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Chapter 959: Generous Invitation

Zu An noticed that the maids had tactfully withdrawn into the distance.

Of course, there was no way they could leave completely.

Apart from the emperor, no other man was allowed to interact with these concubines one on one.

He lowered his voice and said with a smile, “I would love to come here every day, but I fear his majesty wouldn’t be too happy about that.”

A blush immediately appeared on Concubine Bai’s cheeks.

She harrumphed.

“You’re getting bolder and bolder; you even dare to tease me!” She was clearly annoyed, but because she was soft-spoken, it was still nice to listen to.

“Does your highness have some amnesia We even swung on the swing together last time.” Zu An wasn’t really saying such things out of perversion, but rather because he wanted to try and see what kind of a relationship she really had with the emperor.

She was working for both the emperor and the Devil Sect, so he had no idea which side she leaned more toward.

It was something that would affect many decisions in the future.

Concubine Bai harrumphed and immediately changed the topic.

“Speak, why did you come here today”

Zu An knew that he should stop before he went too far.

He didn’t continue testing her, as he had already confirmed some things.

“I want to borrow your highness’ spice bag again.”

Even though he had Mirror Mirage to conceal his aura, he wouldn’t be able to escape the detection of a true expert up close.

He had to go as his real self in his trip to Cloudcenter Commandery, but also had to dress up as Golden Token Eleven from time to time.

It was easy for there to be gaps for the enemy to detect while he changed between identities.

The previous time, the spice bag had allowed him to fool even big shots in the capital.

It would therefore obviously be enough to deal with anyone from Cloudcenter Commandery.

Concubine Bai chuckled and said, “It sounds like you’re planning to trick someone again.

Fine, hand over his majesty’s decree then.”

“I don’t have a decree.

This time, this is just a private request,” Zu An said boldly and confidently.

Concubine Bai frowned.

“Mister Zu, where do you get your confidence from”

Zu An said with a chuckle, “As a friend, your highness should be able to help me out here, right”

Concubine Bai replied coldly, “You treat an imperial concubine as your friend If his majesty heard these words, your head would already be tumbling on the ground.”

Zu An feigned shock.

“I’m representing the Eastern Palace for this trip, so I’m sharing some of the crown prince’s burdens.

As the crown prince’s concubine, isn’t it reasonable for your highness to provide me with some help”

Concubine Bai’s charming face suddenly broke into a smile.

“Your slick tongue never disappoints.

Fine, I can give you the spice bag, but you owe me a favor.

You’ll have to return this favor in the future.”

Zu An said, “I’ll work like an ox to repay your highness’ kindness.” He added inwardly, As long as you feed me enough grass.

Concubine Bai laughed in irritation.

“I’m not a farmer; why would I need an ox” She took out the spice bag from her sleeves and handed it over, however.

Because she had to reach out her arm, a part of her beautiful wrist was exposed.

Zu An was about to reach out his hand to take it, but perhaps because she had already learned her lesson, Concubine Bai sent it into his hands with a flick of her finger.

There was no chance for any physical contact.

“Alright, you’ve already got what you wanted, so you can leave now,” Concubine Bai said and sat back down on the swing.

When he sensed the bit of body heat left on the spice bag and looked at Concubine Bai’s wonderful figure, he thought to himself, This woman is clearly already a mother, so why does she still seem as naive as a young lady

Why do I think of the Golden Lotus whenever I see her on that swing… His face heated up, and he repeatedly repented inwardly.

He thanked the other party and withdrew respectfully.

Concubine Bai was surprised.

She had thought that Zu An would take the chance to take advantage of her, and yet he had left so obediently today And why is he walking so weirdly

She was from the Devil Sect after all, and she had also been a concubine in the palace for a long time.

When she thought about how he had deliberately hunched his back a bit, she suddenly realized something and harrumphed.

Her cheeks turned completely red. That guy really is ridiculous!

When Zu An left the Hundred Flower Palace, he finally adjusted himself again.

He mumbled to himself, “My little brother… Big bro over here was almost completely humiliated because of you.

You’re an experienced fella too, so why would you disappoint me like that”

Just then, someone chuckled nearby and remarked, “Sir Zu has a sworn brother Why have I not heard about that before”

Zu An turned around and saw several palace maids escorting a woman dressed in a gold-embroidered scarlet phoenix gown and a magnificent phoenix crown.

