camilla, the other four Great Magicians were all stunned.

Faced with this phenomenon, the most conservative Great Magician Telucci couldnt help saying something.

To him, magicians should focus on studying magic. These low grade magicians werent focused on studying magic because they were focused on producing these magic machines for these companies for a trivial salary of ten gold coins. This really lost dignity for magicians.

Great Magician Eisenkel said with a cold laugh, “Can dignity feed you These low grade magicians dont receive financial support from the kingdom like us, they cant just earn a large amount based on their fame. Dont forget, they are humans, they also need to live. Not to mention that magic studies requires a large amount of gold coins, so if you dont want them to earn money, do you want them to wait to die”

Faced with Great Magician Eisenkels rebuttal, Great Magician Telucci had nothing to say.

Under the testimonies of Great Magician Camilla, the other three Great Magicians knew that this strange phenomenon was indeed because of the demand for magic machines that appeared in the various regions of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Because of this, the five Great Magicians couldnt help changing the topic to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and naturally that shifted the topic to Xu Yi.

When talking about Xu Yi, Great Magician Eisenkel asked Great Magician Camilla about Xu Yis whereabouts.

Because Xu Yi didnt participate in the exams this year, the other three Great Magicians also expressed a bit of concern.

After they learned from Great Magician Camilla that Xu Yi was in the Stantine Duchy to invest, the other Great Magicians couldnt help feeling disappointed.

Because to them, Xu Yi was talented in magic and if he focused on studying, perhaps the Lampuri Kingdom might have a sixth Great Magician soon.

When hearing Great Magician Camilla mention that Xu Yi was going to the Stantine Duchy to discuss cooperating with the Moon Shadow Tribe, the Great Magicians turned the topic to elven magic. They were discussing whether the humans or the elves had a higher level of magic.

Regarding this issue, Great Magician Camilla and president Eren were neutral, feeling that the level should be around the same.

Great Magician Telucci and Great Magician Torres were more conservative, thinking that the magic the elves had inherited for several thousand years was at a higher level.

As for a radical like Great Magician Eisenkel, who was also a human supremacist, he confidently said that the level of magic for humans was already higher compared to elves.

But when president Eren asked why magic machines werent developed by these Great Magicians and were developed by Xu Yi, the other four Great Magicians couldnt say a thing.

Especially Great Magician Eisenkel who couldnt help feeling shame in his heart.

Compared to the other four Great Magicians who focused on studying magic, Great Magician Eisenkel paid great attention to combining magic and business. But after many years, he had never considered magic machines, rather it was developed first by a low grade magician like Xu Yi who he thought wasnt worth anything.

“This…..It can only be considered that our thought processes are rigid……” After being silent for a bit, Great Magician Eisenkel said with a bitter smile, “Moreover….It has to be said, that kid Xu Yi really is talented. There are many places where even I feel inferior.”

Great Magician Camillas lips couldnt curl into a smile.

Xu Yi was now Stills husband and was growing under him, so praising Xu Yi made him happier than if he received praise.

“Speaking of this, I dont know if this kind of phenomenon is a good thing or a bad thing……” After president Eren was silent for a bit, he said with a frown, “Although with the lead of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there are many companies that produce magic machines, allowing many low grade magicians find jobs and solving a problem for our Magicians Guild, but like this the magicians working for these companies are focusing on studying Magic Arrays and not magic. This might not be a good thing in the future……”

“Studying Magic Arrays can also increase your magic level.” Great Magician Camilla said in an indifferent voice, “I still havent told you yet, since closing my Magic Tower and going to study Magic Arrays at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility, my magic level has increased quickly. Im already at the level of a Fourth Grade Great Magician.”

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