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Book 8: Chapter 86: Peace talks with the goblins

“Sir chairman, its the goblins capital city in front of us.” The Frestech Chamber of commerces former guard leader and now commander in chief of the Magic Cloud Continent Hart pointed at the black shadow in front as he spoke to Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, we should immediately attack!” Before Xu Yi spoke, another elf that had darker skin than the Sines Continent elves who was a Magic Cloud Continent local named Varus spoke in an excited voice, clearly looking ready to fight, “In front of our armies, the goblins definitely wont be able to resist!”

“Yes, chairman Xu, since were already come all this way, why are we still waiting Those goblins only dared to hide in their capital city, they dont have the courage to face us.” The one who said this was the Magic Cloud Continent local dwarf representative, Maine Firehammer.

“Right, they are definitely scared after being beaten by us!” The small Magic Cloud Continent halfling representative Cowey said in a very clear voice, “We should get rid of them all at once!”

“Yes, chairman Xu, we cant give the goblins any chance to catch their breath. There are still at least ten million goblins on the Magic Cloud Continent and if we give them the chance to gather, it will be troublesome for us.”

Xu Yis eyes fell onto the final one who spoke who was the Magic Cloud Continent local human representative Mence and he gave a nod.

The surrounding local races of the Magic Cloud Continent had already been bullied by the goblins into a tragic state, so they were filled with complaints towards the goblins. Now that they finally saw the hope of exterminating the goblins and the chance to take over the Magic Cloud Continent, they were naturally impatient.

But among these different races, only the human representative was thinking more clearly.

It was unknown if it was because of the advantages that humans had as a race or the excellent qualities that this human representative Mence had.

When he turned to look at the messy goblin capital city that occupied a large area that couldnt be called a city at all, Xu Yi narrowed his eyes and didnt agree to their request to immediately give the order to attack.

After letting go of the Sines Continent side, most of Xu Yis energy had been on the Magic Cloud Continent.

To completely develop the Magic Cloud Continent, it was imperative that he got rid of the goblin hindrance.

So after two years of preparations, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Magic Cloud Continent base started working with the locals to start a large scale sweep of the goblins.

The large scale sweep wasnt considered a war because Xu Yi felt that this couldnt be called a war.

In front of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards equipped with advanced military magic machines, the goblins that relied on their own bodies and their crude weapons couldnt fight back at all.

The main reason the goblins could rule over the Magic Cloud Continent previously was all because of their terrifying number advantage.

But with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards wide area destructive military magic machines, it didnt matter how many of them there were.

The goblins had gathered tens of thousands, but they couldnt last more than a few minutes under the bombardment of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

So in the end, this was only a sweep.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi wanting to consolidate their territory, building defense, roads, and railroad tracks after each new piece of territory they conquered before taking new territory, with the large gap of power between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and the goblins, the goblin capital city would have already fallen four years ago.

After sweeping them for four years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces controlled area was no longer fifty thousand square kilometers, but several million square kilometers! This was an increase of several hundred times!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce working with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had already covered half the Magic Cloud Continent with roads and railroad tracks. They fully controlled these areas and the goblins didnt dare do a thing.

As long as they captured this goblin capital city and made the royal power that the goblins acknowledged disappear, the goblins wouldnt have a chance to fight back at all.

But……Xu Yi didnt plan on doing this.

“Hart, have the guards act like theyre about to attack the city, but dont actually attack.” Xu Yi gave the order.

Hart looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful look, but he didnt ask any questions and accepted this order.

The representatives of the other Magic Cloud Continent races were all surprised and couldnt reveal doubtful looks.

“Sir chairman, do you……have other plans” The local human representative Mence could pick up some cues, so he tentatively asked Xu Yi this.

“Yes, Im prepared to hold peace talks with the goblins.” Xu Yi gave a nod.

“Peace talks” Everyone around him revealed shocked looks.