The beautiful middle-aged madam walked over with a deathly pale-faced eunuch at her side.

Who else could they be but the empress and Eunuch Lu

“I greet your highness the empress!” Zu An immediately bowed.

He had to admit that the empress was a tremendous beauty.

She was clearly not young anymore, and yet she was still just as stunning.

Even though she lacked the youthfulness of a young lady like Sang Qien, her mature beauty possessed a kind of unique charm.

Together with her noble status, such a distinct style wasn’t something any young lady could compare with.

Of course, the ugly Eunuch Lu also made her look much better.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t seem as gorgeous.

“I do not believe Sir Zu has responded to my words.” There were no flaws that could be picked out from the empress’ courtesy at all.

Just then, in front of the other eunuchs and maids, she was simply the mother of the world, the master of the harem.

The maids all looked at her enviously.

They thought to themselves, Her highness really is graceful and beautiful.

When will we ever be able to become like her

Also, weren’t there rumors that Sir Zu was arrogant and despotic He looks respectful and proper in front of her highness, though.

But how could the maids and servants know that this respectful subject had already privately done all sorts of disrespectful things to their master

“Responding to your highness, this subject doesn’t have any sworn brothers.

I heard some folklore lines from the streets and was merely repeating them,” Zu An replied.

“Oh This empress hasn’t left the palace in a long time.

If Sir Zu doesn’t mind, why don’t you tell me some of those stories” The empress walked toward a nearby gazebo and gestured for Zu An to follow her.

She was the master of the imperial harem, and she was Zu An’s senior in age too.

That was why she wasn’t as awkward as the other concubines and didn’t need to avoid contact with outside subjects.

Zu An felt gloomy.

That was just an excuse he had made up; how could he have expected that she would keep pursuing the matter But with so many maids and eunuchs watching, he couldn't really go against her.

Helpless to do anything else, he could only follow.

He began reciting, “A long time ago, there was an attractive young man whose arms were longer than his knees, a red faced man whose beard was longer than his chest, and a dark-skinned man with a full beard.

They were in a peach garden, and all of them were close friends…” Fortunately, he was a transmigrator, so he knew many things and had plenty of stories.

He quickly told the story of the Oath of the Peach Garden.

The empress had only planned to take the chance to have a longer chat with him and wasn’t all that interested in any stories, but she was more and more engrossed the more she heard.

The maids and eunuchs were also completely absorbed into this story.

At the climax, Eunuch Lu couldn't help but clap in praise, exclaiming, “This Guan Yu is righteous and magnificent!” He immediately snapped out of his daze afterward, though, and quickly apologized.

“Your highness, I have spoken out of place.

This servant was too invested just now.”

Zu An had a strange look on his face.

The eunuchs of his previous world either worshiped Yue Fei or Guan Yu.

He hadn’t expected the eunuchs of this world to be so drawn to them as well.

“It’s fine.” The empress naturally wouldn’t blame Eunuch Lu and instead looked at Zu An with a smile.

“This empress is quite curious as to just how incredible that horse Diaochan was for all of the outstanding heroes to want to ride it.”

“Those guys indeed all wanted to ride her…” Zu An quickly tried to deal with this new situation.[1]

“And” the empress quickly asked.

“Um… That’s all I have.” Zu An’s mouth felt dry.

How could he possibly tell them the entire story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms on the spot

“Then Sir Zu must tell this empress the rest of the story when you hear it.

I’ll be waiting impatiently.” The empress gave him a charming glance as she spoke.

Zu An knew that she was inviting him over.

However, he replied, “Responding to your highness, this subject is about to depart for Cloudcenter Commandery.

The rest will have to wait until I return.” I’m not going! Big sis, I’m not going!

Even though the empress was quite beautiful, the risks were too high.

If one kept walking alongside the river, one’s shoes were bound to get wet.

How could he let the entire forest be destroyed because of a single tree Furthermore, he couldn't help but feel that the empress was using him.

Being used really didn’t feel that great, so he decisively refused.

The empress’ smile instantly faded when she heard his refusal.

She remarked, “Sir Zu seems to have just visited Concubine Bai”


Diaochan is one of the four legendary beauties. ☜


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