“Chairman Xu, why are you holding peace talks” Although Maine Firehammer was a Magic Cloud Continent dwarf, his temper was the same as the Sines Continent dwarf. They were both very irritable and direct, so he directly asked, “We can just take care of these goblins in one breath, why do we need to hold peace talks Then again, the goblins arent reliable to begin with, so what is there to discuss with them”

“Yes, chairman Xu, is there any meaning in peace talks with the goblins” Varus was very confused, “Even if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wants something from the goblins, wouldnt you be able to take it if you destroy them”

“Its a pity that I want them.” Xu Yis words stopped everyones questions, “Killing all the goblins naturally isnt a problem and it isnt that hard, but have you ever thought about where well find this much manpower after we kill all the goblins”

“Manpower” Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Sir chairman, it cant be that you want to let these goblins work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right” Mence carefully asked, “This might……”

“You think that the goblins arent reliable so they cant be used” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

The local race representatives looked at each other before giving nods.

In the eyes of the Magic Cloud Continent locals, the goblins had been their biggest foes for thousands of years.

Now that they had a chance to eliminate the goblins, they wanted to get it over with right away.

As for the goblins unreliability……wasnt this a natural thing!

“You might think so and I can understand why you would think this, but to me, this is something that doesnt matter. Goblins cant be trusted Thats not a problem, I never said that I would trust them, right What I need is just them and not their trust. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce have many goblin workers under us, so from an objective perspective, if we dont care about the low intelligence of goblins and only use them as simple manual labour, these goblins are very good workers.”

The people around him had seen what Xu Yi had described over the years, so they naturally understood this.

“But……chairman Xu, that is only because there werent enough goblins that they didnt dare revolt. If there were more of them……that would be hard to say.” Varus did his best to convince Xu Yi otherwise.

“As long as we can suppress the goblins with absolute power, theres no need to worry about this.” Xu yi waved his hand before looking over the local race representatives, “Or…..are any of you planning on secretly giving the goblins military magic machines”

Everyone shook their heads.

No one would choose death. Would they give these advanced and powerful military magic machines to the goblins

It had to be known that even these races that had worked with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for years had only obtained some low grade military magic machines to help them resist the goblins.

“Sir chairman, your worry is unnecessary. Think about it, even if we give the military magic machines to the goblins, they wouldnt be able to learn how to use them, right” After saying this, Mence broke out in laughter.

The surrounding local race representatives laughed along with laughter filled with ridicule.

“Right, the goblins are still eating uncooked meat, they might not even know how to cook their food with fire.” Maine Firehammer added which made everyone laugh even louder.

The intelligence of goblins was always something that they laughed at and was one of the main things that would let them keep a sense of superiority over the goblins. Now that they were laughing at them together, they didnt hold back at all.

However, Xu Yi didnt think the same.

The intelligence of goblins was indeed low, but intelligence could be raised over time.

Based on the goblins that had worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Amrit Chamber of Commerce over the years, the goblins had quite good learning capabilities.

If they had enough training and education, even if they couldnt reach the level of the humans who were the smartest race, they could still do some normal work.

As for mastering how to use military magic machines, that wasnt that hard either.

From this perspective, Varus worries werent wrong.

If the goblins still had their overwhelming population and could use military magic machines, they would be much more threatening.

But……since Xu Yi planned on holding peace talks with these goblins, he had naturally considered this. It was just that it wasnt convenient to disclose this right now.

Actually, after the local races laughed for a bit, seeing that Xu Yi still hadnt changed their mind, they could only give up their idea of trying to persuade him.

They only had this chance to defeat the goblins because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had easily defeated the goblins that they couldnt defeat for thousands of years, it wouldnt be hard for them to take care of them as well.

So in front of Xu Yi, they didnt have any right to speak at all. Xu Yi could do what he wanted and they couldnt really resist at all.

The local humans of the Magic Cloud Continent had long understood this, so the representative Mence was the one who flattered Xu Yi the most.

But since he and Xu Yi were both humans, it was natural that he was closer to Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce compared to the other races.

This was the natural advantage of the local humans and the other races were filled with envy.-

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